Monday, June 17, 2013

I FINALLY Got My Chairs Covered !

Finally, finally had these two chairs recovered!

i need to get Amy from Maison Decor to advice me on the paint finish on this girl, it needs a little work and she knows EVERYTHING  about creating a beautiful patina with painted pieces and Annie Sloan paint!


 I have had them for years, and i have draped fabric on them...
  glued fabric on them...

but never was able to get them recovered
until my friend told me she could have it done for me for around $50.00 each!
i probably wasn't supposed to tell anyone that...ooops

I was like oh heck yeah!

Of course then i had to decide on a fabric to cover them in and not be all indecisive because i wanted to jump on this chance to have them finally done!

Ok, so let's just say, that was the second hurdle.

How does one decide on a  fabric when there are 18 gagillion possible fabric combinations to choose from!!!?

I have always loved buffalo gingham check

like this...

probably one of my all time favorite dining rooms ever...

wish i could find a less blurry photo 

ok, here's a better shot

isn't it just so completely to die for charming!
her using buffalo check again

anyway, i didn't have any taupe buffalo check so i just needed to get over it and move on!
 But it just so happened that i had a few scraps of one of my favorite toiles in the world

'Covington Bosporus'

and a sweet lady i know at the local fabric store got in some linen and saved a little for me...

So that was that
like it or not
i was going with that combination dadgumit!
no more indecision!

and i think they turned out pretty cute...

Maybe one day if i find some great taupe buffalo check fabric,
 i can have a big feather stuffed cushion custom make for the seat...
wouldn't that be cool!
(will she ever ever be satisfied!???)

...the end...


  1. I might have lost my mind...did i not give you any advice on the finish? I cannot remember anything anymore. Regardless they look amazing and so adorable but in a chic rustic way...not too cute, not too dull or boring~they are perfect! I love Jonis chairs too.

  2. hahah. I just reread this...yo are GOING to get advice....thank the Lord I have not lost my entire mind. I will think on these chairs...have a few ideas.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing this story! I have two chairs like yours without arms that go around my breakfast table, along side two kooboo wicker chairs. I have been struggling with what to put on them for several years now. I painted and distressed them once, but that color no longer will work in our new kitchen. So this past weekend I started refinishing them again and finally decided to take off the old fabric and see if I could reupholster them too...HA HA HA! Not! I will paint them only and take them to a place I know here in Austin for the hard part. The funny thing is I decided to put the same buffalo check on them mixed with a Waverly toile, lol.

    Your chair looks so cute and you have inspired me to use more than one fabric and FINISH this long overdue project!

  4. Still traveling but wanted to pop in and say Hi! Gorgeous work-those chairs- xo Diana

  5. Okay I'm back! Twice in one day! Whoopee! LOVE your chairs. Great fabric. ANd I agree with you on that soft buffalo check in that dining room and all the other softening things. Fabulous price too! okay.

  6. the chairs look great!! although i agree, that big buffalo check would be great might find the check sometime and have to change them again...after all isn't that what us girlies do? change is fun.
    have a good week, dear.

  7. Great job redoing your chair, I love the fabric you used!

  8. Your friend did a wonderful job!Wow so pretty love the fabric too! Yes Amy is the girl if you want to know how to do a special finish she is the queen :-)

  9. sweeeeeeeet, cindy! i am in love with that buffalo check at joni's as well, and it is expensive stuff. i'll keep my eyes open. in the mean time, the chairs look great dressed in their new duds!


  10. Just's fun to change things up!

  11. Love,love,love it Cindy!!! I LOVE toile and this is so pretty! It is going to be perfect in your beautiful home. I also loved the painting in your last post. I ALWAYS love seeing your artwork. It is AMAZING!!!
    sending big hugs...

  12. Whoa...your chairs look really nice! I like that you used a combination of fabric on them.
    Great job!!

  13. Your chairs turned out so beautifully Cindy, that toile fabric is gorgeous and goes perfectly with the linen. I wish my chairs were cushioned, they're as hard as a rock!!! I need to figure out some way to add cushions to them.

  14. Hi Cindy, i refinished m'y French chair from dark wood to now layers of whites, Gray and aged glaze look, I just love my French chair and you will fall so InLove with yours when you see how many places you will be able to mix it in.

    I have to mention the original paint I rather like its old paint with its natural paint Chips in it. I would live with a bit, see if it grows on you, you might find out how much you love it just like it is.

    Thank you for your visit taking the time to leave a comment is even better :)

    Beautiful inspiration to you.


  15. Your chairs look beautiful Cindy. That toile is my all time kitchen chairs are covered in the same. Very pretty.


  16. Your items are beautiful on your etsy! Your blog is lovely too.

  17. The chair looks fabulous Cindy, I love the pleating/piping along the front edge it is really unusual. Re the buffalo checks, I have very similar in my roman blinds in my bedroom.

    Now off to look at your latest painting.

    Have a lovely week

    Lee :)

  18. Your fabric combination is gorgeous, Cindy!

  19. Your fabric combination is gorgeous, Cindy!

  20. Gorgeous! Love them!! I am in love with gingham/buffalo checks too....but I think these are perfect!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  21. Hi Cindy,

    I just love your chairs! The combination of the toile and linen go nicely together.

  22. So pretty Cindy! I agree, the buffalo gingham check is so pretty (her home is gorgeous!). I can't believe the price you paid to have your chairs done. What a deal and SO worth it! I'm sure you will be happy with them for years to come.


  23. Hi Cindy, I had to get back over here to let you know I am thinking of you:)
    As for the chair have you painted it? And if not I would leave it as is. Just something about original chippy, and flaws that cannot be reproduced with new paint no matter how great of a painter we are. I never find those perfectly painted pieces that I can leave as is...darn!
    And then I am forced to paint to make old Yikes!
    So if you have not painted it yet, do you think you could live with its own beauty, I know I sure could.

    Lots of love to you my sweet friend.

  24. Hey!!! where are you girl? I keep coming over to visit...but you aren't home. Hope you are okay, and enjoying your summer.
    Peace out!


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