Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cool Handbag at Marshalls, Check it Out...

I don't know about you, but i love me a pink handbag. They have this one at Marshalls right now, at least here in Chapel Hill, NC they do. It's great, has 3 compartments, pretty lining, a magnetic closure, a drawstring thingy, and is plenty big enough to hold my measuring tape, makeup bag, wallet, cell phone, camera, daily planner, and... ummm.. oh yeah, a vegan chocolate candy bar, and some dark chocolate covered almonds, and these crunchy sesame seed candy things, 4 valium,
( just in case) and a huge ring of keys, of which, only half of them actually go to anything... It was $49.99, so kinda pricey, but i forgive myself on handbags, because it's one of my most important tools that i use everyday...
Well, anyway, that's how i justify it...

I've seen a version of this bag at Steinmart too, so it's out there, if you like this style, keep a lookout.


  1. Love that handbag !!!! roll them to the length you want then pin pin the top... on the sides just use safety pins, make it overlap ... its so much easier, and it looks really pretty.. Have a great Day !!

  2. I do ... I do! Very pretty! Amazing how much stuff it came with, haha! I didn't realize that you lived in NC. My aunt and uncle live in Clemson, SC. It's a gorgeous area. I still laugh when I see red dirt or clay...whatever it's called.
    Enjoy your bag! It's a keeper!

  3. Ha! Ha! Ha! Valium eh? Oops there's that Canadian word... Nope you need healthy herbs and lots and lots of chocolate that will fix you all up!:D
    Gorgeous handbag lots of hiding places. I was out earlier looking over handbags as well.
    Have a great Thursday,

  4. You mean you left it behind???? Are you crazy girl that purse is gorgeous!!!! Well here in Canada our cheap store is Winners (aka TJMaxx) so when you see something like this you grab it because in 5min someone else will!!! We don't have the huge cheap selection you guys have at Marshalls and Tj's . Hence why so many Canadians cross border!

  5. That is one gorgeous bag! It would fit my glue gun, screwdriver and maybe a small hammer :) Great find!

  6. Cute bag. I have been on the look out for a new one for summer. I guess I will just have to check out Marshall's on my lunch break. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  7. Oh I love your handbag...the colour is amazing. Happy week to your blog.

  8. I love your new purse!!! I have similar ones in grey and white...kathy zealand...but I love this coral pink! You poor thing with the tooth surgery. Oh, my...I am so afraid of the Dentist. But I found a wonderful wonderful one last year when I had a tooth ache. Of course they don't didn't take our insurance at the time. I was told I need a crown, but he was so nice that he told me I could wait up to 5 yrs. until I have better insurance. When I was in second grade I hit the monkey bars with my front teeth and did such horrible damage that I had to go through many Dental surgeries until I was 16 and got a bridge. I still have that same bridge but it will need replaced soon. It was only supposed to last 15 yrs. I'm scared to death to get it replaced. So you are not alone in these fears. I hope you are okay and survived the surgery. hugs. ox


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