Monday, November 21, 2011

Pulling Out the Christmas Stuff... and I'm NOT One of Those People Who Packs Things Neatly Away Every Year...

So, it's fun decorating for the Holidays, except for the part where i have to drag big bins of Stuff out of the closet upstairs, which is loaded with lampshades, baskets, tangled silk flowers, boxes, candlesticks, a rotted pumpkin, (don't even ask),  halloween spiders, wrapping paper,  pillows, fabric, and other stuff i'm sure i will need someday.... that is if i were brave enough to enter to find what i was looking for...
...oh man, what a mess... 

Anyway, first victim to get a big pink bow, this cute little TJ Maxx lantern... 
Everyone has a lantern now, i know, and i've resisted, but i saw this one and folded... i do like it...

the pretty little ornament is from Marshalls...

I know, i know all my photos are so blurry, everything is done with my iphone camera, and me being ADD and rushed...

I found this darling little wooden platter made from hand hewn wood at a local shop, and couldn't resist it, but  i can't really find a place for it..., 
so for now i just propped it up on the mantel....

Do you see the Merry Christmas sign?  I got it from 
Paula's Etsy shop Castles and Cottages, 
and Oh my god i love it... 
for now it's just propped up too...
along with the tinsel that is going to go on the tree...
(we'll pretend we don't see the tag still on that candlestick)

this is the prettiest tinsel ever, and i don't know where i found it or i would buy more... 

I wanted to show you a cute pillow cover my friend with the little shop found at an amazing price, 
so i grabbed one to try... 
I usually don't like red, but i do like a coral red... and these just caught my eye, and darn if i don't like it... !

I heard her talking to a lady in her shop the other day, and they were saying how everyone should have a touch of red somewhere in their house... and i was like hmmmmm... really??, it made me think... that's why i grabbed this pillow cover, and stuffed a pillow in it...

I got my other arch for the bedroom this weekend, so i'll send pics soon, i'll try to get some that aren't blurry ... 

here is my new inspiration photo from  Aiken House and Garden  Her little cottage is decorted for christmas, and it is AMAZING! 
I hope she dosen't mind that i show you this photo...
you HAVE to go look!..

The end....


  1. Hi Cindy,
    I'm in the bed today with an awful sinus infection and sore throat. It's not often that I slow down for anything, but this one is kickin my butt!
    Anyway, I'm so glad to see you posted your lantern. I love the bow you made for it. And that pillow is perfect. I have no red in my home with the exception of the red on the Christmas tree. Maybe some day.


  2. Oh everything looks sooo lovely! I admire those that can have so much white... 3 kids, hubby, living in the country... just won't work. But I can admire in others like you!

  3. Hi Cindy, the wood platter and pillow are awesome! I would love to find some pillows like that! Glad you were able to get the other arch...they are great!

  4. awesome updates, cindy! i love the cushion, and it's such a soft red that doesn't scream 'christmas.' great finds, mama.


  5. You are so cute. I think it is sooo funny that you heard them talking about everyone needing a touch of red in their decor!! NOT ME!!! I have heard of everyone should have a touch of black, but not red. But it is funny that there are rules about anything like colors~so I like your lantern and your slipcovered chair and that pillow looks pretty in it! I like that kind of skinny old fashioned tinsel too. Now how are you going to decorate the new hutch? And I KNEW you would like that bedroom at Carolyn's Christmas Cottage~it is dreamy.

  6. Love your stuff and I have to say the title of your post made me laugh out loud! That is me! You should see the disaster in my boxes that I pulled out. And of course because I don't pack anything neatly I can't find what I am looking for and a bunch of my ornaments are broken - oh well! Someday I will have time to organize and pack things away neatly....or at least that is what I tell myself Oh and I love the skates in that inspiration photo!

  7. Hi Cindy,
    All that Christmasy goodness and you still have Lavender in the garden, you know I am jealous:-) I love the tinsel too, never enough sparkle!
    Happy Thnaksgiving to you and yours:-)

  8. Everything looks so Beautiful !! I love the Decorations, Pretty Pretty!

  9. Oh I just love your sign from Paula!
    My Mom taught me to have a little black in every room...never heard of red though!

  10. Hey sweet girl!! :-) Thanks for your bday wishes for Sweet Pea! (Oh, and she does look a lot like my baby pictures....of course her daddy looks just like me and she looks like him, so there ya go! lol)
    I like all your pretty CHRISTmas stuff...especially the tinsel and lantern. I bought a lantern too, but I took mine apart and painted it was red! lol Maybe I should have left it red if we're all supposed to have a little red in our homes!! lol :-)
    Love ya loads!
    PS...Have a Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

  11. You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself!
    With the exception of my mother's decorations mine too usually are put away, not in the "neatest fashion".. :)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  12. Everything always looks so yummy around here..
    Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours Miss Cindy ! hugs from Savannah, Cherry


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