Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Put Up My Other Bedroom Arch, and Just For Fun, More Christmas Photos...

My other arch is up now, and i don't mind at all that the two are matchy matchy...  I really love them both... and it totally seems to help make the bedroom feel more together, and closer to finished...

...and we all know what "finished" means for us... about 5 minutes...

I touched up the "dream" over the bed... maybe i'll put white platters there instead... i tried it and it looked pretty good too, but for now, i'll wait and see....

ok, a few more christmas photos... just for fun...

...and I just love this little guy....

ok, and what i really want to add is some fresh christmas greens and silver like in these beautiful images from Pinterest...
omg this is so gorgeous...

...and i would die and go to heaven to have this little tree...

another amazing image from

the above links to my Pinterest account, but you should just go to Pinterest and play...  it's great for visual people like us

the end...


  1. Hi Cindy, I love the two arches!! If you ever tire of them, let ME know! Pretty Christmas decor and I love the brownish color candles.

  2. Hi Cindy, I love your beautiful christmas tree!! Your bedroom looks gorgeous. I love the pink tree too!!


  3. Hi Cindy,
    I love your bedroom and the arch on the other side looks just perfect. I wonder, do you make your bed everyday? It looks so perfect and so comfy. Love the romantic bedding. I admit I don't make mine everyday. You see, I don't want to disturb the cats if they are still in it! LOL! I have all this lovely bedding and it spends most of its time on the floor.

    Your tree looks so pretty. Love you home.


    I just pinned your bedroom.

  4. So beautiful! I love the little pink tulle tree at the end! Think I might have to have one!
    Hugs from here

  5. It is all Dreamy over here. I love your bed white! Your christmas tree is so enchanting...I see my tags. ox That pink tutu tree I think you could make! I dare you...tee hee. Wish I could come over for tea. I'll bring homemade choc chip scones.

  6. Your bedroom is lovely Cindy! I think white platters would look good too for a little more interest. That pink tree is yummy!~Hugs, Patti

  7. ok i love the two arches!!! yes it is fabulous, and the handpainted DREAM in the middle is so dreamy, I can't really imagine you putting up some pedestrian white plates like I could put can paint sister, and your DREAM is just dreamy.

  8. Ooooo...I love your style so much! I'm new to the blogging/home design world and you're very much an inspiration to me. My christmas is pink this year too and I love it! Thankfully my DH is sweet and lets me do whatever I want to ;)

  9. Your home is gorgeous Cindy. I just love flocked Christmas trees. When I was little I remember you could get your cut Christmas tree flocked. They sprayed it with who knows what but it was pretty. I love the tulle pink tree too. We could totally make that.


  10. girrrrrl. you done shown me my first tulle tree. seeeeeeeriously. and i thot i had been to the ends of the internet.

    and the pink is a reminder i need to do a photo shoot of ballet slippers soon. for dreamers like us, it's crack.


  11. I love your blog and sense of humor Cindy and everytime you comment on my blog I think to myself "why don't any posts from Cindy come up in my dashboard?" So I clicked on your picture and found out I hadn't followed you yet. I thought I had and you just never post or something. Oh brother. Anyway--now thats taken care of! I'm following for sure now. I love love your heavily flocked tree. Makes me wish I had gone for the full flocking on mine too. Love the "Dream" above your bed--that is just lovely. Looking forward to seeing posts from you more often now!

  12. Cindy... The tree you showed jumped out at me. My gramma and momma use to make them when I was little. I gasped when I saw yours because I'm sooo wantiing to try and making one this year.

    I'll let you know if I'm able to do it! OK?


  13. I am addicted to Pinterest when I am not working that is!!
    I love your guest room and that dream painting is wonderful! Love all the pink and that snowman is to die for!!!
    I have been working so much and we just moved last weekend...still unpacking when I am not working that is. I hope to do a post soon but you should see my laundry basket..overflowing! My poor son told me yesterday he's running out of underwear!!
    Missed visiting you and your funniness!!!
    Pamela xo

  14. Love your tree!!! It is so you. All I have is a wreath up. I'm trying to get motivated.....really.

  15. I love this color scheme for Christmas. And of course the greens are so festive. But the little pink tulle tree! SOOOO darling!!

  16. The arched windows look fabulous! And your pretty Xmas decorations are so light and soothing. Pinterest is amazing!

  17. I wondered over here from Missy's at My Cottage Charm. I must say, I love your arches!! So much, that I pinned them to my master bedroom inspiration. Thank you.

  18. I forgot to ask you about your bed skirt...LOVE THAT!!!!


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