Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Don't Call It "Rosebud Cottage" for Nothin!

Ok, i'm gonna bore you to complete death showing you pictures of roses blooming in my yard right now... it is just crazy there are so many rosebuds !

Last year i decided to name my house 
"Rosebud Cottage"
and i know,... 
it's kind of hokey...
I was a little embarrassed because it was such a cutesy hokey name
but i finally decided it was gonna have to be just fine

So "Rosebud Cottage" it is, and it has sure lived up to it's name this year!

 This is a rose i bought from Home Depot about 3 years ago, it cost about $7.99, and i have no idea what the name of it is... But it gets as tall as me and blooms like crazy all summer, single blooms, clusters of blooms, and no rose diseases ever bother it!
it's amazing!

 the color of this is so intense, it's really hard to photograph!

And here is good ole "New Dawn" a prolific climber !
Very old fashioned look and light sweet scent...

corner of the yard with "New Dawn"

Arbor with "New Dawn"

one more...

and just look at this precious little thing
It's a small little cluster type of rose, and i LOVE it...

I think it is called "Peach Drift"

isn't it sooo cute...
am i the only one who talks baby talk to my roses?

and of course there is big fat juicy "Eden" climbing all up over the front porch...

and finally there is sweet little "Pearly Gates"
It is a climber and is the most gorgeous soft peachy pink color when it blooms

but it is a little bit more fragile and sensitive than "New Dawn"

Isn't "Pearly Gates" a great name too...?

Ok, so a quick little story...

I have this peony,  it was at the house when we moved in 6 years ago

and every year it would get more and more blooms
till each year it was chock full of blooms
but they are this purply pink color and i don't like it,  it clashes with my other flowers
(i know, you can't believe i said it clashes with my other flowers)

anyway, last winter and spring, i would look at it and think, maybe i should dig you up and give you away,
and, i don't really care if you bloom, because i don't like your color

and, oh my gosh, last spring it didn't bloom at all, not one!!!

i felt sooooooooooooo guilty!
what a hater! 

i felt so sad that i had hurt it's feelings and damaged it
it's hard to even tell the story
So this spring, i sent it much better vibes
and softened towards it

and felt grateful for it, and appreciated it

and phew... it is blooming again!
Isn't that just so weird

it knew...

...the end...


  1. they're all beautiful, I can only imagine the heavenly fragrance!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I love your roses...they are the prettiest shades of pink. I'm hoping to have some rose bushes in my garden...that is, if I ever get a yard! Glad you talked your peony into growing again. I really love that flower but it will not grow here on the coast.


  3. Wow Cindy your roses are so beautiful it must smell amazing too!I think I would be painting lots and lots of roses looking at all that inspiration around me :-) How cool that your peony came back <3

  4. Love all the roses... they must smell just beautiful in the morning... Have a great day! ~ Vanessa

  5. LOL- Yes-that does sound a little weird...but they say you should talk to your plants so maybe just sending them death wishes works the same way! lol
    You didn't bore me at all but you did make me jealous- I lost every rose bush with this awful winter- xo Diana

  6. Cindy I love the New Dawn and Eden. I had so many roses in California but since moving to Alabama I have not planted one single rose :( it's sad because I do love them so much. Your little Peony had it's feelings hurt and decided to pout a bit, but all is good now hehe. You have such a soft heart to worry about offending your flowers :)

  7. Your roses are just beautiful! I never see too many roses photos. I am enjoying mine too. They are going crazy. I enjoyed your Peony story--I have a burgandy peony that just doesn't go with all my pinks either. Maybe I can talk it into changing it's color? I wish. I just wish everything was pink and white :)

  8. wow you do have a lot of nice roses. i see your new dawn in the yard is just left to climb whereever...i put one in last year and have yet to get an arbor for it..i was hoping it could clamber along the stone wall. But the canes are so big and strong I wonder if it does better if it climbs upright onto a structure like yours at the front arbor you have. id like to get one...just got to find the right one. xo

  9. Hi Cindy, I love your "stream of consciousness" writing! Your roses are glorious, does the Eden smell as heavenly as it looks? I spied a copy of the latest Romantic Homes in one of the photos and just want to share that my daughter (@eclaireart) photographed and wrote the picnic story on pages 80-83. Take care, Barbara.

  10. Hi Cindy, I love your "stream of consciousness" style of writing! Your roses are glorious, does the Eden smell as heavenly as it looks? I spied the latest issue of Romantic Homes in one of the photos and want to share that my daughter (@eclaireart) photographed and wrote the picnic article on pages 80-83. ( shameless mom plug). We live just down the road in Durham and Raleigh. Take care, Barbara.

  11. Great story! And fabulous roses! So pretty and profuse. I love how reliable some roses are. Love your beautiful rosebud cottage!

  12. Your roses are beautiful ! Mine are doing great this year too , I love them ! I have a Peony in my yard that I have had for three years and I don't have a clue what color it is because it has never bloomed . I'm thinking I need to move it this fall to a sunnier place . Will they not bloom if it is too shady ?

  13. Cindy ...Those are prize winning roses girl .. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM

  14. What gorgeous roses! I love Eden - such a wonderful shade of pink and so full! Weird about the peony! I guess it did hear you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful roses! Hugs, Leena

  15. Molto belle le tue rose!! Un felice week end per Te...ciao

  16. They are absolutely gorgeous! I am so jealous, because I only have about five blooms on two out of four bushes right now and one has only one large pink bloom, it is planted in a flower bed by the patio. The other has four red ones and it sits next to our carport by the mailbox. We bought our place in March and they were already here, so perhaps after I work on them with some TLC, they will perform better next year.

  17. Ammmmmmazing, Cindy! Wow! You not only have an artist's hand, but a green thumb, too! :) I am so excited to see pics of your 'New Dawn'. I planted one last summer and can hardly wait to see her fill out and start to bloom. She's a thorny one...but has such beautiful blooms!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  18. Your roses are absolutely beautiful, Cindy. I just planted 14 rose bushes this year, so even though they have bloomed, I haven't gotten very many roses, as the bushes are still pretty small. Hoping they will someday be as lovely as yours are.

  19. They are all so beautiful Cindy. I miss having roses so much, I used to have a cottage garden with over 100 roses but now I have a tiny little yard with a deck and two very sad looking standard iceberg roses in pots which seem to struggle with black spot each year. Not sure if you get that complain on roses in the USA.

    Are you going to paint some? I am still not painting, my studio not only has my mums things in it now but also my sons who has just been accepted into the RNZAF to train as a pilot. Gosh my house is a muddle :(


  20. Rose bud cottage it is....
    Cindy I need to tell you I had a dog that we named rosebud why? I am not sure but it grew on us and it seemed to fit her :)
    Your cottage is so full of roses it need not be any other name but.

    I have this friend who lives in San Louis Obispo and she lives right on the bluff of the beach well, she has 3 cats and for some reason they all sleep on the beautiful white wooded porch and the neighbor cats come everyday to nap with them, she would come home on her Sunday outings to rest her bones on the front porch and would have to move cats so she could have a seat, neighbors would often comment why do all the cats sleep Lon your porch, she always said that's because they were all shabby chic cats, with that being said she had a local sign maker post her new sign for naming her cottage and this is what she named it, she too would say I feel it might be to corny or kooky too! But, went with it and the neighbors loved that there cats too had a place to stay at the " Cat Nap Cottage"
    So as kooky as you think it is someone out there adores it and wished it was there Rosebud Cottage!

    A beautiful weekend to you my soulful beauty.


  21. i love the name ROSEBUD COTTAGE. i recall my mom loving any baby or children's apparel that had rosebuds on it, and i had to agree. there's an innocence to rosebud, and it's warm and fuzzy for me but not hokey.

    i think you need to write a song to the peony just to be sure and to shower it with love. here's a start:

    *cue melody of lionel richie's I JUST CALLED*

    i messed up, i freaked because yer purple
    i screwed up, you honestly don't clash
    i'm a jerk, but now i take it all back
    and i mean it from the bottom of my (beyotch) heart



  22. I loved all of your rose pictures, Cindy! So happy you have made peace with your Peony:) I hope we will see pix of it blooming before long, too!

    I've missed seeing you over on Pinterest, lately! Thought I better check up on you:) xoxo

  23. Oh my goodness, Cindy! They are all gorgeous! And your story about the peonies made me laugh! =)


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