Sunday, January 15, 2012

OK Guys, What the Heck Is This Thing Called, and Where Can I Find One!?

This is a photo from Pinterest... and I love what they did here with the silver platters... Sooooooo.... I tried looking online for a  
tiered towel holder/three tiered wall tray hanger/whatever, etc.....

I have no idea what this is called... Do Ya'll???
 Because i think this looks great...
and I'm asking you, because you guys know stuff!!

 It's such a cute and functional idea isn't it!
Be great on a wall in the kitchen...

the end...


  1. Cindy I think they are actually towel holders ~ I love those too!!

  2. REpeat after me...T-ow-EL HOL-Der...

    ha ha ha... just kidding. I didn't know what it was called either...I googled it in Images and that is the best guess!

    ...I like them too. my daughter fashioned one out of a couple of wire clothes hangers (she's 21 and a newlywed...) her's turned out really cute and she hung a shelf over it...with towels in it.. you couldn't tell what it was!

    see ya! Pat

  3. oh here is what my daughters kind of looked like...

    only hers had a little wooden shelf on the wall over the top...Wait...I keep forgetting you want yours for some tray display. Well, maybe you'll come up with something!

  4. Hi Cindy!
    I think I repinned this from you, cause I love it too! Somewhere in pintrest I read someone say it was a winerack?? Could be..
    I am gonna check back and see what you come up with!

  5. Cindy I don't know if you can rent vintage travel trailers..'The Pearl' is ours. We own her! I have her on the sidebar of my blog with a link to her very own blog where you can read all about her and see more pics. We just made reservations for our campsite for Spring break. tee hee. And yes I am going to paint those photos I took of the sea. ox

  6. I think it is a wine rack--that was my first thought when I saw it but I am not sure.

  7. Hi Cindy,
    Duh, it's called a silver tray holder!!! LOL, just kiddin. I think it's a towel holder and good luck finding one that pretty. What a great idea. Gives you a good reason to go on a mission!


  8. I do like that idea! Looks like a towel holder and the trick is finding the same size platters but different in design. It is a serious good look!~Hugs, Patti

  9. It is, in fact, a towel holder -- they're usually used to display/store rolled up guest towels, and they come in all kinds of different styles.

  10. It is, in fact, a towel holder. Ordinarily they're used to hold/display rolled up guest towels, and they come in all sorts of different styles and sizes. :)

  11. Good Morning Cindy ~~
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday.
    I'm not sure but it appears to be a towel holder maybe, :) it really is pretty. Now you know I'd be hanging herbs from it! :)
    Have a wonderful day,
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  12. Whatever it is, I love the way they've used it to diplay old trays!

    I think I saw some like that at Hobby Lobby once upon a time.


  13. looks like a wine rack, but honestly i have never seen one. make up a name for it!!!

    always appreciate your feedback when my posts get trippy. bella luna sends you sweet little kisses.


  14. Shabby Chic Sandy is right. It is a wine rack!

  15. Thanks everyone... Ya'll are the best! the closest i got was when i googled wine rack... I didn't find one exactly as i liked, but you can see something similar here

  16. What a great the silver trays hanging!!

  17. If you go back to the picture on Pinterest and click on the picture twice, you may find the original source. If so, that might lead you to a blog or shop that would tell you what it is. Worth a try! Good Luck and please let us know if you find out what it's called and if it is for sale somewhere. Hugs, Leena

  18. I was thinking it looked like a towel holder, but I guess it is a wine rack~

  19. Very cute! I use decorative iron easels that I've found at Michaels (in the frames dept) to hold my ironstone platters. Maybe you could hang a few of those on the wall?

  20. Hmmmm I don't know.But it is really cute.I hope you find the source.

  21. Hello=)
    it is a magasin-holder,they sell lots of them here in norway=)



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