Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Upstairs Bedroom - You Know the One Where the Adult Kids Come Stay With You and Leave it Trashed...

So... warning, warning... When kids grow up and turn 18, they don't leave.   Well, actually, they leave, and then they realize stuff like paying for your own heat, and gas and housing and stuff really sucks... So they come back home, and then they trash your house, and leave all the stuff they don't want, and go have fun.  And then when they run out of money, they come back and do the same thing again, until they're like 52...
So if you think they will move out and happily and safely go on with their lives, 
you're on crack.
plus they leave the dog or the cat, or both....

So basically this is the upstairs room where they stay, AFTER I've cleaned it up for the four thousandth time...

In this photo, you can still see the plastic corners on the little flower print,  i found two of them at TJ Maxx for $12.99 each, and i was deciding whether or not to keep them...  They're each different but the same, and i decided i do like them... so they're keepers,
and the plastic was removed

Here is a full view of the room, at least the best i could get with my iphone...
when we were thinking of buying this house, i told the realtor, if the owner would leave these two beds, we would buy it... because i loved the stripes
the room was red when we moved in
and we painted it this wonderful color called "Carolina Inn Club Aqua", i think it's valspar paint
Is it me, or is that an insanely long name for a paint color?

The rug was given to me, the side table from le dump...  the little chair has one arm broken off... 24 year old son, you know the one who puts texas pete on everything he eats, his clothes and on the carpet...  

right now, the room is in the process of cleaning up from my kid, so there are no pillow cases on the pillows... they're missing... 

Ok, so i'm exaggerating about the kids, sort of ... 
I actually really like them alot
...mostly when they're not here...
Mr. Fracturedfairytale's kids are actually "normal", and really cute,  and for now,...  they are finally pretty much on their own,  living way more interesting lives than we are... 

He and I don't really don't want to be interesting, 
we like how boring we are...
My kids, (21 and 24 years old)  are not quite there yet... 
they still make my eyes twitch, and my hair fall out, and cause me to take prescription medication... 
they do stuff that totally freaks me out, and i'm like what???!!!
and then they're fine, 
 then i have to go into recovery for 2 weeks afterward...
until the next crisis

but i'm sure that's only temporary...
(i know, on crack)

the end...


  1. Love this post I have one that was in and out and another I am sure will follow soon enough :)
    I hope she sicks around awhile she seems to want to take her time I think she has it to good with mom doing everything for her :)

    Beautiful room a place to dream soufully.

  2. Oh, Cindy!
    I hear ya...we had a REVOLVING DOOR with The Husbands two girls...and when our own 4 kids were coming up I said, "I'm not raising anymore kids!...From now on, I'm raising Adults!" far so good. The door has stopped revolving. His girls quit coming back. Our own four---all have a thing. They each say: "I'm not going to be The Come Back Kid"
    ...but two left dogs when they moved out at 18.
    You win some you lose some. {sigh}

    But hey... I love that room! it is gorgeous even without pillow slips! LOL... I'd put a pad lock on it, and post admission and housekeeping fees clearly on the door. {smile}

    Gotta run feed those dogs...

  3. Even with all the flaws it is a beautiful room. The part of our home that suffers most from our grow kids(and their friends) is the carpet! My son's friend threw up all over our hallway carpet at my son's 21 birthday party and it looks so aweful now. Poor guy feels so bad about it. If we could afford it we would rip it all out. I hate carpet! But I try to just be thankful I have a nice home still. :)

  4. Sounds like my brother. I'm the *responsible* one of course. Then again, I am taking the girls to visit my mom this weekend and, yes, we'll probably trash it a little. What goes around comes around...I know my girls will do it to me too someday. : )

    BTW very cute room!

  5. I LOVE this room Cindy! At least I know where I will stay when I come to visit someday. You can sleep in the other bed and we can have a slumber party in this pretty pretty room.
    As far as the kids, I totally get that whole deal...and have lived it as well. 'nuf said.

  6. I totally get it ! My 32 year old ( Whos wife is having a baby any day now )was like that. Came back at least 6 times , and one time since they've been married . Sometimes I wonder if they will ever get it together, Oh well , they are trying.

  7. hahahahahahaha.

    i laugh because i understand. i do. imperfectly perfect kids who drive you to the brink. yep. and have little regard for how we painfully feather the nest for them! ungrateful! I LOVE THOSE STRIPES ON THE HEADBOARD. the longer our eldest is away from home (he turned 20 today!) the more he seems to appreciate us. what makes it all ok is all the love and a crazy one-off quirky quirky sense of humor to cope. also prescriptions and prayer. and good food. and humility.

    love to you.


  8. Hi Cindy,
    You funny girl. I'm laughing and agreeing with everything you are saying about our kids. My big grown up boy is still home and has no intentions of ever leaving! LOL! Things are just too comfortable for him.

    Love the upstairs room. It's very cute and comfy looking. I bet when they mess it up, it's a beautiful mess!


  9. Love the room, especially the stripes on the headboards! It is so pretty and peaceful...

    You're a better person than I am...I would not allow them to return if they didn't clean up after themselves. I used to tell my kids they weren't at the Hilton, no maid service. :-)


  10. Oh sweet Cindy......I have one at home right now too......this is about the umpteenth time she has returned.....Oh I'm tired....!! LOL LOL

    Love that room...



  11. Hi Cindy,
    Your room is darling, thats why they don't stay away, it's lovely!! and, it's the exact shape of one of my upstairs bedrooms, when we looked at the house beafore buying, that was the exact furniture arrangement, now it's a hobby room / office...but when I see how cute it could be it makes me want a guest room!

  12. What a sweet suite! I know my princess is getting ready to get her own nest. I will be very sad and will miss her but am anxious to have the mess go!!

  13. You are so funny!!! OMG you make me laugh! I love the crack part!!
    So like I don't have to worry about my only child the only one i have leaving me forever so that it is just me and my boring husband and then we just sit around and look at each other??? Good to know!

    Anyways I love this room and love that pillow!!!!!

    I am having my Romantic Barn sale tomorrow and am totally freaking out! Actually driving my husband nuts ...I keep saying "you think people will like it? Or do I have enough stuff? Will they insult what I have done etc etc...I've been doing this for 3 weeks now...and now I am in a panick. Hope I sleep!

    Maybe I could get some of that crack lol !!
    Pamela xo

  14. SWEET CINDY!!!!!!!!!!!! I see my dear friends here, and I am honored that you have come to visit me! THANK YOU! And this bedroom is fabulous. Pink and black are so FRENCH, and anything French gets my attention!

    Have a lovely Sunday! Anita

  15. Haha! You are so funny....and uh-oh. I thought it was going to get easier when the kids got older. =) The room is beautiful, by the way! Love those beds!

  16. Hmmmmmm...Cindy, are you sure we don't have the same kids??? I can't believe how my house looks after they visit!
    You always make me laugh. And I LOVE that room.How 'bout I come and trash it for you?
    hugs from here...

  17. LOL... Everyone always thinks it's over when they turn 18, but they still have a lot of growing to do for a few years after that. At 18, they think they know it all. They still need to learn that they DON'T... LOL! I only know from being an 18-year-old once myself, not from having one... my daughters still have quite a few years to go. God help me when they're that age... LOL.
    Funny post! :)

    ~ Jo

  18. Love the European flair of this room, Cindy! And what a magnificent hooked rug, too. Just beautiful! Totally had a cringe-y laugh moment though when reading the truth behind kids not entirely leaving the nest...most of the upstairs of my parents' house still contains various belongings from me and my sisters...and my mom has owned two cats for nearly a decade that originally belonged to me and my middle sister. You nailed that aspect of being a parent right on the head! :)

  19. I definitely would have made that bargain on the beds also. Love the stripe...actually I love stripe anything...especially black and white. I feel pretty good...when I left home at 20 I never moved I wish I could but no one is alive :(

  20. LOL this was a funny post made me laff out loud. Love the room, the color, the beds, the rug and most of all your blog. So Glad I found it.


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