Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beeswax Candles and Pink Cupcakes

 An old candelabra i found at one of the vintage shops in town.  One day if i ever get married..    again...   this will be all lit up at the wedding...  I put 12 beeswax candles in it, because when you burn beeswax it emits negative ions into the air, which sounds bad because of the word "negative".  Negative ions actually make you feel wonderful, and are good for you.  I need me some negative ions big time...  

when i look at this photo online, that crooked candle in front is driving me nuts, i just want to reach in the photo and straighten it...

you know how when you go to the beach you feel good inside and out?  well, that's because the ocean is creating negative ions all over the place...

 I decided to make some pink cupcakes, just because they're pretty... they are strawberry cupcakes... with strawberry and cream cheese frosting. 

 My daughter, who is 21 came by my house when i was at work, and took a huge bite out of one of them, and then put the  other half with a big bite out of it back on the platter... 
Who does that?!!! 

I am sure at some point in life i told her that you don't put half chewed up food back on a platter...

My kids totally freak me out, that's why i need negative ions, and pink cupcakes and a psychiatrist and valium and vodka...
well... not all at once, but at different times during the day..

Beeswax candle have a wonderful golden glow, and the room smells like honeycombs when you blow them out...

and I actually don't mind that much that Ellie took a bite out of a cupcake and put it back, i'm glad she was around to taste them...

the end


  1. I didn't know that about beeswax candles. I am going to have to get some! Who couldn't use negative ions in their life! They look pretty too!~Hugs, Patti

  2. Your candelabra has a magic light,that gives peace and quiete,I like very much.I couldn't let there an half muffin,It's too good!

  3. Hi Cindy, I love your candelabra. It's so pretty.I would love to take a bit of one of those cupcakes too!! They look so good.That's something my daughter would do too,and she's a lot older then your daughter.


  4. Good for you...making pink cupcakes and lighting beeswax candles. Yes, I agree kids stress me out too. I have four. 23,21,18 and 13. LOL We love them but parenting adult children is not for the faint of heart. I wish I could eat a cupcake with you and I would eat ALL OF IT! LOL I love your blog heading banner. Did you make it? It's beautiful!

  5. I Love candles too!!! Them cupcakes look Yummy!!!! Very beautiful Have a wonderful day

  6. Well, Miss Cindy...I did not know this about the negative ions. I learned something today!!

    I know all about needing a psych,valium,vodka and cupcakes....would keep a girl happy for quite awhile! LOL! You are too funny.

    Your candlelabra looks lovely and so romantic.


  7. I need to go get me some beeswax candles now, I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love beeswax candles and didn't know they are good for you! I rub beeswax cream on my hands is this giving me that negative good stuff? Well i need all those things too since my husband is not working and stressing me out big big time!!!
    I love your candelabra and those cupcakes look so divine! Your daughter is a hoot!!

    Pamela xo

  9. Just found your blog and love it!! I laughed because my daughter is 21 and would have done the same thing!! Hmmmm, how about Vodka in the cupcakes...just sayin' :) . I have no idea how to link back to my blog and found yours over at Better After. My attempt at blogging has been "renewed" over at Linen and Laughter if you'd like to visit. I have al 5 followers andone of them is me! I was proud to have any followers and did an air fist pump and shouted "yoo-hoo" About to go explore :)

  10. hahaha, you have me laughing so hard, I was glad I was wearing my depends. going to the beach today, so i will be aware of all the negative ions I am benefiting now, because of this blog!! blogging is great. Nice candelabra too!

  11. Beautiful. (I'd like the other half of the cupcake, please).

  12. HA!
    so much to love here.

    sense of humor? check.
    cupcakes? got 'em.
    lessons in negative ions? well, i'll be.

    you are in good company with this freaker outter. the important thing is we do it with style (that is not true but we can delude ourselves for now).



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