Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well, I Painted My Bed White...

Ok, so i really really waited a long time before i painted my bed white.  I liked the brown, and i wanted to be sure painting it white wasn't just impulsive and following the  fad of white painted furniture.  
But, I finally realized that I've like white distressed furniture for like around 25 years, probably some of you haven't even been alive that long!,  and anyway, if I've liked it for that long, then it can't really be a fad... at least not for me...

plus... this isn't like a million dollar bed or anything ... it's pretty dinged up

Here it is brown...

If my bedroom was painted blue, i would have left it brown, because those colors are perfect together... but since my bedroom is now this beigey gray, it all looked too muddy to me, 
Plus from the dining room i can see into the living room and bedroom, so in an overall view, I thought the white would look good with my white slipcovered chairs,
...that they would kind of play off of each other...
so i decided to go for it. 

I found some Annie Sloan paint in a little town close to me and i bought some "old white"...

This is the bed after 2 quick coats, it's not distressed or waxed yet....

What i really really liked about her paint, is the way it "grabs" whatever you're painting.  Loved that....

I decided to paint the oval in the middle a little different color, i have plans for that oval, maybe some little white flowers or leaves or something....

I want a better mirror for over the dresser, so i'm watching the curbsides!

sorry, i'm not showing the whole room, i'm still messing around in there trying to get it all right... I have to touch up the "Dream" over the bed, i was gonna paint over it, and decided not too... so i had to paint around all those little swirly letters... fun 

 and you should see mr. fracturedfairytale's bedside dresser... omg...  it looks like a hoarder lives only on the dresser...  he's so perfect in every way and very tidy , and  i keep thinking just leave him this spot, but ummmmmm....
I might have to tell him someone broke in the house and stole all the 6 million books and papers off of his dresser..
you think that would fly?

 I'll post more photos when the room is more pulled together... hope we haven't all died from old age by then...

Soooo, anyway, how many of you are enchanted by old photos..

I love them, especially when i find someone like this lady

I love her...
look at the flowers in the shabby pot beside her.. and her little attitude...

and check out this mom and her daughter...

I just look at these photos, and it blows my mind, that this is a moment captured in a person's whole life, with loves, and children and parents, and pain, and birth, and smells, and sweat... 
a whole universe...  and how they have come and gone... 
and it gives me the strangest feeling...

And, one last thing... check out these crazy things my friend is selling in her shop...
they are old roots, and hand made...
she's gonna make them into light fixtures..
freaky cool, huh?

the end...


  1. Wow...That bed is stunning! I so love the white. Love that circle too...can't wait to see what you paint in there. Cool root light fixtures too!

  2. Oh my is gorgeous!!! Now I bet your thinking 'why didn't I paint it white a long time ago!'. It looks so much better, I think. I am popping over here quick to let you know I buy my frames at Ikea of course! but I also find nice ones at Homegoods. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi Cindy!
    I'm loving your pretty bed all done up in the white. Really looks beautiful with the vintage dresser. Keep watching those curbs and a pretty mirror might just pop up!

    My bedroom is yet to be blog worthy. Maybe some day I'll have it looking good enough to photograph. But for right now I'm enjoying living in it!


  4. Love the bed white Cindy! It looks so pretty!~you could do a monogram on the oval of the bed. But maybe too many letters with the Dream up on the will do something pretty! I liked that chick in the first vintage pic too. You are right, I do detect a little sassy attitude!

  5. Your bed looks just wonderful in white! I think your idea of little leaves or flowers on the medallion is great! Old pictures tell a hundred stories and I love them too. You found several great ones! Have fun finishing your room.


    know what that means?

    me neither.

    anyway. i love the bed white, and that decision to do the oval in a slightly different hue! when in doubt, PAINT IT WHITE!

    omg the root light things. i love these. they're roots!!!!

    hope this finds you well, sweet mama.


  7. Hi Cindy, the bed looks perfect white! love the "dream" on the wall! xo

  8. Oh Cindy, the bed looks wonderful painted white! I have a dark wood cannonball bed that I have thought about painting but it just seems a little overwhelming and my husband doesn't seem to keen on it. I love the contrast of the bed against the painted wall. I can imagine how tedious that was painting around "dream"!~Hugs, Patti

  9. I love your bed white! It looks gorgeous.


  10. The bed in white looks a million times better. I love your idea to paint a little something on the oval. Can't wait to see what it looks like.

  11. Beautiful Cindy! I like the white much better than the brown.

  12. It is beautiful Cindy. I love the white (and I loved the original as well) but I love the white more)). You seriously are painting all around the scrollies around the dream??? You go girl.
    Don't take to long to finish up the room because I am already 56 :-)
    I love that you love old photos too. I always make up stories in my head about the that weird?
    hugs from here...

  13. The bed looks beautiful and I agree that had you painted blue it might look best kept brown but this looks so dreamy!
    I love the picture of the lady to...Kirstie Alley had a neat photo of a woman on her vanity and I remember in an interview with Barbara Walters she had told her it was just a neat photo she found and bought it because it looked like anyone's Mom.


  14. Painted white furniture is always going to be in style...I love it also.

  15. I really like the look of wood but the white looks great with the rest of the room. I love the photo of that woman with the relaxed attitude. Most people in old photos look anything but relaxed!

  16. I think it is good that you decided to paint the bed white. It definitely matches your beigey gray wall. Although brown looks good too, I think white looks better. The color adds some lively feel to the space, and you can play around with different styles and colors of bed sheets. And as they say, you can never go wrong with white.


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