Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Found One!

I finally found a cupboard I can love....

Ok, now here's where I would love suggestions... because you guys know stuff...  

You're seeing this in it's roughest form, i threw some silver stuff in it, and draped some toile fabric inside just to get ideas... so it's kinda messy right now...

 Should i paint it white and frenchy blue inside, 

or should i paint it a darker blue like this cupbaord that costs $650.00

or should i line it with some funky fabric like this... and paint it gray?

 Here is where it all started with a hutch from Target... which i knew was temporary...

 Then i scored this cool sideboard for free... and painted it like 10 different colors... there is a whole blog post about that  here...
I liked it ok...

 But what i really wanted was THIS....  sigh...

So... last week i printed a copy of this photo of  
the perfect and wonderful cupboard that would make my life complete... 
and put it in my wallet ...   

and within a week,  i found this...  

my favorite friend took me to this cool wonderful antique/junk place that had stuff everywhere... and i looked in this one room, and there she stood.... 
- choirs of angels here -

so i was pretty sure the price would be like 300.00, and i knew if it was that much, i couldn't buy it no way... 
but the really weird and nice guy who was there and who spit on me when he talked to me, called the vendor, and said that since he needed the space, he would sell it for $160.00. 
I was like SCORE!  SOLD...  

Of course that was still alot on my totally lame budget, but i decided i would try to sell my sideboard to try and recoup it...  

because i can totally justify pretty much anything if i really want to buy something really bad... 

So anyway, i took it home, carried my sideboard out into the front yard and put a for sale sign on it
and the next morning the doorbell rang,
and a cute lady asked how much, and i said $150.00, and she bought it right then and there!  So minimal guilt on the purchase... AWESOME ! 

the end

oh wait, not the end yet...

check out these amazing alabaster grapes... they are at my friends shop, they are $95.00 and i think they're cool as anything, so i wanted to show you guys, in case anyone might like to call the shop and buy them...

the end...


  1. Oh I love your new cabinet. I do think white with a blue interior would be so pretty. I guess whatever color you paint it might depend on what you are going to display in it.


  2. Cindy, I don't know about you, but I think that you finding this cabinet was God's way of giving you a blessing, and letting you know He's interested in your life and desires. I love a light frenchy gray for this, it's a gorgeous piece! xoxo Debra

  3. I would love it in white, with some blue flower,iT's very romantic,I like it very much!

  4. Hi Cindy,
    I'm all for the french gray with white inside. Or, more of a french blue like your inspiration photo. I'm sure you will make it beautiful.

    Can't wait to see it.


  5. Wow, that is incredible that you wished it all to happen~and then it unfolded as you desired. So cool! I would paint the cabinet white, since the one that you LOVE is white...and then I would paint the inside a contrasting color like grey or blue, depending what I was planning on putting inside. No dark color, no funky fabric, just totally farmhouse fresh and simple!

  6. Hey Cindy! Thanks for all your sweet comments on my Africa journey. I gotta tell you...your last comment sounded JUST like me - before I went! is so easy (me & my hubs being a teacher) to think we struggle. And we do, just in different ways. The devil works so differently here as opposed to Africa. Here, he's works through distractions (bills, material things, social issues, etc.) THERE he works PHYSICALLY. And once we can get past our own distractions, we can help those physical distractions in Africa and we can ALL focus on the ONE thing we were meant to focus on!....perfect world, huh? OK. I digress. Sorry for such a long comment, but I just had to say thanks....: )

  7. good mornin cindy!
    wowza! what a great find and you sold your sideboard to boot!! meant to be. o.k. as far as painting it, you answered your own question...that print you were carrying around is what would "make your life complete" paint it just like that......and maybe add that gorgeous fabric to the inside? whatever you do, know that it can and probably WILL have different lives and different colors! great find!!!! whoo hoo!

  8. Good morning Cindy....That hutch is gorgeous. I like it just the way it is....but that is just me. You do whatever moves you.



  9. Ok, Cindy, that was a cool story! Maybe the power was putting that picture in your wallet! I am sure the fates were working for you anyway! The cabinet looks so much like the one you had in the photo! I know you are going to transform it into a beauty!~Hugs, Patti

  10. I think you need to paint it as close to the picture you carried in your wallet as you can . then do something funky to the inside, It's wonderful !

  11. Hi Cindy, I love your cabinet!! Great price too.I would paint it white with some really pretty fabric inside.I like the color it is too!!


  12. What color "feels" right to you...makes you happy and fits in the room?

    I know it will be beautiful, whatever you choose.

  13. Wow, wow, wow! Awesome find! And I am torn on the color options. I kind of like the gray idea but also the dark blue....I don't think you can go wrong - it is such a fabulous piece!

  14. SCORE indeed! Your colour choice could be either but maybe consider the amount of light and space in the place it is going and as well the items being displayed. Whatever you choose it will be great. Have fun! Patty/BC

  15. what a great find, cindy!

    i'm loving the idea of it swedish grey with that fabric--so fabulous.

    and you gotta love how things have a way of balancing out, don't you?

    best to you!


  16. I am sooooooo jealous. I need a hutch like that. Or even like the one you sold. I know you asked my opinion on what to do to spruce it up, but I am so indecisive. I would just put all options on paper & put them in a hat & draw one out. Sorry that I am of no help to you. Besides, you are the artistic one. I'd probably just paint it white and call it a day. lol.


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