Monday, December 19, 2011

Pretty Manger Scene, and a Wonky Gingerbread House...

Look at this gorgeous manger scene done up in a little cabinet at the Elegant Relic in Mebane, NC... Lacy the owner is amazing... She used this brown paper she has in rolls for sale there to line the back of the scene...  

I just wanted to buy some of the paper and run home and put it on something in my house... but i couldn't figure out where, thank god, because the rolls are big, but they also cost $50.00 big ones!

Here is a little cloche i doctored up with a Wal Mart bottle brush tree...
Why are bottle brush trees so cute?  They just are!

I pried my little white thrift shop tree out of the shed, 
( meaning i stood on a wobbly stool, reached high up on a shelf, grabbed a branch, and pulled it all on top of my head ) 
and stuffed it in a galvanized bucket, and i love it!
It's such a raggedy little tree, but the white on it is faded just right, and it looks alot prettier than this awful photo when it's lit up!

Finally my wonky little gingerbread house...

I went to a friends house the other night with the most amazing ladies in the world...
and we had a gingerbread house decorating party...

i was all into decorating my house, when the sides caved in...

anyway.... Linda, the lady hosting the party, did the sweetest thing ever 
and it really touched my heart
she waited a day or two, and she pulled it all back together and fixed it back up, 

and brought it over to my friend's shop
(which is by the way the coolest shop ever,  where i sell my paintings, and find all the good stuff in my house, like those arches in my bedroom... 
plus i manage her blog, she's on my sidebar... if you want to go visit)
 to hang out with all the other cool gingerbread houses...

Mine is a little worse for wear,... but that's ok... because i've decided the next time i make a gingerbread house, i'm bringing a drill,  gorilla glue, a blow torch and a soldering iron -

I know that's against true gingerbread house rules, but i don't care, .... 
i'm not that great with rules...

Anyway, TADA!  Here they are !

the end....


  1. Oh your little house with the pink roof and the little dog is the cutesy one of all!!! How nice that lady was to repair it for you. That is so sweet! Smiling now. And I love the white tree!!! You have the best stuff! Where is it in your house? I don't recognize that green valance!! You have been holding out.

  2. Do you know that you are one of my favorite blogs to read???? I think you and I think a lot alike.
    Who needs rules anyway? I'm always here to break husband's a retired cop and it was a well known fact that I was the biggest speeder in town. In the county, for that matter!
    I love your little gingerbread house AND your tree,(which, by the way, I identified with the whole getting it out of the shed thing)Why I can't be better at storage, I'll never know)) Isn't that what sheds are for anyway?)))
    I also love your cloche decorated with the little bottle brush tree.
    In your previous post you showed your darling front door and I have to tell ya...I love your mosaic mailbox SO much!!!!
    Have the merriest Christmas ever Lisa!!!!
    Hugs from me...

  3. shazam!

    fetch is the coolest name for a shop.

    loving the walmart brush tree and will be looking for one for myself!!! great party idea with the gingerbread houses. i haven't made one this year. i got my sis joining in a few years ago, and ya know what she did right? she took to the decorating like a pro. makes mine look like crap.

    crushin on my hands? shucks. they can't create the beauty you do but i'm trying to keep 'em open after years of making fists.

    you always make me smile, gorgeous mama.


  4. Aww Cindy, they're all wonderful, but truly I love yours the best with it's sweet character.
    Love your Christmas tree too mixed with the burlap. You've got a snazzy fashion sense gal :-)
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas, Cindy! LOVE your gingerbread houses!

  6. Hi Cindy,
    Love the bottle brush display its so pretty and the
    White tree in the bucket looks so gorgeous next to that heavenly lamp.
    I laughed so much when i read "because i've decided the next time i make a gingerbread house, i'm bringing a drill, gorilla glue, a blow torch and a soldering iron" you are too funny.
    Merry Christmas Cindy xxx

  7. Pst! Don't tell anybody but I actually like your gingerbread house the best! I like the shape of it and love the pink roof! I don't know wnyh bottle brush trees are so cute either, but like you said, they just are. Wish our Wal Mart sold them - I would have bought them out! Have a wonderful Christmas!! Ho Ho Hugs, Leena

  8. Well, I think your little gingerbread house is adorable! Of course, the pink roof just makes it that much better.

    All of your decor is so pretty!


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