Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shabby Sheep....

Like the little play on words???  
Someone else thought of that, i'm really not that clever...  

Anyway, This girl decided she wanted to be painted during the holiday time off from work...

Here's how she started... this is the scary time of the painting, when i think, oh no, ... this will never look good!

I want you potential artists out there to see how rough a painting can start out looking, and to tell you... don't give up!

Had to show you guys this gorgeous pansy ... i think the other plant is kale...

I just put a few in my window box, and i meant to buy some yellow ones too,... but i wandered off somewhere and started something else, and forgot to buy more pansies

and ummmm... about my last blog post..

well what i learned from that

is that you probably shouldn't eat 13 Trader Joe liqueur filled chocolate covered cherries in two days, until you turn into one yeast ball of toxic sugar brain damage...
and then drink a really big Bud Lite on an empty stomach

and then do a blog post....

and threaten to murderize your readers if they notice a galvanized bucket in an urn behind a lovely flower arrangement...

...even though the  Bud Lite on the empty stomach was pretty awesome...

the end


  1. Cindy,I love that painting so much!! It looks so gorgeous.You got the talent!! For sure.


  2. She is lovely. I'm a coors light girl! ox

  3. All so pretty! I love seeing the evolution of a painting. Very interesting to me. I also know that things always look worse before they look better...funny remarks at the end too. YOu always leave me laughing!

  4. You are tooooo funny and I so appreciate your honesty as to how many of those Trader Joe things you ate and the beer on an empty stomach!! I think it's great to over-indulge every so often myself!! Thanks for showing your human side. It seems like so many people in blog land want us all to think everything in life is perfect. We know the REAL DEAL!!!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  5. So that's the reason ? Okay I forgive you ! I did notice the bucket , it didn't bother me . I am smack dab in the middle of cleaning , painting and organizing my work room which looked alot like that closet sounds , so I can relate . I love your Shabby Sheep ! I am determined to do some painting ( artistic )when I get done with this room . Yeah I'm not so good at posting blogs when I am in the middle of something either , but boy am I going to brag when I get this done !

  6. Cindy,
    I love, love the shabby sheep! I could never imagine the end result by looking at where you started. You are soooo talented!

    I think the flowers are really pretty too. The Bud Lite sounds good to me right now but I'll pass on the candy. I'm just not a candy person. Wish that were so for pie, cake, etc. :-)


  7. bud light + chocolate covered cherries + blogging =


    got it. but what's my excuse?

    what a sweet and shabby sheep, mama!



  8. Cindy you are so dang cute. I love your shabby sheep and I wish that I could paint. I think being an artist as good as you are is a real blessing.

    I've been eating some pretty strange stuff too and trying to get back on my healthy eating regime. Today I couldn't get enough of those gold fish crackers! LOL!
    Thanks for keepin it real girl!


  9. Your shabby sheep is very beautiful. Maybe if I click my heels and wish really, really hard, she will appear and be hanging on my wall. In my dreams, that will happen some day, with one of your beautiful paintings. Patty/BC

  10. SO beautiful, you are blessed with a lovely talent!!

  11. i love her...awesome! always encouraging to she the evolution of a painting, i love that you do it! what a great way to spend time off. :)

  12. ok now i have to go and read that last post lol !!! I've done posts after having a few to many red wines!!! Or worse commented on blogs!

    I love this painting you are so flipping talented!!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all the best to you and your family in this New Year!
    Pamela xo

  13. Oh had me laughing so hard with your last post! I'm glad I didn't notice the galvanized bucket in the urn..I like talking to you, so I'd rather not be killed! lol :)
    I adore your shabby sheep...her name should be Abigail...I don't know why...she just looks like an Abigail. :)
    OH...and don't worry, I will NOT be taking anymore 12 hour Sudafed...that stuff made my insides shakes! I can take the little red ones that only last about 4 hours, but I will never take that huge honkin' white one again. It was NOT good. (except the part where my kitchen is now super duper organized! lol) I'm glad you got some ideas from looking at the cabinets...I used to store my baking pan flat too and then one day I just had an aha moment! :)
    OH..congrats on cleaning out the first layer of your closet..I am proud of you. :) (even if you do think I'm an organizational freak) Bwa ha ha ha :0)
    Hugs to you girlfriend! :)

  14. you are absolutely ADORABLE.


  15. New to your blog tonight - have no idea why I haven't found you before now! I just have to tell you that your post after eating all of the Trader Joe liqueur filled chocolate covered cherries and drinking the big Bud Light was absolutely hilarious! Thanks for the laugh... I think I'm going to like it here! :-)

  16. Hi Cindy,

    Your sheep is very sweet and your paintings always inspire me. I used to paint a lot and hope to again some time.

    I think your previous post is great! It's honest and funny. And I love to organize things but just got Christmas decs down and mostly packed away today. And don't tell anybody but my little naked table top tree is still in the house with a string of lights on it. (I'll get it outside tomorrow for sure!) :)

  17. Oh my word!!!! I love this painting. You rock! A visit to your Etsy is needed...I'm off to check er out

  18. Your "shabby sheep" is beautiful and I love seeing what it looked like in progress!

  19. I just LOVE that cute sheep, We have 11 real ones, all have names. Where is that painting going? it is simply sweet and Beautiful. We had sheep once that looked like that. His name was Freddie, my Son named him. He kept getting out, and I was always getting calls from the neighbors While I was at work that he was in their yard eating the flowers. they never got mad, cause he was so darn cute. My Boss was very nice, and let me go home and put him back in the pasture.
    You are a wonderful Artist.
    marian elizabeth

  20. I would love to be able to paint! Love your Sheep!

  21. Hi Cindy,
    Your paintings are beautiful,you are so very talented and i love your shabby sheep.
    Your last post had me laughing so much,i love real funny posts and i did see the bucket and then i looked away and then since i have been waiting for your knock on the door lol x

  22. Shabby Sheep is soooo cute. I love your paintings Lisa, but I think I have told you that several thousand times.
    Oh and I DID notice the bucket in your last I safe or not????
    hugs from here...


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