Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Got my Slipcovers!

So the slipcovers for my new (old) sofa are finally done!

What do ya think?

Of course there are throws strewn all over it, and it's all a little messy.  I'm always attempting to take photos around messy pillows, and throws, and guitars, and cords from guitars, doggie toys, remote controls, crooked lampshades, eye glasses,cell phones,  glasses of soda... and sunlight blaring in the window.  

If i waited until everything was perfect and staged to take a photo, you would never, not once see a photo from this little house!!

anyway... just look at the coral color on the vintage throw (below) from my friend's shop... i'm debating buying it, but...
good grief!!!  
there are just too many wonderful things in the world!

even so,  isn't the color soooo yummy!

and speaking of the coral throw from my friend's shop 

JUST LOOK at this huge galvanized bucket filled with dogwood and wisteria, and the vintage doors propped on the wall

Oh my gosh, i am dying over this bucket, and i want it so bad, but it is really really big.

I measured and the top is 28 inches across... 

I mean my house is small, just a little cottage bungalow really, and i don't actually think i have a single place for it! 
believe me, i'm sure trying to think of a place!

Anyway, just feast your eyes on this gorgeous stuff...

I'm sure you can see why i would want it all!

so completely wonderful, i can't stand it....

Ok, Cindy, get over it, The bucket will not fit in your house!  It will take up half the dining room and look stupid, and you can't afford it!!!

But, but, but....

...the end...


  1. Your covers are lovely, I do love white, your room is very French looking and I can see why you fell in love with the bucket but don't forget you will have to keep it full of flowers unless you buy some artificial ones. I love it, maybe you could use it in your entranceway.

    I saw some cushions/pillows last week and fell in love with them, they were awfully expensive but I couldn't stop thinking about them and ended up buying three, its all I could afford and I am now saving for another one so I can remove my back cushions on my sofa and replace the two back cushions with these for 50 x 50cm pillows. I will post about them in a few weeks time once I get over the shock of the cost....dont ask!!!

  2. Oh look at your sofa it looks stunningly beautiful and i love the throws and pillows here and there,What a wonderful place for you to snuggle up on an evening a daydream about what you are going to buy next from your friends shop?
    ps get the bucket it will fit somewhere ;) xxx

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Your sofa looks wonderful! I love the slipcovers. And that bucket of flowers is 2die4! I can see why you want it because I want it too!


  4. hey darlin, the slip cover (and whole room) look so fantastical!! love it all! can you use the bucket outside somewhere? it's a keeper.

  5. Your slipcovers are so beautiful!! Your living room looks gorgeous too.


  6. oh the rooms looks fabulous. love the slipcover Cindy! and I know how hard it is to get a photo ready shot these days so I appreciate the effort. As far as the big bucket., i love it too...love old buckets. just got a few in to Boston shop and one is an old garbage pail, the kind people used to have in a hole in the ground and would throw their garbage in so the house wouldn't stink. haha/ its decorator chic now you know.

  7. Hi Cindy, oh my i lové your transformation from brownish green sofa to linen white, who made your slip?
    You have a sofa to love, full of romance and love that wonderful bench seat on your sofa.
    As for the bucket ...French floral can not sure i could resist a buy even if it didn't fit, I would have to fit it into a corner or out in the middle of my main room just to look at but, I so know how you feel I too say often out loud DARN! I don't have a place for that, or it just won't fit :(

    Love this share,
    Love all your beauty you create over here.


  8. I love the slipcovers..your livingroom looks gorgeous. I'm still lovin that coffee table. I get the small house thing :)--we don't have to have everything. Maybe they will come out with a smaller version of it?!

  9. the slipcovers look amazing!!!! how exciting, cindy! and that bucket needs to go straight to my house with those gorgeous doors leaning against the wall for good measure.

    i loved our little bungalow and would return to it in a heartbeat. a simpler time where it was impossible to hoard or get excessive about anything. ahhhhhhh.

    smiles to you, sweetstuff.


  10. OMGosh Cindy...that shop is spectacular!! How do you resist?
    LOVE the slipcovers and I love the rustic old cart against all the soft whites!

  11. Hi Cindy! The slipcovers are gorgeous, and so is the shape of that sofa, so feminine. The coffee table is a great juxtaposition that fits with your decor perfectly. I love your room, it is just so soft and serene.

    As for that bucket - that thing's more like a bathtub, isn't it? It looks HUGE! I can totally see why you want it, it's wonderful, especially with the arrangement inside. I'm thinking you could paint it - whip up a painting featuring the bucket with its blooms, that way you could put it up on a wall and not have the actual bucket invading your space, especially since you have nowhere to put it. Just a thought!

  12. But nothin'.....I would MAKE it fit somewhere!!! That bucket is awesome!!!
    Okay, back to reality...your slipcovers look lovely on your furniture, Cindy. I love all of the throws, and pillows scattered about. Your living room looks very chic....VERY chic. I like all of the soft colors you have in the room.
    Great...I'm going to be obsessing over a stupid bucket.
    Have a nice day.

  13. What a beautiful livingroom. Love the mix with the rough and romantic.

  14. Wow, Cindy - your slips turned out beautiful!!!! What a huge difference it makes in the room! I love my white slips. When I get tired of seeing all white, I just wrap a pretty floral standard fitted sheet around the seat cushions and it looks like I have a whole new sofa. :) Oh, I soooo hear you about the small-house-issue. Rooms in a vintage farmhouse are alll small, so I feel decor-challenged every time I turn around. Maybe that beautiful bucket will fit outside on your porch....? :)

    xxo laurie

  15. I absolutely LOVE your slipcovers,I want and need some so badly! Your room look scrumptious, did I spell that right? I love your casual style and I think it's wonderful that you don't 'stage' your pics. It is a wonderfully loved and lived in home, just perfect! And that bucket of flowers, well lets just say, I would dump my refrigerator and put the bucket in its place, lol.

  16. Hi Cindy,
    LOVE the new slipcovers, the ruffle is divine!! and the bucket wow!!! so big so much fun, you gotta have it :-)

  17. Hi Cindy, thank you dearly for taking the time to visit this fine Wednesday morning, you alway have something beautiful to say about my work as simple as it is. I too feel the same about your work and designs here. Who made your slip cover? It's fabulous and oh so romantic.

    Well it was wonderful to start my day off with a visit from you, have a great rest of the week.


  18. Cindy, I somehow missed this post! Wow! Gorgeous! Love all the white ane they coral throw is lovely with your decor. The rug, couch, pillows, and throw make me want to snuggle up and read or watch a good movie!

  19. I knew your sofa would look gorgeous!!!! I LOVE the slipcover! In fact, I LOVE your whole room! I see so many beautiful things in there. I adore the big door!!! and the mirror over the sofa and the coffee table and--and--and---

    I am swooning over the huge bucket of dogwood blossoms.
    big hugs from me...

  20. Cindy - Don't you just hate going in some place and wanting EVERYTHING? I do that all the time unfortunately. Your slipcovers are really pretty and I think that coral throw would be beautiful in your LR. Love all of your pillows.


  21. I just love that flower bucket!


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