Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let's Talk Candles... !

Mr. Fracturedfairytale always asks what is it about women and candles!  In fact I've heard other guys comment about women and candles and marvel at how we like them so much.  

Well... we just do! 

Do you have a favorite candle,... one you like to have around when you want to make  your house smell sweet?
My favorite all time candle is one they used to sell at Bath and Body Works.  They are Henri Bendel candles... and if you light one, within 10 minutes your whole house will smell heavenly
   They are insanely fragrant.  

So since they were my all time favorite candle, you can imagine what happened.....

they were discontinued!!! 

Doesn't it drive you insane when you find an amazing product and it gets discontinued!!!??? 
Especially lipstick, oh my god, the favorite lipstick being discontinued is the worst... 

I have another favorite candle right now made by the cutest woman you ever saw who lives right near me...

her name is Erin and her adorable home was featured in the Romantic Prairie Cookbook

She also has a blog
and an Etsy shop where she sells her wonderful candles

my favorite right now is Mulled Cider 

I also know her candles are safe and won't give you brain damage and toxic poisoning from burning them

alot of candles you buy are made out of 

Anyway, I went to the places where i usually buy Erin's candles and they were sold out... 
So i went online looking for Henri Bendel candles and found them!
I bought one
and it was here in 2 days!

they even sent it with a cute little black and white striped bag...

cute little box too 

i draped my pink leather gloves over the bag... they're pretty beat up, but i love em...
(anyone know an easy way to clean pink leather gloves?)  

 So if anyone ever calls and says they're going to be dropping by in 10 or 15 minutes... 
and your house smells like dirty tennis shoes, and burnt sausage and something evil you can't quite define but you're pretty sure it involves your dogs...

you can light your Henri Bendel or one of Erin's yummy candles
 and you will trick your friends into thinking you have the most wonderful smelling home ever! 

to finish this post off, i wanted to share a photo of a little brown basket with some dried hydrangeas from my yard...  

just look at those pretty fall colors

 ...the end..


  1. i love henri bendel candles. love the cinnamon bark the most but couldn't find it this year!

    now my passion is diptyque. i have a pomander one in the kitchen, and it's divine. the parfumeur at the shop in paris showed me how to smell the candles the right way in the store: you tap it so the candle comes out and you smell the empty glass.

    smiles to you.


  2. Know what you mean about candles. I love them sooo much! I love mulled cider scented candles. Right now I'm burning one with apple cinnamon scent. Love your basket and hydrangeas. Gorgeous colors.

  3. Does it work for stinky husbands, too.....?

    Just sayin'..... lolol!


  4. So pretty Cindy and I haven't tried these yet! Love the fall inspiration!


  5. I don't know what it is about candles either, but I sure do love them! I love the scents, the fickering light and the cozy feeling they lend to my home. Your new candle is great - bet it smells awesome! Enjoy! Hugs, Leena

  6. I haven"t tried them yet! They must smell wonderful.


  7. Candles are one of my most favorite things! I cannot resist them. My favorites are spicy scents. I really like the kind with the wooden wicks, because you can hear them crackle.

  8. Those Henri Bendel candles are gorgeous...did you see they have a Peony scented one?! Um, I may have to go on an internet hunt to find peony fragrance oil for next spring!

    I'm so glad you've enjoyed the Mulled Cider candle--and you're terribly sweet to mention the candles here. One of your readers just wrote to make a wholesale inquiry because of this post, so thank you, Cindy! :)

    P.S.--I delivered several of the large candles to Karan's on Friday so she's back in stock. And Heather is loaded up with Wintergreen candles in the small jars.

  9. Hi Cindy,
    Yep I go candle crazy every fall, like a squirrel, gathering :-) My favorite is Trapp "Bob's Flower Shoppee" it smells just like a good florists shop, yeah I love florals, surprise, haha...

  10. Thanks for sharing your favorite candles--I love candles too...and love ones that fill the house. I am thinking I need a lavender one, and also that lemongrass (I think that was what it was called) sounds good too. :)

  11. I just bought a vanilla Country Living candle from KMart tonight. It has a wood wick and it makes the room feel cozy with a fireplace sound.

    They are usually $12.99 for the big one but they are on sale for 9 something this week. They last a long time.


  12. Hi Cindy,
    I have not tried the Henri Bendel candles, I need to see if I can find them in Canada. I do love the Lollia candles, some have some really nice scents.

  13. Those Henri Bendel candles look really nice, Cindy, I'm going to have to purchase some! My favorite candles are Capri Blue in "Volcano" fragrance - TO DIE FOR! My most favorite candle of all time. I have one really gorgeous one I got from Anthropologie that's in what appears to be an antique mercury glass jar with a lid I've burned the candle up (it lasts forever) and removed the last bit of remaining wax - now I have a beautiful mercury glass jar with a lid for my dresser!

    That article mentioned the toxic chemicals in candles and said that it can change the air quality in your house to Los Angeles level toxicity. Well, I live in L.A., and we have a saying "We don't trust breathing air that we can't see!" I've been meaning to ask my doctor how to quantify the bad air here in terms I can understand - meaning, after breathing L.A. air for a year, how many packs of cigarettes does that mean I've smoked? I don't smoke, but I'm sure my lungs are taking a hit from living here. Gads!

    Love your dried hydrangeas, the colors are gorgeous!



  14. Oh yes, candles add fragrance to a home like nothing else(well... cooking and baking does it, but who has time for that???)
    The dogs aren't the only ones giving off nasty odors in this house...I tend to light candles while watching television with the husband MANY times(if you know what I mean).
    Love the pics of your hydrangeas. I didn't get many this year??
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Oh I used to love those from Bath and Body too!

  16. Hey darling Cindy, I so agree about things being discontinued! Drives me nuts!
    I'm always looking for a candle to fall in love with so I think I will look into your suggestion.

    I LOVED your previous post! You beautiful little faerie you!!!
    hugs from here...

  17. Cindy, I adore candles and use several different brands. Love the scents from Trapp a local home decor shop.
    Love your pink leather gloves!

    Art by Karena

  18. Ooooooh, Cindy
    you know I will be trying them now!
    I love the natural soy that I get at a local shop here with a wood wick that crackle like wood fire when it burns...they are enchanting.

    Love your photos so makes me want to shop for more candles :)

    Thank you dear sweet friend for making time out of all the beauty you create to come by and visit me :)

    You always make me feel as if I am doing something right with my great junk finds, to then take a chance that everyone will see my vision in why I bought it. I can always trust that you will have sometime so sweet to say, and that encourages my fondness for all that I create.

    Thank you Cindy for the light you shed on us with your beautiful post.


  19. First, I love your beautiful hydrangeas. They don't grow here and I am full of envy whenever I see beautiful dried ones. And Yes! The candles. I love burning them all day long! The scent lingers for a long time after they have been blown out. Warm wax or something. Heavenly! I'm addicted to Pumpkins Souffle right now. Glad you found your source!

  20. Love your blog and inspiration .. I am a new blogger so I love looking at wonderful blogs like yours.......... Stop by The Rusty Pearl if you get a chance....Happy Thanksgiving !!!!


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