Friday, February 10, 2012

Blogger, Followers, Random Stuff, and a Touch of Hoarding...

So... What's the deal with blogger, and us maybe losing our followers???
Probably better ask someone smarter than me!

What i am hearing is that we may loose some of our followers as of March 1st because of some random weird thing where Blogger won't support the Friend Connect "followers" that don't use Blogger... or something like that???!!  

I don't even know what i just said
much less act on the whole thing.
I don't know about you guys, but i really really like my followers and the people i follow and i don't want to lose them!  
So, now you have to add different ways for some of your followers to continue to "follow" you, and for you to "follow" them...
Just kill me... 
I think i just said some version of "follow" like 50 times!

I thought the followers/friend thing was just a part of the blogger program, i didn't know it was called Google Friend Connect...
is it me??? 
should i just be knitting in a corner somewhere?

So, from what i've discovered ... if you add this "Networked Blog" program, everyone can continue to follow you... 
 and i guess you should ask your followers to follow you on that too????

Anyway, i added it to my blog, and if you still want to follow me, maybe you should follow in both places???

here is a good explanation of what this is about, thank you Marty!

here's the link i used to explain how to add it to my blog

i guess now i will follow my bloggers on both thingys too, i've been mostly ignoring the other follower gadget, 
but not anymore!

Ok, so now i'll stop fussing, and show pictures of random stuff, just to prove once and for all how ADD i am if you ever had any doubt
Let's start with this pretty little hat, that i just plopped on a lampshade... pink is always a good way to start a post!

in front is a vintage chandy that needs to be rewired
it's all rusty and i like it even if it's broken

now i'm gonna show you the cutest cup in the world
it's official
i ordered 4 of these online from ebay, and two arrived broken..
oh well... i still have two

ok, so can you tell i don't have anything really interesting to talk about or show you 
because i've spent last last week trying to figure out the whole blogger/follower THING!
I had to get a PhD in computer programming to figure it out..

I know, i know.. I said i was gonna stopping !#%^@!?ing about it

closeup up of chandy in dining room with crazy silky stuff tied around the shade.... and one very crooked shade...
probably won't get a job staging photos anytime soon

I think this hand soap dispenser is cute, got it at TJ Maxx or Marshalls for like $3.99, you could just put your dish soap in it and put it by the kitchen sink... It's pretty big, and heck for $3.99 a really cute addition!
I "staged" it in the my little cupboard, because blue and brown are pretty together... seeeee, i'm getting a little better !

ok, now i will own up to something i HATE to throw away even in the recycling bin
it's paper bags!
What is better than a good paper bag???
They're natural, they're kinda crunchy in your hands in a good way, they hold wine bottles,
you can flour your chicken in them...

I particularly like the brown bags from whole foods with little handles... 
i probably have 10,000 of those

 here is my brown bag stash on the lazy susan, which by the way, is the greatest invention ever - 

and yes, that is a bud lite on the right... 

hmmmm ok, now i'll show you a really pretty scarf i got at a shop near me, The Elegant Relic

 i'm gettin kinda thick in the middle these days...

and finally the other thing i find hard to resist
a really good basket!
This is just one of a bunch of baskets i couldn't resist
we use it for our recycling...
it has a wooden bottom and it's wonderful..

i think i'll end with a pretty photo from Pinterest 
when i heard about Pinterest, i was like 
"Oh No, not something else new to figure out!"
great attitude, huh?
Anyway, Pinterest is wonderful
Here is mine,if you want "Follow" me
there's that word again

i couldn't find the source on this one, maybe you can, Pinterest usually takes you to the source
which is really cool

couldn't find the source on this one either, sorry

ok, that's just about enough from me for one day !
 talk to you soon.. 

...the end...


  1. I have that same paper bag addiction...the following thing IS a headache...and I blame Google, since they also are taking away our beloved middle is thicker than yours...and I love coming to visit over here!

  2. This follow thing is driving me crazy too . I absolutly hate to have to figure out new things , and so far I have been able to join Linky Followers but can't seem to get the widget onto my sidebar so folks can follow me. Why can't they just leave things alone !?!
    Let me warn you ... in 10 years that little thick in the middle ( which looks fine to me by the way )turns into no middle at all , hips , boobs , waist all the same !

  3. I am disgusted by the follower dilemma I have 3 follow thingys on the sidebar. Maybe we all should have none. Cute lampshade, cute broken chandy, cute scarf, cute you.

  4. you look adorable! i love brown paper bags and recycle them by wrapping stuff in em. omg ever see the fantastic drawings i framed from a tattoo artist who did them on trader joe bags??? she used to charge only 10 bucks per commissioned drawing--are you kidding me?!?

    tried to follow on your network thingie but i think you have to have facebook which i don't cuz i have enough things to obsess over and ways to procrastinate. also i don't do pinterest cuz i know it'll suck me in, and the idea is to spend more time creating and shaking the booty away from the laptop. honestly i see myself even getting rid of my cell phone one of these days...the technology stresses me and doesn't feel like it streamlines my life at all. (where's my knitting needles? where's my walker?).

    btw i have no idea about the follower thing. i'm sort of just hangin loose and we'll see what changes it will bring.



  5. Oh boy and my son and husband say I'm random lol!!! I don't know where to begin on commenting here!!!
    Okay first off I read on someone's else's post about this follower thing and I rolled my eyes and thought good god something else to complicate things for me! My 12yr old son is going to have to help me with this one now!! I don't get it at all either...but mind you I am slow on things!

    I love love your canister set (that you never mentioned) I would love this set ! I have always always loved numbers!
    Paper bags? Seriously? I love them too and hate to throw them out which drives my husband mental.
    I love your scarf and entire outfit...oh we have the same taste. You look awesome Cindy!!
    As usual your posts crack me up and I love them!!
    Pamela xo

  6. And I forgot to mention Pinterest!! I am totally completely addicted to it! LOVE it ! It is more fun than blogging. No stress!!
    I think I have that same photo pinned as yours. You will have to check out my board!!

  7. Thank you for expressing what I have been thinking for the past week or two. I have been procrastinating about taking care of the Google thing, because I feel like an absolute moron when I have to do this stuff.

    I love your dining room chandy.

  8. I tried to add that linky thing and it is not working so the heck with it! I am not going to worrry about it. I did not do a blog to get stressed out so I am just not doing least not right at this moment anyway. Why do things have to change???~ Hugs, Patti

  9. Hey Cindy.
    I'm with you on the blogger follow thing. Just when I get one thing figured out they throw in something else!
    Never heard of a paper bag fettish, so you are the first. I do like stuffing them back in the closet though, especially the shopping bag type.

    Love all the pretties in your home.

    You are lookin good in your new scarf.


  10. Want to hear something scary Cindy...I follow everything you just said : ) Mainly because you remind me of me in so many ways! I have no idea what you are talking about with the followers thing, but I guess I should be looking into it.
    I better hurry and add every blog I love and follow to my sidebar, because it will be a drag to lose all the blogs I follow. It will be ten miles long then,but I guess that's okay.
    I love getting to see into your beautiful home! Anytime I can poke around in there is a good day.
    I love your new scarf..and it is such a delight to see you in kindda real life.
    hugs from here...

  11. You are so cute! And I am with you on this whole follower thing. I am so confused! I haven't started to worry about figuring it out yet but I suppose I am about to have to start at least trying to - yuck!

  12. Hi Cindy,Love your style.The chandy is rockin.I am following you on pinterest seems like we like the same things.I will follow you here too.Please make sure to follow me on my linky if you have not already.

  13. Hi Cindy ~~ Every single time I visit your blog!
    I so enjoy myself. You're so fun loving it's contagious. I agree about the linky tool. I've tried it. I'm usually set in my ways, once I'm use to something I'm not crazy about change. :) ( The taurus in me )
    I love your random stuff, but mainly your style of dressing I so wish I could pull that off!.

  14. Hi Cindy,
    I am so enjoying your posts. I agree, change is hard, luckily I am just starting my blog so i am not familiar with anything yet. It is a huge learing curve. I love your writing style.

  15. Oh how pretty you are! Love love love your new scarf. I think I am thicker than you around the middle. hmph! Going to the gym to try to get rid of it but much harder these days since I entered my 40's! I haven't done anything about the follower gadget yet because when I went to read everything at Blogger I couldn't find anything except that I do believe they won't leave us hanging high and dry...I think the follower thingie in our dashboard will remain so nothing to worry about. If you go to blogger and pretend that you are going to 'create a blog' the directions are exactly the same as they have always been. No new format or design. So I'm just gonna wait and trust it will all be okay. And if not well, I know where to find you. oxox

  16. Obviously 'thick around middle' comes with age. Dam! Blast! Love Love Love your blog and its my first ever visit. I will follow on my way out because I am sure I will enjoy engaging and supporting your special place now I have found you. I hope you will find a little time to come visit me soon. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  17. Cindy you are really pretty and i LOVE your outfit! thick around the middle? we must be thick in the head,that nail polish on pintrest has the name right underneath the picture lol!
    Thanks for this post i have added the networked blog to my blog and i am following you! happy valentines day to you xxxx

  18. So lovely to be back visiting you my friend I have missed seeing your wonderful posts I have had a few things to deal with, I have enjoyed catching up with again. You look awesome in that photo love your new cups, I'm not sure about the new follower blog thing either. Hope you have a great day.

    Always Wendy

  19. I was having a nice night until I read about this follow/not follow thing that is going to happen. I am the type of person who ignores these things until the night before it happens and then I am all like what? I didn't know this....what do I do now????
    I have heard about it, but I have now wrapped my head around trying to understand the darn thing. Guess I will go read your links and see if my head explodes from the information.

  20. Hi Cindy I am newly addicted to Pinterest and love to follow your blog and all your beautiful pictures as well your rose...You were expecting Wonder and you got it.......Mo


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