Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bedroom Settee and White Plates...

So, i repainted my bedroom about a month ago, and updated the bedroom floors from carpet to plywood strips, and my friend suggested adding two little settees she had in her shop...

So sure enough, i stuffed them in the car, and hauled them home for mr. fractured to carry in... 

 he's so lucky to have me disturbing the peace around there all the time... smile...

there are two of them -
but i have no idea what contortion it would take to get a good photo of them both, so this is the best photo i was able to pull out with my iphone...

of course there is a wadded up blanket on one of them... did you ever hear of STAGING A PHOTO Cindy!!??

(that's the blanket i drag onto the bed when daisy and i take a nap)

this is "Daisy" my nap and snuggle buddy,  and i loooove her

she's such a little scruff muffin

The little settees  pretty much go with the bedroom, simple lines, and curves and neutral colors...

view from the bed....

thank goodness for white plates and platters... they always look pretty to me...


so you've heard me talk about my friend with the shop 
this is the shop where i sell my original paintings also

she finds the best stuff!

and it's awfully tempting to want so many of the treasures she finds
so i have to be selective
and leave stuff for her customers!
she gives me great prices 
 but she has to make money too!

so now she has this chandelier that i am dying over
take a look

i can't even do it justice in a photo

it looks like crystal raindrops and icicles
oh my gosh

I can't afford it even with a discount, but i just had to show it to you guys

isn't it heavenly!

anyway, that's all i've got for now my sweet friends
gotta go catch up on you guys!

...the end...


  1. It is all Heavenly my friend. I love the furniture. the CHANDY (GUSH) UBER LOVE it all. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  2. Oh my goodness you got a lil fluff like my bella bleu!!! Daisy is so cute. Your settees are divine too. You have a big bedroom if two can fit in there!!! Beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving xo

  3. Those settees look wonderful in your bedroom Cindy everything is really coming together beautifully. That chandy is to die for, man can't you rob a bank or something to get it??? LOL. Hey I think I spy the pillow I made for you on that settee...is that it? It looks great on there. Hope you and Mr Fractured have a great Thanksgiving Feast!

  4. Oooh wow those sofas are gorgeous! Love the plates and platters too! Your bedroom is really beautiful Cindy and as for your cuddle buddy awwww what a cutie xxx
    ps The chandelier is dreamy!

  5. Love those settees Cindy. Very pretty. Little pooch is a cutie.

    hugs and Happy Thanksgiving.


  6. Such a dreamy looking bedroom!
    I love it... the settees and white plates are lovely to wake up to each morning too, I bet! Pat

  7. The settees look gorgeous in your room Cindy and the wall looks great too,That chandy is swoon worthy. Maybe Santa will bring it home for Christmas.

  8. Cindy...I am so in love with these settees...okay, totally jealous. I wish I had the room for even just one. The blanket looks perfect and I think everyone should keep it real. The plates are just perfect, they give everything a European feel.

    Daisy is unbelievable. My mom had a dog just identical, get ready, her name was Poopsie. She was an ankle biter.

    Love everything.


  9. Hi Cindy,
    I love it all the settees are divine and I love the yummy white plates... but best of all is a cuddle nap blanket and Daisy, that is pure sweetness:-)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and sweet Daisy :-)

  10. Oh I love those little sofas Cindy they are gorgeous. I am making over my bedroom and only wish I had room for at least one of those. I am struggling to fit a chair in if I get the chest of drawers I want, I might end up sacrificing drawers for a chair as I want somewhere to sit and read. Your sofas would be perfect for that. Little daisy is so cute, she is like a blonde version of Poppy and I know exactly what you mean by 'snuggle buddy' :)

    Lee :)

  11. What a beautiful addition to your bedroom. The blanket is perfect! Stagers try to recreate that! haha! I'm still loving that gorgeous paint color. I love the look of the plates too.

  12. I'm dying over these Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are ya sure you really need two???????? They are amazing finds my friend. Your bedroom is absolutely dreamy. The color on the walls is GORGEOUS!
    I just love your style sweetie! Oh yes...and then there's those plates....
    much love from here...

  13. ...omgee Cindy ~ those settees are just fabulous!! They were waiting for YOU!
    ~ and bonus! a snuggle-y buggle-y corner too!!
    The raindrop chandelier is also divine:)
    xo, Rosemary

    p.s. the car lashes are too fun! i wonder if they make glitter tipped ones?! lol!!

  14. Your Bedroom Makeover is Divine... I have so much more than a wadded up blanket in mine, it would take a week or more to 'stage' for a photo op! *LOL* And yes, that Chandie is indeed Divine!!! *Swooning*

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. Hi Cindy,
    Love those settees and the fabric reminds me of the fabric on my French chair.
    What a cozy place to rest, as well as a place to sit and take in the beauty of your day.

    Love the plates, I have been wanting a small French sofa for a spare room, now after seeing your I want one more then ever/)

    You inspire us in so many ways.

    Love all the beauty you inspire.

    Cindy how are you loving your wood floors now that you are settled in on them?



  16. so nice. how do you always get the best stuff and ideas? i have an interesting story to tell you about a lady that came in my shop yesterday. she was with her daughter who is a homegoods buyer...we got to talking...anyway long story short, she is a photographer and sells her stuff on etsy and she mentioned cow photographs...and I then i told her about you being an artist and painting this amazing cow for mustard seed and all that...and then she looked at me and said THAT is the artist that inspired me to take photographs of cows!!! It was cooler than I am writing here, but just wanted you to know, that you are inspiring people you have no idea you are inspiring!! Isn;t that the coolest?

  17. Cindy I love the settees! They are beautiful. I love your bedroom.


  18. Your "Daisy" looks a lot like my "Bubba" , all shaggy bangs and love in her eyes . Your settee and chair are lovely ! I don't blame you for wanting that chandy , I want one so bad , but my ceilings are only 8 ft. high so the only place I can put one is over a table , and just no place to put one , bummer !

  19. Your bedroom looks so pretty now! The color of the walls and those settees are wonderful! AND the plates make it!


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