Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Old Door, Some Faux Fleurs, and A Basket

Hi everyone... You may notice some changes going on with my blog!  I wanted a lighter, pretty look for spring, so I am having Mandy from a la parisienne use her amazing creative skills to fluff up my blog and create a delightful and more soft look ...  
We aren't finished yet,  and will be working on it some more for the next week.  I need to pick out a couple of fonts, tweak some colors, and move some pictures around... etc...

Did you know that there are ten thousand, million, billion, trillion, gazillion fonts to choose from on

So, if you're a perfectionist, visual, and OCD, never ever ever go there... 
Mandy is going to do an intervention and help me out with that...

Anyway, Mandy is so talented and awesome...
You should go see her gorgeous blog!  

Ok, now i will show you lots of pictures of my old chippy door with faux fleurs!

This is such a great old door, it used to sit in my friends shop for years, finally i adopted it and took it home

cute basket, great price, good ole TJ Maxx

these faux hydrangeas are great when there are no real ones around!

Also, if anyone lives near Hillsborough, NC,
 you should come to our celebration/party at my friend's adorable shop on March 22nd 
from 6:00 to 9:00
I'm kind of, sort of a partner with her and two other awesome  talented ladies
this is the link to the shop

this is something that arrived at the shop today

i know, i know....

I do her blog for her with my limited skills, you'll probably notice it sounds a little like me
Anyway there will be really really good giveaways

...1 hour design consultation by Donna Dutton & Karan Sjoberg...
...Original Oil Painting by Cindy Austin (that's me !)...
...natural floral design by Deb Kelsey...
...custom duvet cover by Anna Edwards...
and a 
...surprise gift from Haven Salon...

just rsvp if you think you'll make it!

and  finally, look how pretty these old roses look, even dried out and done with their peak bloom...
(kinda like me)

...the end...


  1. I love the door that you adopted. So beautiful, and I really like how you embellished it with the basket and the faux hydrangeas.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I love your basket filled with flowers,and i love the old chippy door.Looks fab.


  3. Your blog looks really good Cindy! It is a really nice fresh look! I see you got your linky thing. I haven't messed around with it yet. Wish I could be there at your shop party!~Hugs, Patti

  4. Lookin' good! The blog, the photos and you. :-)
    Wish I lived closer...sounds like a delightful event.


  5. Oh, Darlin you are such an inspiration. Instead of changing out my interior doors to the tune of $2500, think I'll take your lead and adopt old ones or take my current old but uninspiring ones and fluff them up a bit...doing some work for Robert Redford so am in a western state of mind but my heart is cottage shabby chic...thanks for the uplift today.

    Donna Leigh Scott

  6. What a wonderful old door! Perfect chippiness. I like that basket from TJ! Your new blog design is very nice. There is a "lightness" to it that is calming. Have a wonderful evening Cindy!

  7. Hi Cindy,
    I just love that old door! The french basket full of flowers looks so pretty.

    I'd love to come to Hillsborough but I'm too lazy to drive. You are only about four hours from me.
    I'm going to check out Fetch Antiques.


  8. Ok, I LOVE the new LOOK!! So pretty and fresh~and you! Love it Cindy!! Love that oval door too. I love those doors. I once had a house, right before I married Dave, and it was a bungalow, and it had the most wonderful door like that, but the oval window was a 2/3 long one, so it was more window than door, and I loved it.

  9. Oh, good luck with the celebration and I really love the old door with the mirror and basket of flowers. So pretty!

  10. Cindy,
    I LOVE that door.Lucky you.I just found an old door.It will be home here soon.I just have to figure out how to get it home.Your blog looks amazing.She is doing a great job.Next time I change mine (I just did so the next time) I will keep her in mind.Crazy that I just changed since I am new to blogging.I wish I could come to that party.We don't live close enough :-(

  11. Oh my--I love that old door! I have been looking for something like that and am yet to find it. I love how you put the mirror on it. Looks fantastic!

  12. I cleaned up my blog a few months ago and am really enjoying the new look. I moved a lot of things from the sidebar to the header area (a great newer feature on blogger). I love your new look, the soft pink background and header are very lovely.
    The door is awesome and T.J. Maxx always rocks!
    Have a fabulous day!

  13. Lovely new blog look Cindy! I love Mandy's blog..been following for awhile now. I would love to change mine. Always trying to make it better.
    I love your photos here it all looks great!
    Pamela xo

  14. have i already mentioned i have that pitcher/vase! i love it. and you are wrong. you are definitely blooming still. i'd come, i'd come if i was in the neighborhood, and someday i shall be!

    so proud of you being part of this event and will be with you in spirit. i need to send you some fresh pics of the bella luna painting for you to include in anything you like for press!

    change the blog's font, leave it as is, do what you want cuz it's YOURS. i will return because of you and your lovely words and your authenticity. i love the mix you have going and am always inspired.

    love and smiles, gorgeous.


  15. I guess you would adopt that fab door! Love it and all the stuff on it! Thanks for stopping by and joining me. We're besties now. I wish I could afford the painting of the lamb/blue fence. Sigh.

  16. The door is so pretty!!! Love the added basket and floral design. I like the new look of your blog. The soft pink is wonderful.

  17. She is a perfect helping hand to the creating of what makes your site beautifully soulful.
    Its looking great!

    Cindy thank you for your visit to my place, your comments mean alot to me coming from an artist like you.
    Thank you for sharing your door and the French style wall pocket basket, its a perfect touch of softness so fitting to your design style :)


  18. hi there! just wanted to let you know that i am deleting the new linky follower tool from my side bar. Please make sure you are a follower of Fishtail Cottage using Google...(you can read about it here!)

  19. OK it is time to confess ~ secretly in my dreams I win the lottery and buy ALL of your paintings!!! Really, I just love your work. The little tweaks on the website look great. Patty/BC

  20. Beautiful job with the door Cindy. I have pink dried roses in my home right now too. Lovely. Have fun at the party. If I was in NC I'd stop by :)


  21. First, love how how your blog is looking! And second, LOVE that door!

  22. OMG! I just bought that EXACT same basket yesterday! (now i wish had the EXACT same door! LOL) sooooo gorgeous!

  23. First time visitor to your blog and have already become a follower! You may get 2 messages from me since the first one hasn't posted. BUT---- will have to search garage for a chippy door when the temps here in Mn. Warm up. Really a fun look.

  24. Cindy the movie 'Like Crazy' came out today on DVD or Blu-Ray. I watched it and cried my eyes out. So good. I rented it but am now going to buy it...and the soundtrack...the beautiful music plays throughout the movie.

  25. OH WOW!! I love it here! You are an amazing artist and I just love your paintings. Your cows are so beautiful and soulful... just adore them. That's why I don't eat them ;)

    Your roses are gorgeous too! Loved seeing your furchild and all your lovely vintage things.

    Following you now so we can keep in touch!

  26. Cindy you can just pop on over to my Seawashed blog via my sidebar to listen to my music. I just moved my mixpod over after I tire of the beautiful music from Like Crazy it will be ocean waves again.

  27. I'm loving the look of your blog Cindy! Great chippy old door too. I love how doors, shutter etc make such interesting props!
    The dried roses are stunning!
    Have a great weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  28. Your blog looks amazing Cindy...just like you BTW :) I really do love it!!! I love that your artwork (which I adore) is in your banner.
    You girls have a great time at the shop party!!! And boy are you lucky you live where you live and I live where I live, otherwise I would sweet-talk you out of that door!!!
    Have a wonderful week Cindy!
    hugs from here...

  29. So wish I could come so we could have a "shot" and laugh.....:)

  30. Hey cutie pie! :) Sorry I haven't been over here in a bit...or posted anything for that matter, but my computer has been down. My power cord fried and my computer has been sitting here dead in the water for a few days. I just go my cord in today, so I am finally back online. :)
    I LOVE your old's so pretty and chippy! :)
    Oh, glad you liked the photo cube from Amy..she has loads of fun stuff to do on her blog. :)
    Better go...I have a fever and I'm not feeling so hot. :-/ Oh'll get better eventually!
    Love ya!


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