Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Painting Hot Off the Easel...

Hey!  Those cows are staring at me!
Ok, whatdya think... I started this painting a month ago, and was really frustrated with it, so just let it sit and gave it dirty looks, like how am i gonna make you work???   
Finally settled down to mess with it today and i'm feeling it's pretty much done... i tried to be a little imperfect with it all, and a little more loose...
but looking at it now on this post, i already see something else i want to change on it... and i've lost my light..
oh well, i will just have to wait till next weekend... which is aggravating as anything!

of course i added a touch of pink to the whole thing...

And now i'm gonna go bug Mr. Fairytale... and get him to pull down my faux flocked frazier fur... first time i've used that many F words in a row...
(without someone having to cover their ears...)  
...oops, did i just say that...

the end...


  1. Your painting is awesome! I really like the colors. Great job!

  2. Cindy, you have me laughing, and that's dangerous today, because it causes me coughing fits, oh well, I'm doing better, anyway, love your adorable cows with a touch of pink. very realistic you know. Also I'm crazy for your gothic window in your bedroom, just gorgeous!! xoxo

  3. I love this paiting just the way it is. You make me want to start painting , maybe as soon as I get all my Christmas projects done. I've been saving some cow photos I've found . I love pictures of domestic animals , but really never tried them before, except for the ocational horse or dog .

  4. Cindy,I love your painting!!The cows are so adorable.You have sooo much talent.


  5. Hi Cindy,
    You are so blessed to be such a wonderful artist and I love this soft meadow painting. And, of course the pink is just the right touch.

    Fantastic, freakin fabulous......there I said the F word three times already! LOL!
    PS...I have been known to use the word on the golf course from time to time. Some of my golf buddies swear that it makes you hit the ball farther!


  6. Your painting is absolutely wonderful, Cindy. The cows have the sweetest little faces. I LOVE it!!!! Also, I had to laugh because right before leaving this comment for you I left a comment on another blog where she drops the "f" bomb several times. I told her how refreshing it is to see someone in blogland that is not afraid to use colorful language. LOL!! And then I read your post!!!! Too funny!!! : ) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  7. I love that painting. You are so talented my darling naughty friend. haha, FFFF. I wonder whatever are you talking about?

  8. The painting is so peaceful and beautiful! I love white cows! I've said this before but you really are too funny!

  9. Lovely like it is! ...I'm no artist, but your painting is just lovely.

    (ha! another Pat)

  10. I ♥ it...just my style! Sweet and serene with beautiful muted colors.

  11. it's looking beautiful, cindy. just thinking about getting the tree trimmed makes me tired (i'm easily over tired these days) but i always feel so much better when it's done!

    best to you.


  12. Oh I love it! I have been wanting to try painting a cow forever but haven't had the guts to tackle it yet. I love the soft edges of everything! Great job :)

  13. I have a thing for cow paintings. Yours is wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving.


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