Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pretty Little Sconce....

I ordered this little sconce from Amy of Maison Decor, she has an Etsy shop
where she sells all kinds of treasures,  and when she showed it on her blog post, i just fell in love...

It was here in about 2 days!

This is from her house, and it's her photograph....

the faded blue white on the little rose is the most perfect color

here it is at my house, with my photos...

I loved it in this funky little spot beside my "dream"  i painted on the wall over the bed, 
which by the way, you can see, still needs some touching up...  

uh... you can tell a little difference in the photos can't you... 
...oh man...
Amy has a new camera, and she knows how to use it!

ok, AND... (watch me justify bad photos) these were taken this morning, getting ready for work, running late, without my glasses, and when i was in a partial morning stupor... ready to run out the door...

I'm definitely a night person

here is a nightime photo of it, it's just the cutest little sconce ever

now when mr. fractured and i snuggle, 
i can light this candle, 

and i will look alot better than i really do in the candlelight!

i am trying to refinance my house, and yesterday i had to sign about 800 sheets of paper that had really legal important looking numbers and writing on them, none of which i understood at all...
and then fax it all to a mortgage refinancer guy,

it's possible i just sold my left kidney and i don't know it...

ok, i don't have anything else interesting to talk about 
here is a little bouquet, just for you guys
wish i could hand deliver it!
 happy Thursday!

look at my messy sofa in the background, i doubt i'm gonna get a job staging photos anytime soon...

the end...


  1. the sconce is perfect. and i have that pitcher your roses are in--like a cream and brown transferware thing from tj maxx i think. am i right? (the sofa looks charming!)


  2. Hi Cindy!

    Love the new sconce - it looks lovely in your bedroom. :) And, I'm totally a night person too...mornings & I don't do very well! lol And I LOVE your blooms & vase, so pretty! Happy Thursday to you!!!


  3. Love that sconce.Looks perfect right there.Those flowers are so pretty.Everything around here...well outside is dead :-( .I can't wait to see real flowers in person again.

  4. Hi Cindy,

    I found your blog thru Anne at White Lace Cottage. I really like it!

    Love that sconce. In fact, I think your entire home is just beautiful.

  5. Love that sconce! I just ordered something from Amy too and it got here super fast as well. Love your blog!

  6. Hi Cindy,
    What a sweet little candle sconce. It's perfect on your wall.

    Hope you are having a great week.


  7. I love how that sconce looks in your house way better than in my kitchen~it will be a witness to all kinds of things now!!! Woo Hooo! Thanks for being a good blog friend and now etsy customer! xxoo

  8. So that is where the lovely sconces end up? What a hoot! Good thing you bought them because I was thinking of it and if ONE MORE THING comes into this house it will explode. Much like your closet adventure. xo Patty/BC

  9. I did not know she had an etsy. I am going to go visit now!

  10. Cindy--
    your bedroom has such a soft romantic feel to it!
    I don't take good pictures either...and that is how I justify my housekeeping.
    I say things like... my kitchen looks cleaner in real life or if these pictures weren't out of focus---you would see that I really did clean before taking it... !
    love your creativity! Pat

  11. LOL! Cindy i love you! you always brighten my day and make me laugh,i just love the tiny text with the funny quips so much.

    The sconce looks really beautiful on your bedroom wall and the bouquet of roses looks really beautiful and the sofa doesn't look messy it looks like Rachel Ashwells pictures of beds unmade and ruffled,i love that look its real,

    Have a beautiful weekend by candle light xxxxx

  12. Love your new little treasure and the last photo is beautiful!

  13. I am going to make a confession....I hate people who can take such good pictures. It makes me pea green with envy. Love that little sconce.....hopefully no one is going to come after your kidney.....

  14. Looks beautiful! You are so fortunate to have found this treasure. :-)



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