Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Still Messing Around in the Bedroom, and Some Other Stuff...

So, here is my bedside table, a little dresser i found at the Goodwill for $19.99...  a $10.00 mirror i painted and random stuff... 

the mirror is a little too small, not exactly what i wanted, but it's what i had...

 plus, i've been trying to tie the whole room together...  mrfracturedfairytale's bedside dresser is brown, and on it i have the door from my little cupboard in the kitchen, it has this awesome wavy vintage glass in it...
usually there are like at 10,000 books and papers and magazines on his desk, it's clean now because we had to move stuff so he could finish painting...  

 My friend Karan with the amazing shop, had these old window frames, and she let me try one out,  what do you think?  I can get 2 of them, one for mrfractured's dresser,and one for mine...   

she was pretty horrified, and said , "you mean you're going to be matchy matchy"???
And i was like... 
 "oh heck yeah... i love symmetry." 

Joni from the Cote de Texas blog , says either you're a symmetry person or not, I definitely am, probably because my life is so choatic, i love order with a passion...

So what do you think, one on each side?  They really draw the eye up, and actually it looks pretty amazing in person... 
hmmm,, i could always put mirrors in them...

I'm mulling over painting mrfracturedfairytale's dresser white...but it's really boxy, and i don't know if he'd like that... but, you know i'm giving it the old evil eye...

I'll send pics when i get the other window frame this weekend, and we'll decide...

Anyway, i wanted to show you guys this amazing handbag i found at this little shop near work called "Pennies for Change"... It's like thrift type shop, and they sell stuff to support battered women...

It's handmade, and the original price tag on it is $250.00.  It is for sale for $45.00,  it is well made and BEAUTIFUL!  It's made by a breast cancer survivor.  Read the tags... there is a peachy pink bra that lines the inside... If anyone wants me to go grab it... i can see if it's still there today... 
I would buy it, but i have to have a ginormous handbag to carry all my stuff....  
anyway... check it out...

and i'll leave you with  this pretty christmas display from the Elegant Relic, one of my favorite shops in the world... 
just look at that wonderful old cupboard,
...So pretty....

the end...


  1. Hi Cindy,

    I love your goodwill finds and quite adore that window frame! :)

    Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful links!!! Take care and have a wonderful day!


  2. I love , love , love that window ! Yes you should get another , Then if you don't like them you can give them to me !

  3. It looks great and I LOVE that window frame you are testing out! It has a great shape! The little handbag is so cute and stylish! Some great finds you have and would I love to go into The Elegant Relic. Looks like a great shop.

  4. I am loving the window frame...sometimes a room needs some symmetry!!! Get em!

  5. omg the wall color looks FANTABULOUS. yes to two window frames. maybe you'll decide not to flank the bed with them, but you will have a pair of them and this makes all the sense in the world. THEY ARE GORGEOUS. you will kick yourself later if you get only one.

    the purse is over the top feminine and soooo cool. i can't wait to get my fairy lights a-twinkling. i always hate putting them away at the end of the season and maybe i won't!



  6. Hi Cindy!
    Love your pretty bedroom. And, yes I think you need the other window on the Mr. Fractured's side.
    That handbag is adorable. Love it! I also love the photo of the beautiful shop. It must be fun to go there and look around.


  7. Hey cute lady.....I think those empty frames are to die for......and they would look over the moon fabulous with mirrors.....the light they would reflect would be wonderful..



  8. Hi Cindy, Pretty pretty bedroom. I would definitely get the other frame. I have one just like it that came out of an old church that was built in 1906. I put a mirror in mine.... I think it looks great with a mirror or without one!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  9. and another thing...

    am i the only one that is tickled by

    really, Cindy? really?



  10. Your bedroom looks gorgeous!! I love the window frames.


  11. Your bedroom is coming along nicely, Cindy. I love that gothic window... gorgeous!
    The purse and shop are lovely, too.
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  12. That dresser looks amazing. You sure have an eye for art!

  13. What a beautiful room! I LOVE those arched mirrors - you definitely should get them from your friend. Thanks for sharing these pretty pics,

  14. HI Cindy!! Yes get both, you probably already did get them. But I think you will love having two of them. I am not sure about painting Mr. FFT's end table cuz you have the long dresser also in brown...I think the room looks pretty and now you can add lots of cream and tons of pale pinks or aquas...yum.

  15. Hi Cindy,
    Your bedroom is lovely! I love the beautiful gothic frame.
    Thank you for visiting me and for your sweet comment on our little cottage.The quilt that you asked about I got at a little shop here on the Island called Second Glance a couple of years ago.The quilt was called Marie Antionette and I bought a matching valance and pillow. I remember she said she could order more valances for me if I wanted but I don't know her source.When I go there again I will ask her and let you know if it is still available.
    I am now a follower of your lovely blog too.

    Take care,


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