Thursday, November 7, 2013

Introducing "Lily"

Hi Everyone...

I would like you to meet "Lily" a gentle sweet cow happily grazing in a spring meadow.  

She is one of my newest cow paintings, and prints of her are now available in my Etsy shop.

Most of you have probably already met Gwendolyn,

Marian is so sweet and told me i could use her pictures of Gwendolyn if i needed... check the difference between her photos and mine... she's really good with her new camera, and what a difference it makes

Well, i painted Lily literally at the same time I was painting Gwendolyn

I would take one canvas down from the easel, 
and then pick up the other and work on it, and then back again!

So that kind of makes them sister cows!

here is Lily sitting on the easel where she would great me each morning in my little painting studio...

I almost feel lame when i call the room i paint a "studio"

Because it's just this small little room on the back of my house with good light where i paint, and where my doggies sleep at night.

In the area where i live we have something called 
"The Open Studio Artist Tour" twice a year.. 
 You go around to different artist's homes and view their work 

Most of the artists have these amazing big windowed studios about the size of the downstairs area in my house...  with sinks with running water for washing brushes and counters and their artwork hanging all over the walls

It makes me feel weird, like -  why don't i have a studio!  
I think this feeling is what we call JEALOUSY! 
i don't want to feel jealous! it feels icky!

Anyway sweet "Lily" is now at my friends shop for sale the original oil painting of her is still available

the price for the original is $500.00
not too bad considering that the giclee print of her is $265.00 !

so, that is "Lily's story... 
and there's something about her that i just love..

...the end...


  1. They are both so, so sweet and pretty .. as always I adore your work..

  2. Oh my goodness Cindy, that is one gorgeous painting. Lily is the perfect name for her. You may not have a studio like those other artist but I doubt that the work they produce in their fancy spaces could be any better than yours. You are an amazing talent.

  3. i LOVE Lilly too! my studio is an extra bedroom upstairs and it is a total messy that it is hard for me to paint in there right now....i dream of a loft like the one in "Ghost" with Demi Moore and Patrick Swazi. now, that was a cool space. love your art sweety.

  4. She's beautiful Cindy. One day I plan to own one.


  5. Your sisters are perfect--I just love them--they have a dreamy look about them. Gotta love cows! You are so talented--the Queen of painting cows for sure :)

  6. So beautiful. You are an amazing artist. Those are big cows! I have a feeling Miss Mustard Seed might purchase Lily too.

  7. Lily is just Beautiful, thanks for sharing her Story. I too have had Studio Envy *winks*... I'm currently attempting to transform a recently vacated space on our property back into an Art Studio and I've been so Inspired by the Sharing of Studio Spaces here in the Land of Blog.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Cindy ~ your paintings have such an ethereal, dreamy look about them. Even Lily and Gwendolyn has a soft, sweet look about them. Love their long eyelashes! You are SUCH a talented artist, my friend. I ADORE you and your work!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  9. Well, Cindy! After 10 attempts to recover my google password so I could comment, I'm hoping this finally does the trick!!!

    I wanted to tell you that I adore Lily, she is beautiful and her name is perfect! You are definitely blessed with a God given talent! Thank you for sharing Lily with us! xoxo

  10. Oh my goodness Cindy, it just amazes me that a person can create such beautiful paintings. You are a true artist, studio or not, so no way should you be jealous of anybody! Your Lily is truly a special cow!

  11. Hi Cindy,
    Well those sister cows are some lovely ladies, your talent amazes me!! You shouldn't have studio envy (I know easier said than done, ha!) you gift trumps any studio!

  12. I am so in awe of your painting talent Cindy. Every canvas you do is wonderful!!! I am so happy when I come and see your latest work.
    Dale and I have 3 holstein heifers here that we are raising right now and two little jerseys and I just love them. Ya gotta love those cows!!!!
    many hugs from me....

  13. Lily is absolutely gorgeous Cindy. I am catching up on your posts as I don't get the automatic updates to my email anymore. This keeps happening :(. Anyway I thought I better pop over. You have been busy painting. I have seen the cow painting at Miss Mustard Seeds and thought how beautiful it was, I didn't realise it was your work. I love the long lashes on your painting above, you are so very talented at what you do, I could never paint an animal as good as that.

    At the moment I am painting furniture with the Annie Sloan paint that has just come to New Zealand. I am having great fun but do realise I must get back to my own art. I get inspired by you and then think about it but don't start. However, I am going to order a new canvas next week to start something completely new. I just can't seem to get into my half finished canvases yet.

    Lee :)

  14. I am adding another comment as I can't stop looking at Lily, she makes me feel like I want to stroke her, she is stunning Cindy, really amazing.

    Lee :)

  15. such "udderly" beautiful sisters, I adore their eyelashes!!!

  16. wow what a painting! and how lucky is Marian anyway to have two of your cows now??? Well I cannot be jealous because I have two of your paintings as well and one of them is my own Dillon, which we adore looking at. My hubby tells Dillon as he points to the painting, you are such a special doggie, you even have your own portrait painted! Its very cute. and we love it. xo


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