Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Little Yellow, A Little Pink, and Stormy Skies...

A new painting...

I love doing atmospheric paintings like this...

so funny... but i started this painting right before the tornadoes that hit Oklahoma

I've done a few skyscapes

painting them involves big swoopy strokes, and soft whispy watery colors

and a different kind of energy and emotion
it's almost like the whole body is involved with the painting

One of my favorite all time paintings is of this tornado

I painted this many years ago

and this one too...

I stopped painting tornadoes, because, well,... who's really going to buy them?!  
Not many people want a painting of a tornado in their home

I've had people ask me why i would want to paint tornadoes because they are dark and scary

Then recently i was at one of several galleries in my little town on a Friday night Art Walk , and they were featuring a new artist...

His work is amazing, photos don't do it justice

His paintings sell for around $8000.00 !

His name is Larry Gray
he does lots of moody, stormy skyscapes

and i am enchanted by his work

see the similarities!?

I mean, mine aren't the same really,

but in many ways, it's a similar concept

just goes to show you, that when you do something from more of a spiritual -  life energy place - a place that feels right to you...

you shouldn't doubt yourself so much


Ok, enough about tornadoes and paintings!

Lets look at some pretty stuff!

how much do i love this little cluster rose...
let me count the ways...

found another great pillow at Marshalls

it's the prettiest shade of yellow with a little white bird on it, and down filled insert

I love the yellow in the mix with the pinks and whites
it's such a happy color!

and check out this wooondderful vintage pink chippy door that's at the cutest little shop ever called "Nest"   in Mebane, NC 

and finally, i'll end this post by going back to one last skyscape
I did this one right before 911

Later it occurred to me that it looked a little like the plume of smoke from the world trade center

but in this painting, the stormy cloud is dissapating and a bright star appears as a guide...


last night i was sitting outside on my little patio dealing with some troubling thoughts 

just me, with the glow from the patio lights, the mosquitos, 
the stars,  and my bud lite...

and the soft night air was the perfect combination of humidity and warmth and scented with all manner of green things, and mulch and loamy soil

and then for just a few moments the scent of gardenias appeared in the air and floated all around me

 lingering there just long enough to slowly breathe it in over and over until i felt like my whole being was infused with gardenias

and then the scent slowly just dissipated
...and was gone

it was wonderful

...the end...


  1. Oh how I love to visit here and listen to you weave your stories, Cindy. :) Your paintings continue to amaze me, my talented friend! And I love picturing you sitting outside in the warm summer night with beer in hand inhaling the evening sweetness.... ♥

    xoxo laurie

  2. Cindy- I guess I forgot what an amazing artist you are. The energy in your paintings just comes to life with each brush stroke. That painting before 911 is amazing and so are the tornado ones. I really love them. Your roses are beautiful, too, in a whole different way- xo Diana

  3. Am I really first to comment? Yay me! Cindy, I think your tornado paintings are wonderful. Tornados are really a force of nature and yes, a destructive one at that, but in those moments when they are forming and haven't yet touched down to do any damage, they can be quite beautiful and we can really appreciate (and fear) Mother Nature. I think your paintints are much more detailed and beautiful than those others that sell for $8,000, I'd much rather prefer to have yours in my home! I am especially in love with the last one with the star. So beautiful. Are you considering selling that as a giglee?

    Best to you,


  4. Cindy, I love the second painting and the last one! I don't know whether you are seeing into the future or a great observer, but you paint what your heart sees and I'm a big fan of your work. I also love your living room. Can I come over for tea some time?

  5. I love your stormy paintings--I don't think of them as dark and depressing--more like reminding me of the awesome power of Mother nature. Of course--I am lucky living in Oregon I don't actually experience that awesome power very often, other than the occasional volcano :)

    I also so enjoyed that Gardenia story--maybe a gaurdian angel blew the scent your way. Star Jasmine is blooming outside our patio door--so thankful the previous owners planted it there. Some people are smart :)

  6. Seriously, why aren't YOUR paintings selling for $8000.00?! You are and amazing and wonderfully talented artist! I love looking at your work and reading your blog!

  7. Cindy, I think anything you paint is just gorgeous! Living in Texas, I wouldn't ever purchase a tornado picture, but it's intriguing to look at them in a painting!

    I totally get what you mean about "smells"! I love it when we are at the ranch, and at dusk we hop on the Gator and take a tour of the cows, trees, ponds, whatever... I love to close my eyes and just take in all the wonderful smells mixed together. It's heavenly....your evening on the porch, sounded so calming and lovely, almost felt as tho I were there myself (but I'd probably have a Miller lite, haha) ~❥

  8. I love tornadoes. I've been through 2 of them, small ones thank goodness. You did great! I would think a storm chaser would buy one in a heartbeat. Haha

    Take care~


  9. You've captured a perfect summer moment on your porch! I love summer so much that it just grips me like this on occasion. I find your tornado paintings beautiful and full of drama.

  10. Cindy, I'm sorry I've been MIA.. this month has been very busy and I still have company until next week. I'm partied out! The tornado painting is beautiful and is kinda like a restless sea painting.. stirring lots of emotion and color combinations that are exquisite. It's fun to see pics of your home! Love everything you've done and your new pillows look so pretty. Have a great week ahead!


  11. I love your skyscapes they are fabulous. I have actually taken photos of clouds before but never actually painted them. There is also another artist who paints huge canvases of flowers and he paints amazing abstracts too that sort of look like skyscapes but they are like swirling smoke, he does amazing landscapes too, I will email you some links to his work as I know you will feel inspired and may paint some more skypscapes.

    Lee ;)

  12. I think your tornado paintings are beautiful! I would absolutely buy them. Even though they are storms they have a restful quality to them and are somehow soothing to look at. Different as well.
    Really enjoy your lovely blog,
    Tracy M.

  13. no idea why i am just landing on this post now. keep popping over to see what is new in your world and discovered this. if tornadoes are what show up on the canvas then you should paint them. just follow it up with a lamb or a rose that will sell, right. i love your skyscapes and wish i could capture the wispy splendor like you do. when i do paint, it's with no emotion. no music in the background or chirping birds. it's just me and light and colors in my brain. no idea what abstract will form on the canvas, just a hope that i'll be able to bring some balance to it. it's how i write too. i write and begin to discover, not the other way around. thinking of you and hugs.



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