Thursday, December 8, 2011

Front Door Wreath ... Yawn... More Pink... Plus I'm Not Giving Someone a Car for Christmas

I was given a beautiful wreath for my front door!,  So what did i put on it???  A PINK BOW OF COURSE...  

Here it is with little white lights at night... the lights look so much prettier than this photo shows... i put them on a timer so that they come on from dusk to dawn, it's so fun to drive up at night when i get home from work and see them already on...

check out these cool little napkin holders i found at the thrift shop.  they're glass and you can put water in them and real flowers in them... i thought that was so clever... probably everyone in the world already knows about these, but i didn't....

here is the house lit up at night...

as you can see i forgot to remove the pants on the hanger on the front door for the photo... actually i meant to do that... it's called the "unstaged" look...
...yeah, right...

in the above photo, propped up under the mirror,  you can  see this cool old vintage painting i found at the thrift shop 
(i'm a pathological propper upper... i prop things everywhere...)

here is a closeup, can you see the old guy walking with the sheep?
it's really aged and wonderful...
when i found it at the thrift shop, someone had marked it at $125.00!

I called them, and i said, are you people on crack!??? this is the thrift shop... ! even an antique dealer wouldn't sell it for that much!  Some very patient lady said she'd look into it...
next time i saw it it was 65.00... 
waiting.... waiting... waiting...
finally it was marked $25.00... then i bought it!

oh yeah...  a couple of weeks ago this little lady decided she wanted to be painted... her name is Isabelle...

she'll be going to my friend's shop looking for a new home...

and, Finally, to add to this random mix..

i have a bone to pick
have you seen those holiday commercials where the woman surprises her guy with a new car
or the guy has to show his love by buying his wife a 3 carat diamond?  
are they freakin kidding me!!
so, i guess we are soooo stupid and completely inadequate if we can't afford to get our loved ones this stuff for christmas

i'll be lucky if i can afford garbage bags for christmas

you know how mrfractured shows he loves me?
he thought to buy me my favorite meyers geranium dish soap when i run out, it's more expensive, but he noticed i love it..
or he warms up my car for me when it's cold outside...

so you know what i say to those commercials?
Screw you guys!  most people can't afford that stuff! or they're smart enough not to get into debt over it!

...i feel better now...

the end...


  1. Hi Cindy,

    I have to say that I really enjoy your blog! :) When I need a laugh or a smile, your posts really brighten my day! :) You have such wonderful humor - I especially LOVE your "about me" section...I can relate to that! :) lol That's actually what drew me to your site the first time I visited, and of course, when I perused some more, it did not take long for me to decide to follow along on your delightful journey! :) And even though I may not comment as much, I just want to let you know that I am always reading your awesome posts! Thanks for "being you!" :)

    Hugs & Happy Holidays! Oh, and I adore the pink door!


  2. I love your pink bow on the pink door's wreath! I love your cow paintings as I love cows. I love the fact that pants can get left on the door at somebody's house besides mine. I love the decorations and the painting you waited so patiently for the price to drop to a reasonable level. AND I love that you think like me about those lousy commercials! Honestly, in most cases, it seems to me that going out and spending a lot of money on something like a car or jewelry is a cop out. It's too easy and shows no thought. I'd much rather have a wonderful, loving relationship with my husband on a daily basis than be ignored all year and given some big deal expensive thing that I'd just end up having to pay half the debt on after the divorce. Oh wait, been there, divorced that. LOL! Rambling can be bad =:x Anyway, I always enjoy your blog and hope that you and your family have a Merry Christmas! Hugs, Leena

  3. Oh Cindy ! Say what you really mean ! Ha , I love you , I watch those commercials and think " Do people really do that ? ". I'm holding out for a rich old man ( who looks like Tom Selleck,)that will buy me all that stuff. Yeah right ! Anyway , love your blog !

  4. it looks lovely! its nice to see that i'm not the only one with a pink front door! :)

  5. Loving the pink door and wreath. AMEN Sista to the car commercials!

  6. I love your pink door. The entry looks beautiful. What a deal on the picture, although I think you could paint that yourself.... your a great artist.
    Wendy, Mrs Peeks Farmhouse

  7. So pretty Cindy...I always see things in photos that I don't notice with my own eyes before I take the picture. Your room and your front door is very the pink!~Hugs, Patti

  8. You crack me up! I think the same thing when I watch those anybody really has the money to buy that kind of stuff for Christmas...or any other time for that matter! I do spend more than normal at Christmas time, but not a car for pity sakes! I'm talking legos and hoodies! lol
    Thanks for your sweet comment about my mantle...I really do love how it turned out this year and those owl just make my insides melt! :)
    OH...and I LOVE your wreath, your new pics and ISABELLE! Oh how I wish I had your talent for painting!! (and I like that you left the pants hanging on the front door...makes us know you're normal! lol)
    Love ya lots girlie!
    Merry Christmas...and no I didn't buy you a car! bwa ha ha ha
    Missy :)

  9. I love your pink door! The painting is great and glad you got it for a decent price! I agree totally with your thoughts on commercials!!!! Sounds like you have a sweet guy!

  10. Hi Cindy!
    I love it when you tell us how you feel about crazy things that I would never think to comment about. I do notice these commercials and think to myself....yeah right, in my dreams. I think it's the little things that show love in a big way.

    Love your pink wreath and your pretty tree. At least the pants weren't on the floor! LOL!

    The picture is beautiful too. What's with these thrift shops. It seems as though they have all become appraisers and antique experts! I'm glad you got it though and at a good price.


  11. you go girl!!! I love your pink door,and your wreath.Your home looks so pretty. I love your cow picture,and i love everything you paint.
    One day your going to make a fortune on your paintings!


  12. ahhhh. pink door. the gorgeous isabelle. your living/dining areas! propping? props for that.

    dang. guess i'll just return this lexus (with pink flor mats) i was going to surprise you with this year...whatev.



  13. Can you move closer so i can break out the wine and we can just talk forever! YOu are so funny.
    Yeah I hate those commercials too!!! My man warms up my car too that is so cool!! And he make my coffee so thats just as good as a diamond right?

    I love your wreath with the pink! I did not even notice the pants on the hanger I had to squeeze my eyes to find them!!!
    That is my husbands expression"ARe you on crack?" lol! I love that painting but thrift stores here too get carried away with the pricing!!
    Love visiting you Cindy are a hoot.
    I need the laughs had a rough week!!
    Pamela xoxo

  14. haha! First off I love the door with the lights. The pink bow is perfect for the pink that painting too!! So funny you called them and told them to mark it down!! I think that is great and it ended up with you. I LOVE that cow painting. It is sooo cute with the big eyes! And now I feel guilty cuz i did get a new car last xmas!!! yay for me, cuz my hubs loves me all year long and it was my first new car since 4eva. But I get what you are saying...I had to eat my share of beans out of a can (kind of...)!! You will be famous and in your pink cadillac soon enough. I think Mr. Fractured Fairy Tale needs a vintage Woody to go with your caddy.

  15. If you liked it then you shoulda put a bow on it...(to the tune of Single Ladies)...oh wait, you did like it so you DID put a bow on it! Sorry, I'm corny like that. :)

    Your house is gorgeous and glowy in the Christmas lights, Cindy. And Isabelle is absolutely charming...and why the smack are they still airing commercials like that in this economy?!?

    P.S.--Pinch that mushroom off the tip of the candle wick until about a 1/4" remains before lighting it next time. Burns better and more efficiently that way.

  16. You can bet I stuffed some of those leftover chocolate cake scraps in my mouth! :)
    When mom gives me the recipe I'll post it on my blog for really is the BEST I've ever had! :)
    Love ya lady!

  17. Your door looks so pretty with the lights and wreath-the pink bow is perfect for it.
    I love coming home to see the lights on too!

    Take care,

  18. Oh my goodness! I found you through Cindy's "My Romantic Home." So glad I did! I love your home, love the thrift shop painting AND I love cows!! I'm your newest follower.

  19. Very pretty! I love the picture with the tree in the distance, very romantic.
    A unique style you have going Cindy.
    Merry Christmas & all the very best in 2012.
    Hugs Rosemary...xx
    P.S. My husband climbs through the swamp to fetch me berries. I'm totally contented with that.

  20. Love your thrift find I would have snatched it up at that price, but $125.00 we get crazy prices like these at out thrifts as well. I think the thrift shops are getting to smart with all us dealers and bloggers and they now think they are antique shops :)

    Love your art Cindy, and the peak into your home is like a gift :)
    Keep inspiring your beauty.

  21. Just came by to see if you had a new post up..but since you didn't, thought I'd say Merry Christmas! :)
    Missy :)

  22. Just found your pretty blog via your pretty pink door!! What a beautiful home-= home you for sharing!

  23. I think your thoughts (profile) and your creative place here, is too!

  24. You crack me up! I must have some of the same "high-pricers" running my thrift store. They do some really crazy pricing of things that they think are antique. Some woman sits in the back an looks up everything on ebay and then prices "the precious" accordingly. I get so steamed up. I actually did my own private boycott for a few weeks. I'm sure they didn't notice. I agree with you about the commercials too. I mean who gives a Mercedes for Christmas? No one I have ever known. LOL There now we all feel better!
    I think you are blessed to have such a nice husband!

  25. Love, love the cow pic, isabelle. Is this avaialble to buy?


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