Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Bitty Before and After, Tornados, a Broken Fridge, and Tooth Removal

I got a little wild hair this weekend and decided to hang plates all over the wall. The mirror over my sofa always looked a little barren to me... so i decided to try this, and i really like it! The "before" picture is actually a better photo, and when i look at the photos side by side, i really like the candles on the table in the "before" picture better... and the sofa pillows are less random which looks more orderly,.... But i think the platters look very pretty, and really lift the eye up adding interest to the wall... It's kind of interesting how you can see things when you look at the photo, that you're completely blind to in person. I think i will add the candles back to the coffee table, and mess with the pillows some more... probably need to wash that throw too, i think it has changed colors because it's so dirty... oops, did i just say that...

On another note... I have a few phobias, being the totally neurotic, hypersensitive whack job that i am. Two of them are Tornadoes and Going to the Dentist.... GGGAAAAHHH! So last week i was the delightful recipient of an abscessed back tooth, which hurt so bad it made my ear hurt and i couldn't eat anything and my face was itchy.. Now of course being the optimist (NOT) that i am, i thought it might go away, and heal itself... guess who was at the dentist on Friday PM, being told the tooth HAS to come out ASAP, it is infected and the root goes all the way up into my sinus... and i have to go to an oral surgeon... just shoot me... i was put on antibiotics and sent home, to wake up to TORNADOES all day Saturday. AND THEN... our Refrigerator DIED! I tried to get credit to buy one at Lowes and it was DENIED in front of at least 8,000 people. Last, to add a little more fun to the weekend.. every engine light in my car is now on... So, it's Monday, and i get to go get my tooth removed from my brain this week... if my car will make it to the dentist...

I wanted to whine to you guys about my issues and phobias and make light of it... but it's really nothing compared to what happened to some folks this weekend..
my heart goes out to the people who were injured and killed by the tornadoes this weekend
i can't even imagine what they must have gone through...


  1. Yes there is always someone worse off then ourselves. I keep telling myself this.
    I hate the dentist too and the bill! Poor you oh that is awful.

    I love the plates on the wall and yes i always take photos of room to give me a better perspective. I love the candles on the table too.

    Hope your week goes better Cindy!
    Pamela xo

  2. HI Cindy !! I hate the dentist ....yuck On the left hand side of the sofa is that a mirror or a door ? Looks so pretty

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I feel your pain girl! I have spent many hours in the old dentist chair and it's not a pretty place to be! I hope all goes well.

    Sorry about all your bad luck....keep your chin up, tomorrow is a new day.


  4. Killing myself laughing over this funny post. You are hilarious! Love the living room and yes what is that thing by the couch? A door or a mirror on an old door or what? I hate the dentist too, so good luck with that visit.

  5. Cindy, I am so glad I found your wonderful blog. You had me laughing first thing this morning! When it rains it pours but it seems like you have a great sense of humor. Your home is beautiful and I love the addition of the plates. I am now following.

  6. Hi Cindy,
    I love all that you create over here, and I don't need to remind you of this, I just love it all, I could move right in and start creating my art...You have a soulful place to shelter yourself from all and remind yourself to breathe. I would love to sit and visit and snoop throughtout your place :)

    Thank you for your beautiful commement and visit.

  7. Oh dear seems like when it rains it pours....this too shall pass!



  8. Thanks for your comment today! Your house is adorable and your "About me" blurb is....refreshing and funny. Loved it!

  9. Hi Cindy...I am just catching up on your crack me up but I know how you feel about all those phobias you have...ok just the few that you have. I am right there with ya! I love your pink front door! It is so pretty and I love what you did over your sofa. I love to decorate with plates! Everything looks great! Hope you have a better week ahead and feel better!~Hugs, Patti

  10. I am absolutely petrified of going to the dentist!! For real. I have to be put to sleep just to get a filling :)


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