Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pretty Vintage Glasses

I found a set of these sweet glasses at the thrift store.  Goblets and plain old drinking glasses.  They have roses etched on them.  I cannot resist a glass that feels good in my hand, and for some reason the vintage glasses are the best.

Here are a few I've collected...

I really like this one with the lady in white ....

can you see her, she has a little parasol...

What's so cool about this size is that i can put a drink in them, and they fit perfectly in the cup holder in my car... simple things like that really make me happy....

This glass isn't vintage, but i LOVE it... I found it at the thrift store too.  If anyone out there knows where i can find more of these, please let me know!

I love that it says Vino on it... Anything that says Vino on it has to be good.

I guess this is just a simple story about good drinking glasses

I like a certain type of coffee cup too...
But that's another story for another day....

The end


  1. Great finds! The rose etched glasses are beautiful! I have a thing for little juice glasses and am on the eternal hunt for 'the perfect coffee cup' I know exactly what you mean about feeling good in your hand.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I have a thing about glasses and cups too. Especially my coffee cup! LOL! I love your vintage glasses, very pretty.


  3. I like old vintage glassware too. I love the rose glasses you got. I just got a set of 6 pink depression type ice tea glasses from an Etsy shop and one broke in the bummed. You can see the remaining 5 on my blog post today.They are on the newly painted coffee table. Love old glasses just like you.

  4. Well, you have good taste in glassware Cindy. These are nice and elegant.

  5. Beautiful finds! I too love the feel and look of old glass and it does feel different! Pretty post!

  6. Love your vintage glasses. The parasol lady one is my fav. But then again, the rose one is lovely as well. I never can make up my mind on things.

  7. Oh have been making quite a haul at the thrift stores lately.....beautiful things you have found.



  8. What pretty glasses! And I love the pictures of the lambs... I adore lambs. I found you at Kerri's blog Sea Dreams. That saying about normal life/life... perfect. Charlene

  9. Hey pretty girl! :) I agree with you about my doors...they do look so much more substantial. My hubby said, "hey, our doors look fancy smancy"! lol He cracks me up! You CAN use a miter can you can you can! I don't really recommend the little wooden box kind can buy an electric compound miter saw for not much money (especially at a pawn shop) and it works so much better than the little boxes. If we lived closer I'd teach you!
    Your glasses are lovely..I would LOVE to find a whole set of pretty pink vintage glasses, but that's hard to do. (unless they're in an antique store, then I can't afford em'!) :)
    Have a great day sweet girl!

  10. the "vino" glasses were/ are sold at Cost Plus World Market (when they are in stock)


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