Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Little Desk That Could...

I found this little old beat up desk at Le' Dump one day, and stuffed it in my car... I fell for it's cute little chippy feet...

Here are it's many incarnations...

This is the way it was when i found it...

i almost didn't want to paint over all that frayed and chipped veneer... i kinda liked her raggedy little self

but, of course i did

Here it is painted in all blue...

and here it is today...

I now have the greatest respect for anyone who can take a good photo for their blog...

I probably took 40 photos of this desk...
they looked just FINE when i was taking them

but when i'd download them at look at the pictures, the first thing i noticed was that ALL the handles were crooked, just pure plain crooked !  
Is my brain processing crooked things as straight?? i don't know!

So i fixed all the crooked handles, i thought..


and then i took more photos, you know climbing around on the floor, moving all the messes out of the picture..., getting up and down...

and then i saw that there were 4,000 cords showing up behind the basket in the photo!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAH !!!!
I did not see those cords before...
So back to the iphone, and crawling around on the floor etc... moving crap outta the way... 

you'll see the cords in the photo below... 

then i noticed the middle handle is crooked !!!!!
are you freakin kidding me!

The hell with it... i don't care..

because this is the story of the "Little Desk That Could" 
and how she got saved from le' dump

...  here she is, cords,  crooked handle and all...
... and i've accepted it, i'm not a detail person...

...the end...


  1. you are crazyfunny. crooked is fine. i mean even a crooked smile is still a smile! i am getting better at the photo taking and for me it's all about the light. if the natural light aint working then that means editing, and i have no time for that!

    i love free furniture cuz then i have the guts to experiment with paint!


  2. I love your little desk all painted and pretty and she does have the cutest feet! You found a great piece. I so enjoy reading your posts and always smile or laugh!

  3. Hi Cindy,
    You crack me up. You start out very serious and then proceed to point out details I think your photos look fine but I know exactly what you mean. DO THESE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT WE GO THROUGH TO GET A DECENT PHOTO!!!
    BTW, I love the sweet desk. You did a great job on it.


  4. You are so funny.I LOVE that desk.If you did not live so far I would come over and take it off your hands that is ;-) .That color looks fab.Oh those darn cords honestly.Can't we just make some lamps with no cords.What century are we living in anyway?

  5. I love the 2 tone. I have seen several 2 tone things I like now..I need to try it myself. You crack me up--taking pictures for our blog does make us notice things that are crooked or whatever:) I have a thing about cords--I hate them. I find ever way possible to have no cords showing. Thanks for sharing your desk:)

  6. Thank you for that belly laugh, Cindy! I hate taking photos--it's a lot of freakin' work to arrange everything. And like you, I *always* miss something.

    What a gorgeous little desk in all her incarnations. Now, tell me, which dump are you going to to find all this fabulous furniture? The dump closest to my house has hawks for attendants and they won't let you near the furniture dumpster to fish anything out!

  7. cindy u still made me laugh out loud but from what i understanf very artsy people can't see the crooked handle or cor4dsw b/c it becomes part of the whole deal,the big picture when r we goin to start painting? im starting to buy the dollar brushes u told us about besides with all ur painting talent who cares if u take great pictures...just sayin,susan friday.allen@gmail i got ur message yes this is my email address

  8. Ha! I have the same exact picture taking skills!
    And Eye of Discernment once the photo is posted for everyone!

    I love the little desk-- were those feet attached after the desk was constructed? Did you attach them? Or can you tell if they are part of the original design?
    I think I will keep this idea in my file (brain) because I too am in love with the feet on this desk...and the color is dreamy.

    it's beauty--

  9. You just crack me up!!! Thanx, I needed that.

  10. Love the Desk!!! You are tooooooooooooooo much!!!! lol

  11. She has such beautiful details too! It's amazing all the things that show up AFTER you've taken all the pictures! Good job after all. And your little desk is a beauty!

  12. Hi Cindy, I think your photos are beautiful. I know what you mean though crawling around on the floor, getting up and down, trying to get the pictures just right. I usually have to take a lot of pictures just to get a few goods ones! I love your find and love the color you painted it, it's really pretty! I do have to say your really funny, you had me laughing especially when I got to the part about the cords.
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  13. She is a cute thing for sure.
    Your cords and crooked things and floor crawling gave me a much needed chuckle...thanks!

  14. You're a hoot...that's all, just a hoot! :) I adore your little dump desk...people kill me with what they throw away! I like that blue color a lot...and I really like those crooked little handles. Someone wise lady once told me that perfection is over-rated. ;-) Wonder who that would have been?! :)
    Love YOU!

  15. Your desk looks great! You are so much fun.
    So will you be painting any herbs?
    Hugs Rosemary...xo

  16. Ha ha! I go through the same process when taking photos. Your desk is adorable, crooked handle and all!

  17. Just beautiful! Finding something free seems to allow all sorts of incarnations. May I the white chair covered in custom slip covers or did you purchase a generic? Looks soooo nice!


  18. And that's about how the picture taking goes - very funny really. Thanks for being real. I love that desk and your story! I would love if you could come by and link it up to my Creative Inspirations linky party happening now!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  19. love that little desk, it looks like it came out of a movie set. so pretty~the first thing I noticed was the flouncy feet! So darling~ as far as the picture taking, I always see the errors so clearly once it is up on the monitor. But never notice while I am snapping away.

  20. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAAA!! You are real, and that's what attracted me to your blog, Cindy. I have a little point and shoot attachments, or extras. What you see, is what you get.
    Your desk is sooo cute, and her feet are very unique. NOTHING in my house is flawless..but that's what gives it character(that's what I keep telling myself.)
    I think I'll take a trip to Le Dump tomorrow, and see what I can find. I'll tell them Cindy sent me.

  21. Cindy I LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful desk! Beautiful!!!
    I also LOVED the post before this when you showed your amazing painting and the process. Creating is a messy business isn't it??? But who cares, when the end result is something as gorgeous as that!
    hugs from here...

  22. Hey girlfriend! I can't wait to get my window seat done either...I want to go sit on it and soak up the morning rays of sunshine! :) My Ikea bookcases are just about perfect for the spot..I'll have to put in a few little spacers, but that's MUCH easier than building shelves and doors with glass! :)
    Hope all is well in your lovely land of art!
    Love YOU!

  23. Hahaha! Too funny. Taking pictures is such a pain, isn't it? I always love reading your commentary! And the desk is darling.

  24. Not sure if my last comment went through or not. I always LOVE reading your commentary! Haha! And the desk is darling.

  25. What a fun post- you make me laugh!! I hear you on the photos- did you know that the other day while I was photographing the little bathroom- I took around 225 pictures- to get 15 to share on the blog. That's how many didn't work out for whatever reason! lol! Anyway- the desk is darling- love the colors and love your shabby chair too! Sharing at this weeks party~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  26. She's a beautiful desk , crooked handles or not . I do that , just don't notice things I see everyday untill I take a photo of it.
    I never find free stuff ,people don't put stuff out at the curb here , or even put it in the dump unless it is really destroyed .I would love it if I lived someplace where they put unwanted stuff out on the curb . I'd be out there looking all the time .

  27. I am swooning over that huge piece you just got in....ohhhhhhh SWOON!!!!!

    You did a fabulous job on that desk!!

    Happy Wednesday!


  28. I'm so glad someone else finds the picture taking part a royal pain! Congrats on your feature and joining you now! ~ Maureen

  29. LOL...Cindy your desk is the "feet" on it and they go perfectly with any crooked handles you may see! I feel your photo frustration...I had the same problem with my Christmas Tree this past year...I took wonderful pictures only to upload them to see that my tree was "seriously" tilting!!! We notice more than anyone else would with regards to our pictures...always our own worse critic. The smart gal knows when to throw her hands up in the air and "What the Hay"! You're a smart gal!!! And I now have to follow your adventures...not only b/c of your wonderful project but also b/c you made me laugh!!!

  30. Hi Cindy! I just found your blog today. So Cute! I LOVE the feet on this vanity, and you did an awesome job painting and photographing! I also have a newbie blog, and find all the widgets etc. challenging...come over a check me out!

  31. Bad photographers unite! I feel the same way...just too lazy to learn I guess. Can't be good at everything:). Love the chest and those cute little feet!


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