Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just For Fun...

Ok, just for fun, 

 - and  since i have nothing else interesting to talk about right now- 

let me go back and do a little before and after of part of my living room... mainly the sofa and chairs
 I mean it's not Fabulous, Amazing , Shocking, like some i've seen... but it's better!

I'll start with an after photo, so people's eyeballs won't break when they see the picture on the blog post...

sofa before, bought on craigs list

Living room before with random cool vintage sofas
and ginormous vintage rug that weighs a thousand pounds that i grabbed at the Le recyling centre
(the dump)

sofa after slipcover with blue pillow...'
and a couple of great lamps from TJ Maxx

sofa after with flowers behind it....
here the walls are the original kinda yellowy color, i lightened them to "canvas natural" by Ralph Lauren
and decided the faux flowers were too much, even though i kinda liked them...

sofa after with plates all around the mirror...
cute, but it got a little annoying after a while... seemed like too much

as you can see, i'm constantly changing the pillows... and the stuff on the sofa table

one more...

sofa now with just 3 plates over the top

a few more befores...


notice i white washed the gold mirror 

chairy before...

chairy after slipcover...

Chairs before slipcovers...
sofa looking messy with throw on the middle because kids are home and they like to eat things like pizza and chocolate stuff while they sit on it...


chairs after...

So it all was a process, still ongoing..

I guess one of the best changes was lightening the walls and painting the living, dining room and kitchen all the same color

i added a seagrass rug from ikea, it's GREAT and was not that expensive

adding lots of mirrors everywhere!  I'm sure any decorator would say i have too many mirrors, but i don't care... they're cheap and you can fix them up!

finding that square coffee table on craigslist, it was dark wood, and I painted white and distressed it...  

the rest, the mantel and the coffee table and little stuff gets switched around all the time!

But the very best thing i spent my money on, 
and believe me.. i don't have much money, so it was a splurge
were the slipcovers...
I love my white sofa and chairs

I guess if i had to choose between something practical like new tires so i could drive safely to work,
and slipcovering a cool old chair

i would just drive a little slower... ;)

so total cost over a couple of years
well, lets add it up!

paint  around $50.00
sofa craigs list $75.00
sofa fabric $150.00
sofa slipcover $400.00
one chair thrift shop $19.99
other matching chair free
chair slipcovers for two chairs $250.00 each  $500.00
fabric for chairs $100.00
lamps TJ Maxx around $40.00
rug ikea around $140.00
random mirrors $150.00
craigs list coffee table $75.00

Holy Crap!  
did I spend that much!  That's alot! at least for me!
but to redo a whole living room, maybe that's not too bad
and i had to save up each time for the slipcovers...

you could actually go to Ikea and buy two really cute white slipcovered Ectorp chairs for around $250.00 each
but i couldn't get to Ikea

anyway, i've never really added all this up before the post, so while i recover from trying to show you a thrifty makeover that wasn't really that particularly thrifty
let me end with these gorgeous pink flowers from Pinterest after boring you with another rendition of my living room...

wouldn't this make a cool painting done on a really big canvas!!!?

ok, when i "previewed" this post, some of my fonts were all BIG and wacky... the only thing i really typed in extra large was the 
"HOLY CRAP"  part
so if it looks like i'm yelling stuff with big fonts,... sorry guys, i have no idea why that is going on!

...the end...


  1. You have done a marvelous job with your home!! I have always loved before and after photos because they show what can be done at a reasonable price and with lots of creativity! Your house speaks CHARM!

  2. I love a decorating post that makes me laugh!

    Your living room is beautiful, and I don't think $1699 to buy all the furniture, lamps, mirros, rug, etc. is bad at all.

  3. Love your family room photos.And the after is so finished looking.I am in the process of a big change.It will take some time because I am on a budget too.As I go along I am making some temporary changes until I can do a big change.I need light in here.I was going really dark.Love that mirror/door in the corner.The flowers are lovely too.

  4. Wow I think it all looks like money well spent! And that is being thrifty, cuz the bulk of your money was spent on the labor for the slipcovers and the fabric to make them. Labor is expensive for a job well done~and she did a great job on those slips. I think the room looks so inviting! Its funny to me that you only have one painting in there though~I would think you would have one of your pieces over your sofa, center stage!

  5. Wow, I think your redo looks GREAT!!! Love all the beautiful changes you made. The white slipcovers make a huge difference! :) Happy February to you!


  6. The slipcovers were worth it. They look great and well made. To buy a new couch and two cushy side chairs could easily be double your grand total!

  7. i love how the room has evolved over time. the mirror's transformation is incredible, pretty lady. omg i bet you were so thrilled to see that result as you white-i-fied it.

    and do i spy a white electric guitar as well? cool & so rock and roll. we have them around too since there is a screamo guitarist in the family. this guitarist is a natural blonde who dyed his hair silver this week (have only seen a picture and it looked light pink but he says it takes on the colors of his surroundings). this is kinda funny since my kids have never 'blended.'


  8. Isn't amazing what slipcovers can do for a room ? When I bought mine it cost me around
    $470.00 including the fabric , which isn't bad I guess , but it took them 7 months to make it . Oh I so wish there was an Ikea anywhere simi close to me , I would love a couple of their slipcovered chairs. I love your room ! It looks great !

  9. Wow, what a beautiful change! So what if it was a couple bucks, it looks amazing so, well worth it ;) Very Pretty!!

  10. LOL Too funny:) But can I tell you, your room is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Wow, what a transformation! It is amazing what paint, slipcovers and a gazillion (trust me on the pillows) pillows can do:)Your room is beautiful and sooooo cozy:)
    ~Debra xxx

  11. It looks FABULOUS ! Really, it does. And YES do a really large painting of one flower. Patty/BC

  12. Hi Cindy,
    Holly Crap! I love your livingroom. You made a wonderful transformation over time and I can't wait to see what it will look like next week! LOL!

    We are never happy are we....but change is good, right? right?

    Oh by the way, you won my giveaway. Send me your address.


  13. Love how you made it your own. You designing was perfect!!

  14. Big difference Cindy! Amazing what slipcovers can do! I am still on the fence on what to do about my sofa and chair. The price of slips holds me back. I could buy a leather sofa so all the dog hairs don't stick to it like glue but it's on the list of things to "think about later" You really did a great job on the living room!~Hugs, Patti

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  16. Wow...what a transformation! Your seamstress did a wonderful job on your slipcovers...your chairs look just like Lauren Ross's in the photo on your sidebar. I love the old door with the oval mirror in the corner and the toile fabric found on your pillows and at your window (I have the same fabric!). The only thing I don't get is why the heck :) you don't have more of your fabulous paintings in the room? If I could paint like you I would paint something to go behind the couch...even though the mirror is beautiful.

  17. Just found your blog through Sissy. Wow what a transformation...your room is gorgeous. I wish I were that daring and talented. Hubby would probably never go for an all white room and I would miss my love of color, but your white is just breathtaking! Hope you are enjoying the fruits of your labor...and for $1000+ I think it's a real bargain.

  18. Oh my gosh, where have you been?! I just found you via Sissy. I LOVE your blog, your style, and your humor.
    I decorate with white also, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
    Your living room is GORGEOUS!!! You can NEVER have too many mirrors..well, that's what I think, anyway. If a decorator ever came to my house it would be considered a "fun house" because of all the mirrors.
    The flowers behind your sofa really looked pretty. Since I'm a former florist, I like seeing flowers used in a room. Gives a romantic touch. Plus the taller lamps on the end tables lend an elegant feel.
    I enjoy the sisal rug we found at Ikea, also. Ours is under the farm table in the dining room. Our new puppy loves it too. Seems to help him with cutting his new teeth!!!grrrrr.
    I will be back...looking forward to your next post.

  19. All that white really unifies things, and makes a beautiful difference. I wish I could find someone to make slipcovers, and I know it would cost much more than yours! I think you did very well. And I like the different ways you've done your room. Mine changes all the time.

  20. Very pretty and feminine! Love all the pink ;)


  21. Your posts are so much fun to read--you never lose my attention with your humor and honesty. I love your livingroom--it looks nothing like the before. Amazing! I don't think you can ever have to many mirrors..though I avoid them since there are days when I don't even get out of my P.J.'s or do my hair--much less make up. I don't even like having to look at that:)It is not that I lay around all day or anything--its just taking care of kids, doing crafts and cleaning house doesn't seem to need any "getting ready" . Anyway--love your livingroom and the money you spent was oh so worth it!

  22. Oh forgot to say--congrats on winning Sissie's giveaway! Lucky you!

  23. Visiting from Sissy's congratulations...Holy Crap, your living room is gorgeous!!


  24. I came over from Sissie's place to say congrats. Beautiful "afters"! Have a great day. Tammy

  25. HOLY CRAP! hahaha Love your humour Cindy ;) xx
    Your room was worth every penny or cent? and its a lot of money to me looks really beautiful and your slip covers look amazing,they are soooooo ruffly and they really work with seagrass rug,love mirrors! we have loads they bounce light around.
    Thank you for the tour before and after xxx

  26. Oh I could just curl up on that sofa and never leave. Opps, I havent been invited so I will be back to visit your blog, it is a delight.

  27. fabulous makeover!!! However I must admit I do like your old beige sofa as well, it looks to have good bones, I would mind havin' her ;)

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  31. fabulous makeover!!! However I must admit I do like your old beige sofa as well, it looks to have good bones, I would mind havin' her ;)

    ps. i have had an awful hard time leaving comments lately, don't know what im doing wrong?

  32. Hey guys, blogger is being a pain lately when people try to comment, so if your comment appears to get lost or not post, and you comment again, it will still post both your comments... and it makes a person look like an idiot... i know, because it's happened to me! i think if you use google chrome as your browser that doesn't happen, although, i don't like being bossed into using google chrome either! So, anyway, if you see "comment removed by blog administrator" it's only because it's the same comment, not because someone said something bad!
    Thanks to all you sweethearts for the support and sweet comments... you're truly the best!


  33. The room looks great and I LOVE the slipcovers!!
    Can you share where you got them?

  34. Cindy you just keep me laughing! (drive slower---that would so be me) Isn't it crazy what slipcovers do for furniture? I had to wash all mine the other day so it was a huge shock seeing my red sofa and green chair all naked without their pretty white slips on.

  35. Oh I love coming over here!!! I love love what you did and it was worth every penny!! I want to slip cover my two chairs sooo badly but have to wait right now. I love the how the slip cover on your sofa is all swinging like a flirty skirt!! I love that it is not all straight down and perfect...I love the swingy effect and that is what i want. I hate perfect lined things.
    The colours are perfect and love the seagrass rug!
    Pamela xo

  36. What a beautiful evolution, Cindy! Well worth the investment. :)

  37. Hey sweet girl! :) You're very close with saying my drawers are going to be a bench...they're gonna be a window seat...with some added spunk. :) lol
    Your living room is like my's gone through a LOT of transformations! Your slipcovers were worth every cent you spend on them..they made the room! (no wonder you were upset when you got a stain on them!!) Glad it came out! ;-)
    Have a great day my sweet friend!

  38. Wow Cindy... what an amazing different that made in that room! Love it! So much light now.... where did you buy the covers? There are so pretty


  39. You are so funny Cindy! I always enjoy my stop at your blog. Love the evolution of your room. Love the white slip covers. I guess decor tweaking is better than the other kind of tweaking. lol.


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