Monday, May 20, 2013

Time to Stop and Smell the Roses...

All my flowers are blooming like crazy...
And instead of looking at the yard and seeing all the stuff that needs to be done... sigh...

I think for one moment it is time to just "stop and smell the roses"...

 Look at these crazy petunias...

I have mixed feelings about them, they kind of remind me of a yellow jacket
but i couldn't resist one pack of them just for fun and interest....

 this years window box...

 geraniums do great with lots of sun, but not so great when their petals get all wet and soggy... so a covered porch, or an area with a roof overhang works great!

I lucked out and found these great window boxes at Home Goods for $35.00 each
they're kind of pricey other places so i was tickled i found them
they are extra deep and it took 2 coconut liners to line the inside
but they work much better for the flowers and watering

And check out this beauty

Good old "Abraham Darby"
Old fashioned look, perfect color, great fragrance... 
what more could ya ask for?
I love this rose...

The little chrysanthemums aren't from my garden
but they look great in the house, last around 2 weeks, and so for $4.99 from Whole Foods,
they're worth it!

"Abraham Darby" in bud form

"Abraham Darby" unfurling

My climbing "Eden" rose is trying to make a show
but it has not stopped raining here for what seems like 3 months
and "Eden" is getting beat up by all the rain

Still not too shabby though!

Another cool rose in the garden
it has a cream center and pink tips 
sorry,  i don't remember her name

isn't she sweet
i want to kiss her petals

peonies blooming too...

Before i close

I want to show you a great pillow that have at "Marshalls" right now...

It's a wonderful heavyweight washable fabric, has a zipper and a down filled insert
and it's only $19.99
a pillow like that would cost $40.00 or more any place else...

At first i thought it was a little too contemporary for my house,
but i tried a couple out
and i really like them!

oh, and here's what Mr. Fracturedfairytale does if he is with me when i go shopping at antique malls

He searches out and finds the most silly hat he can find

and puts it on and poses like the underwear models you see in Sears catalogs


Oh well... I  guess it's only fair if i drag him along with me to look at vintage lace, french chairs,  and chippy painted furniture that he is not remotely interested in and that he has to haul in the house...

 I imagine asking him to go shopping with me,   would be like him asking me to sit in the house for 3 hours and watch football or golf, and even baseball on TV
I'd want to rip my eyeballs out and bang my head into the wall!

So, silly hats are allowed!

...the end...


  1. The window box looks amazing! Oh, how much I'd love to have a window box with beautiful flowers. Wishing you a great week! ~ Vanessa

  2. Such lovely photos..very pretty...with love Janice

  3. love the window boxes and the roses! they are soft in color.
    Our roses are fushia much brighter...but they also smell divine and waft into the kitchen window.
    Your Mr. has a funny sense of humor...perfect match for the artist in you!
    My Mr. is the same kids and I laugh he never takes a "normal" picture he always makes a face.

    antique malls are fun and apparently Bowler Hats! :D

  4. I love your window boxes--they look so pretty! The picture of your husband is funny. My husband would never go shopping with me!

  5. love your pretty roses and flowers! take care, Maryann ps i think the cushions look great too!

  6. Cindy...I just found your blog and after reading your profile and laughing pretty hard, I'm a follower! We are so much alike! Love your sense of humor and honesty.

    The window box is wonderful...I have two that I struggle every spring with planting. Nothing seems to flow out of it looking dainty and lacy and airy. Rather "stick up straight" and lonely looking flowers...totally wrong!! This is my year to cram every flower I know of in them and let them fight for air and water! Your flowers are just beautiful. Maybe I can get some tips from you. And the pillow is gorgeous...I need some retail therapy!


  7. Beautiful flowers Cindy! I just bought those Abraham Darby roses! Can't wait for them to bloom.They do smell amazing! Sweet photo of your husband yes I agree if he can put up with girly stuff he can try on hats :-)

  8. The window box is so pretty!!! and your roses are gorgeous!!! I LOVE the one with the pink tips on the petals.
    When Mr. Lakehouse goes shopping with me he always stands like a mannequin as I walk by him...gosh, he's such a big nerd!! Oh well, he's the one with the charge I like bringing him along.
    Enjoy your week, pretty lady.

  9. ha!

    love the new pillows, and the flower box looks gorgeous and lush! mine take all summer to even come close to looking that full. i am getting tired just thinking of the work involved with mine and am letting myself get started a little later in the season. i think the neighbors will survive, yes?

    i cannot bear to watch too much golf on tv, but i'm super lucky that my husband is crazy about furniture so he is happy to shop for it. in fact, it's me who is frugal and has to pull on the reins when it comes to buying that kinda stuff (or any kinda stuff for that matter).

    thanks for so many kind comments and your support which comes through my screen like heavenly light.



  10. Hi Cindy, your Mr. Is Mr. Wonderful for indulging your shopping trip. Plus I love his style, dose he have a brother? Signal of course :))

    Your garden is in full bloom beauty, your talents go far beyond the paints and brushes, your canvas in the garden show the passion for taking time to truly smell the roses :))

    See you soon Cindy,
    Have a beautiful week.


  11. Your roses are so beautiful! I love your window box filled with all those beautiful flowers.


  12. are soooo lucky that your Mister even steps INTO a mall with you, Cindy! :) I don't think mine ever has! lol Love the way that your Mister poses for you, though. What a riot! :)

    I adore your nice, big, full windowbox. Soooo beautiful! And be still my soul over Abraham Darby! What a gorgeous rose! You must have TWO green thumbs, girl! lol What do you use for fertilizer?

    xoxo laurie

  13. Oh Cindy girl! You are say to kind with words when you visit me but, I sure do love hearing from you. You make me feel like I can only create the best when I am working on a new project. The arm chair was a decision due to the fact I too hate when I see grungy arm pads or tattered when there not supposed to be.
    Not to mention I was a bit lazy when it came to covering them ...yikes!
    I also took a close look at the arms after I stripped of the dark and painted 50 shades of grey to it with aged whites and some dark glaze in the creases. It was then I looked at the stapled arms where so many staple holes were for stapling down the fabric to the arm and the layers of paint to it and all the distressed sanding added the right kind of soul to this chair, it was then I fell in love with its naked arms.

    Do share your chair when you are done I would love to see how I might have inspired you to go naked. Lol!

    Lots of love, inspiring a beautiful weekend and a June that much better.


  14. Hi Cindy,
    Your Mr. would make shopping a lot of fun, sweet:-) Your garden blooms are fabulous, we are soaking wet too.... Oh those roses, perfect!!! Love the windowbox, I have one but it is in the shade, so it's never pretty like yours! My favorite part... stopping to smell the roses, I struggle with that too, the to-do list in my head is endless. It's gonna be my summer motto too :-)


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