Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Actually Did Something Crafty...

Ok, so you probably think since i paint, i can do all kinds of crafty creative things.. nope, not really... 
But i did pull this one out... and i think it's kinda cool...

I collect all kinds of funky, sparkly jewelry from everywhere... i really like the kind that costs around $1.00 at the thrift shop...  But it is a BIG JUMBLED MESS... and i don't wear some of it, because i can't see it half the time... 


I got an old mirror from my friends shop, Fetch Antiques and Interiors...,  the frame was dull goldish brown, but had lots of texture...

and i took the mirror out of the frame, and took it in the backyard, and spray painted the heck out of it...

and i was thinking i wanted some old screen or old rusty chicken wire to staple in the frame to hang stuff on... and was trying to figure out where i could go steal  
find some, because i didn't want any new shiny stuff...

anyway, (lord this story is getting long) i thought about these lace remnants i had... and thought i'd try stapling them on the backside...
and it worked!  and i thought i was so clever... 
people who don't craft alot think they're really clever when they think of something... 
probably 10 million other people have already done this whole lace in the frame thing....

and then i just started adding jewelry to it...
my walls aren't really pond scum green, it's the light

I kinda liked it plain with just the lace, and didn't want to junk it up, but geesh, i was making to hold the jewelry for goodness sake...

do you see that little glass ornament thing, i'm gonna take out the shredded paper and put little flowers in it, won't that be sweet... little violets, or this time of the year,  pansies

anyway, it's in the bathroom right beside where i look in my 10X mirror, put on my makeup,  and try to decide what the new thing growing on my face is... and if it's really safe to inject botulism that close to your brain... 

I've tried to take photos of my bathroom before to show you guys but, it is basically impossible to get a good shot, because all the shots are aiming directly into a window...
but here are a few pics anyway
because if you're like me, you're nosy, and you like to look at other people's stuff...

It's not that great or anything, but here it is... 

sure would love some wide planked chippy white hardwood floors in here... 

the cabinets were builders grade brown particle board, and i painted them white...

the chandelier was $15.00 at the Habitat for Humanity shop
that was a score!

the little ottoman underneath the slipcover was beat to death, so i emailed Christiana at Ruffled Linens she has a shop on Etsy
and she custom made a heavenly fully ruffled  linen slipcover for me for a great price!

ummm, notice my Rachel Ashwell swatches Amy gave me... I've been playing with them...

I have lots's of ruffled things hanging everywhere...

this cool old vanity tucked in the corner...  you 
can see it better in the first photo...

some vintage lace that i just tacked up for a little curtain...

and then, beside the toilet this cute little table with lace that i bought from "Nest", a little shop near me
It's a great place to stash things

...like your toilet tissue, and your vodka...

lots of random stuff, shells, dried hydrangeas, mirrors i've found at the thrift shop...

i can be pretty darn shabby... maybe not in a good way sometimes

anyway, that's the bathroom overview... i'm really thinking of painting it this grayish lavender that Amy of Maison Decor painted her hall... I'm just itchin to do that... I went to her blog to try and find a photo of it, but AMY, i can't find it!  

the end


  1. I think your jewelry board is absolutely adorable!! I love it!! And your bathroom is so sweet and that ottoman cover is great. You are so talented!!

  2. uh oh...i was just writing you a comment and it disappeared?? i hope it does not publish the way it was, because i wasn't finished...i wonder where it went....anyhoo...love your sense of humor soo much, you crack me up! and your jewelry frame is gorgeous and so is your pretty bathroom! chandy for $15!! what a great find! always a pleasure to visit your bloggy.

  3. A little crafty? I say that's a lot crafty! It looks fantastic--as does the rest of your bathroom--love that ottoman. Makes me want to make more ruffles! That chandalier for $15? You scored! My daughter is going to want me to go to Habitat for Humanity every day now!

  4. That jewelry holder is a work of art in of itself, Cindy! Chicken wire (much as I love it) is so overdone in frames--but the lace-in-a-frame is something I've never seen before and it's bee-you-tiful!

    And I'm so glad you bit the bullet and posted photos of your bathroom. :) It had me all gaspy with its luxuriousness when you gave me and Mom and tour of your house.

    I'm thinkin' you could do the plywood plank treatment on the floor like Lori did at Frugal Farmhouse Design - http://frugalfarmhousedesign.blogspot.com/2010/09/wide-plank-plywood-flooring-how-to.html. It's cheap and I can give you the name of a guy who did it perfectly in my sister's house recently...

    Take care!

  5. i love that shot of the bathroom where you can see the scale of the framed jewelry organizer! bravo! and i don't think you junked it up at all. au contraire. i think it looks much more natural with more stuff on it. but my favs are the shots of the skirts. rachel ashwell would adore these i think.

    smiles, sunshine, and swatch fever to you, chic cindy.


  6. Darling powder room!! I think that lace in the frame is a real original! I've never seen anything like it!

  7. Cindy i laugh so much when i come here,you are one funny girl and i love how you write,the vodka made me really out loud,too funny.

    Ok now this post is stunning! your pictures are beautiful and the way you have displayed everything really is beautiful,i adore your jewelry frame and i think you should make and sell them too,i have one i made in fabric but it has pouches on and it holds all kind of things.
    oooooh and all those lacey skirts *sigh*

    ps thank you for your comment,apparently my mac is getting old and i can't get chrome but i just opted back to safari browser and hey ho i can comment here again :) xx


  8. I always end up LMAO when I come over here because you make this pretty pretty post and then you write these hilarious things like stashing your vodka and your toilet paper in the cute little dresser...so damn funny! Hm, that color was maybe Rockport Grey, but I have to check the chart, cuz for some reason, I don't think I wrote it down in the post! I loved seeing this bathroom, it is very pretty and I love the framed lace jewelry hanger. Great idea!

  9. Hi Cindy, The lavender paint is called Portland Grey by Ben Moore. But I have it made up in the Lowes one coat coverage paint called Valspar Signature...here is the post showing the paint job. http://maisondecor8.blogspot.com/2011/07/lavender-hallway.html

  10. Beautiful!!!

    XO Diane

  11. What a great idea.You are crafty and a great artist too.I LOVE your work.And your blog always puts a smile on my face.

  12. OK your bathroom is gorgeous! I am in love with that ottoman and your jewelry frame turned out so pretty, what a great idea with the lace!

  13. I needed a good laugh as well as some inspiration this evening and you gave me a lot of both! Lovely ottoman, your ruffled things hanging around looks like they should be a posting on Pinterest and your framed jewelry holder is divine.

  14. I LOVE reading your posts, Cindy! Lots of blogs, I have to admit, I mostly just skim and look at pictures but I always read yours because they are so funny and make me laugh out loud. Love your jewelry holder and the whole bathroom looks fabulous!

  15. I love it Cindy and I love love your bathroom! Oh i want that vanity what a dream!!! You have a great decorating flair!
    Come on over and see my outfit!
    Pamela xo

  16. Your style belongs all to you, I know you can create something beautiful as you've done in this post out of a rusty or tin!!! ( And that's a compliment.) <3
    Hugs Rosemary...x

  17. Omg Cindy!! I think the lace in the frame is amazing!!! I love lace and this looks gorgeous!! I love your vanity, I love the chandy, I love your solution to vodka storage!! Lol. You have great style!

    Love it!

    Lou cinda :)

  18. Cindy, everything is just gorgeous! LOVE that ottoman slipcover!!!! Your pretty jewelry frame will be copied lots, I'm sure :) I wish the restore in my area would get chandeliers like that at that price. They charge way too much for alot of their stuff. :( pretty bathroom!

  19. This is divine my friend love it all, so nice to catch up with you again another wonderful post. Hope you have an amazing week.

    Always Wendy

  20. I have a frame with just lace in it. I never thought of hanging things on it! I don't wear a lot of jewelry...so I don't know what I'd hang...but whatever it is might dress up my plain lace picture frame!
    As for your little privy...it quite pretty and I noticed a few touches of pink. I like it!

  21. Girl....that is one romantic sweet bathroom......and I don't know about you but I ALWAYS have the toilet paper and vodka together.....


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