Thursday, November 21, 2013

Car Lashes!?

 Ok, so since i can't finagle a pink car quite yet... 

I have decided to add big ole swoopy eyelashes to my boring little SUV... 

Not so boring now huh!

I know maybe they are a little silly.... but i already like my car much better!

I can see her lashes every time i am driving down the road and it makes me smile!

You know, cars have personalities, and I don't know about you but i can get very attached to my cars!

 I was massively in love with my Mazda Tribute, but finally had to let it go and this was the 'next' car

I just wasn't feeling it for this one... but i like her better now

 Sooo...what do ya think?

 I was kind of embarrassed at first, and was wondering if they were too stupid... 
but my friend took one look at them and said

"Nobody but you should have those car eyelashes"

and then i felt better... smile

Mr. Fractured just stood and stared at the car for a minute and then shook his head and walked back in the house

doubt he'll be asking to drive it anywhere anytime soon...

hmmmmm... this is a whole new world of decorating opening up for me
wonder how else i can pimp my ride?!

...the end...


  1. If I saw a vehicle driving toward me with those lashes, I would instantly think to myself....I wonder if Cindy from Cindy's Fractured Fairytale is driving that awesome mobile!!! Yes I would.

  2. haaaa! i have a friend who sports these lashes on her suv, and you would love her! an artsy edgy feminine type with the heartiest laugh. i'd say yer drivin with sass now, and the bonus? if ever you have menopause brain as i often do and cannot spot yer ride in the parking lot, with all the dark suvs out there, spotting the falsies might just help you breathe easier.

    *bats lashes*


  3. bahahahahahhaha! I LOVE them Cindy! The goodyear dealer beside our new shop sells pink windshield wiper blades! They made me think of you!

  4. chandelier that attaches to your rear view mirror...pimpetting my Hubby's truck for a girl Camping trip...or should I say Tramping trip. I am actually tryingto Glamp his Truck because I can't pull our 22 ft. travel where do I get those car!

  5. OMG, Cindy, those are adorable, and SO YOU! I've seen girls driving VW Bugs with those lashes on, and also vinyl decals of flowers scattered on the doors and fenders - really really cute! If you look on Etsy, or just Google "floral car decals" you can probably find them. They are made of the outdoor vinyl that is more durable than the regular stuff, and they do look really cute on a car!

  6. I love it! I have a PT Cruiser--and I love it because for a little car you can fit a whole dining set and 4 chairs in it! (I know because I have done it) I just got her a red nose and antlers for the holidays :) My daughter says I can't take her to school now--but my son thinks it is awesome :)

  7. Pimping one's ride is very important! Loving your car's Lashes! I always Gypsify any of my rides and since The Man was in his terrible Accident with my Truck and can no longer drive, I've got his New Jeep and SLOWLY I'm Transforming it into MY type of Ride... all Pimped out in Gypsy Finery. Gotta do it slowly tho' since he still considers it HIS vehicle and with a Jesus on the Dashboard, Pom Pom trimmed windshield and Rosaries and Mardi Gras Beads hanging off the rear-view mirror I doubt he would even want to be Transported in it!? *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Oh Cindy they are so cute! i love them and remind me of the pretty lashes on your cow paintings x

  9. The lash are cute, just an fyi they can leave marks on your car. My manager had them on her new car until she found the marks, made from them hitting the top due to wind. Alaina


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