Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Updated Chairs, and a Great Old Chippy Frame

 I found these old brown chairs at Habitat for Humanity for practically nothing, 
I already have some pretty chairs that I love, 
but I couldn't resist these because they were such a bargain, and i knew they'd be so much better painted... 
so, of course they came home with me...

Here is the before -

And Here is the after... 

I just sprayed them with some primer, and then sprayed them with some paint, it was so easy, and since it's been 110 degrees here, they dried in like 3 seconds
They still need distressing, and maybe waxing

I stapled on some gingham fabric I already had...
I'm a ho for big gingham checks...

 I love chairs like this where you can just take off the seat and staple on fabric, 
you can change it all out as often as you want...
like if you want a pink girly theme, or a crazy floral theme, or a striped theme, 

it's great for people like me who want to change the color of everything in my house every time I see another cool color or fabric one of my brilliant blogger friends are using...

I thought I'd show you Mommy and Baby in a wonderful old chippy frame... 
There is actually some old lettered burlap stretched in the frame...
 so I stuck the frame on a nail,
then i put a little nail through the burlap and hung the canvas on that... I'm really slack that way, I'm pretty much fine with whatever gets results
I dont' care how imperfect it is...
they're are like 100 thousand nail holes in my walls...

Ok, so...last but not least, I just thought I'd show you what happens when I take Mr. Fracturedfairytale to Hobby Lobby with me...

 He put flat round pillows on his head,  wore a crown, pretended to cut his hair with gigantic sissors, picked up a big styrofoam ball and pretended it was a bowling ball  

what else is a guy to do when a woman takes him to a place like hobby lobby...!???

anyway, he was really good natured about it all,
so i bought him some Jelly Bellys...

The End...


  1. I love your chairs cindy,and that little lamb picture is soooo cute. I love it. Speaking of cute so is your Mr.


  2. The chairs look great! Nicely done and the table too...
    the trip to Hobby Lobby looks like more fun than a barrel full of monkeys


  3. I love what you've done with the chairs ~ and yes, I love big checks also. The painting in the frame is gorgeous! Love that painting. Glad you had fun at Hobby Lobby ~ at least he went with you...not many men seem to be in there. :-)


  4. I love your chairs and the sheep pic is so cute!

    Looks like your hubby has a good sense of humour.


  5. Your chairs look fabulous, I would love a set like those. Your hubby looks like a lot of fun.

  6. Love the chairs! I want to do my table similiar to yours! I would love to find some chairs like those too! The big checks are fab! My husband always drops me off at the door and then meets me in there but takes his time doing it. That's ok with me! The mommy and baby sheep are darling!~Hugs, Patti

  7. Well I don't believe I'll not think of you and Mr. FFT next time I'm in Hobby Lobby. Mr. Places In The Home aka Dave the Builder goes with me and even goes for me. The couple that crafts, or supports the one that crafts, together is a happy couple. The chairs are perfect for quick change outs and the cane keeps them from being too out of today's styles. Mommy & baby are absolutely beautiful- your talent is amazing, Cindy!

  8. Lauging so hard... I just bought those very scissors ( well the ones at my Hb-lob) for my studio.. I tink I am going to paint them.. too dark for me but this week 50%.. can't beat that!


  9. The chairs came out great Cindy~so fun to see Mr. FFT acting like a ham at HL. And your painting is darling. You would have died over all the antique cow and dog paintings I got to see at Betsys today. I wish you were there.

  10. Chairs look fab Cindy!!! I love your home!
    Crazy man you have there...wonderful!

    Pamela xo

  11. Your chairs are adorable! Love how they turned out. My husband had to laugh at how your husband entertained himself at the craft store. He can relate.


  12. Hi Cindy, you did a great job on the chairs, wonderful transformation! Love the picture too, it's adorable! I wanted to thank you for the info on my kitchen post.... I left a comment there for you if you get a minute pop over to see it!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  13. The chairs look so much better white!
    Looks like your mister has a great sense of humor!

  14. Hi Cindy, Amazing job with the chairs, I just love your style. The sheep painting is so adorable. What a great sense of humor from your hubby! :)
    Hugs Rosemary...xx
    P.S. The blue plant you have in your garden is globe thistle prickly but dries when picked with little effort and looks great in arrangements.

  15. Thank you for visiting me the other day...your chairs are stunning...what fun. I have been painting up a storm this week too...bright fuchsia chairs...gotta make you happy. xoxo

  16. i love the gingham! appeals to my scandanavian side! git down, cindy, git down.


  17. Hi Cindy! Looks like good times over at your place! I love your new chairs. They turned out really pretty. I'm always amazing at what paint will do. That's a wonderful old frame for your beautiful painting too!

  18. The sheep is lovely!I like the white one.
    have a nice day
    ciao from Tuscany

  19. My husband breaks out in hives at the mere mention of Hobby Lobby! I'm impressed your husband goes in and is happy about it! :O) I love the framed mommy and baby lamb. It's just beautiful!


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