Saturday, April 30, 2011

Before and After, and After, and After......

Ok, so here is what it looks like now, i imagine this will last about 5 minutes, because i have changed this sideboard 32 times....

It all started with a black hutch from Target, which was fine, except I always knew it would be temporary, and i'm not a great lover of particle board furniture, but it worked ok until i found something else..

Then i scored this cool sideboard for free...!

So i decided to copy Miss Mustard Seed, (look at the dresser thingy in her dining room... omg it's so cool), so i painted the sideboard blue and white to be just like her... oh brother, like that's possible...

so here it is in various stages of painting and messing with it....

(here is where i tried to copy "Simply Me" the most beautiful blog ever... by having lots and lots of flowers and roses casually tossed in a bucket)
her photos will make you want to kill yourself they are so pretty

so i tried distressing it, and rubbing dark paint in the creases and i added glass knobs to the top drawers, and it was ok, but something about it bothered me, i think you know how that is... it just keeps bothering you until you do something impulsive, like fling it out the front door. it just seemed to "countryfied" to me...
i don't even know if contryfied is a real word)
plus i wanted it shiny so i painted polyurethane on it, which i thought was polycrylic, but it wasn't and then it kind of yellowed...

Soooooo, then i tried painting it a grayish brown, well that looked boring with the brown top, so then i painted it all white again, which was too white,
even my 23 year old son said,...
"mom look at it, it's too white",
so then i painted it Benjamin Moore "linen white" , which seemed much better, and i like it better, but..... it's kinda boring

plus i'm not sure if it's legal to put that many coats of paint on anything really... i mean, how many times can you change your mind and keep adding paint... is there actually a limit where the piece becomes one ooozing blob of paint that never dries ...

Then i decided the framed burlap thing hanging over it, wasn't working, so i hung my favorite meadow painting over it... but then i didn't know where to put the cool burlap thing, so i set it up over my mantel... but now the painting on the mantel has to go, and i stole the painting now hanging over the sideboard from my bedroom, so now there's a big empty void on the wall in there.... GGGAAAAAHHHH
(that basket underneath is where we put our recycling)then i got distracted and tried to nail one of those corbels sitting
on the sideboard, in the entry to the living room,
and while i was looking for a screw... saw my favorite rose...and took a picture of of it to show you guys, it's called "pearly gates", it's a climber, and you have to get one!
i talk to it everyday and tell it how pretty it is...

and took a picture the front of my house with the white iris blooming.....

and then took a photo of my living room because the lighting was good...
and at that point decided i need to repaint all the walls a pretty gray

and Finally decided that this picture i saved from a little antique shop selling this hutch, (WHICH WAS SOLD OF COURSE !), is all i ever really wanted anyway...
and i'm pretty sure my life would be complete if i could have this hutch... that's how shallow i am

So this my friends, is total adult Attention Deficit Disorder and is the perfect selling point for hiring an interior decorator for a consultation, even if it is just for one hour, worth every penny i'm sure!

and i'm still not satisfied with the cool, free, sideboard

the end


  1. It is a cool sideboard ! Especially since it was free ! I like it white , it's not boring at all ! But I know what you mean , I'm never satisfied either . I always want something I can't afford , or there isn't one within 500 miles of me .

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Your post is just what I needed this morning! I have tears of laughter in my eyes! I can so relate! You've described decorating ADD perfectly.
    Right now, I have painted a sofa table a total of at least six times maybe more. I just can't seem to get it right. In fact, I went to bed thinking about it!! LOL!
    I think your sideboard looks great. Your home is pretty too, so relax and enjoy. Yeah right, that coming from me!!!

    I also know what it's like to do one thing and end up doing six more things on the way to do the one thing. I know you understand.

    Anyway, such is the life of the creative types...never resting always thinking.


  3. Man i never thought it was possible that there was someone out there like me! OMG i felt like it was me talking..scary lol!!! I have been like this since i was a kid and all i ever heard from my mother was that i was nuts and a fanatic and i always muck things up. Having said all this your place is beautiful and i love the paint job and i just think when you are creative this is how our minds work. Did i make any sense???
    Yes i too am always looking for the one piece or house that will make my life complete too...does this mean i'm swallow???

    I loved this post Cindy are a riot. Too bad you don't live closer !
    Pamela xo

  4. So gorgeous!!It looks fantastic. Your living room is beautiful.


  5. laughing so hard, you are so funny! but the scary thing is that real life is like this many times when you are trying to create. keep on creating and writing your way, it is such a treat!

  6. I can't believe you scored that sideboard for free. I looked forever for one. No avail. I'm happy with the rustic farmhouse dresser/buffet, now. I like the change it's perfect! I do the same. Creative genius... that's what it's called :) XO

  7. Oh Cindy....this post cracked me up. I so love it when a sweet lady can cover about 135 topics in fewer than a few paragraphs. Just too cute!!



  8. Well, I'm with the others here, your posts are very funny and always entertaining. I know that feeling of it just doesn't quite look right yet! :) Cindy I really love the sideboard and to me it looks like you nailed it in the photograph, the front of your house is also beautiful. Remember that artist thingy I mentioned awhile back? It's your raw talent...
    Lots of hugs,

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this post...probably because I can relate. And OMG, that hutch..I'm crying over it for you!

  10. OH, I SOOO needed to read this! I'm literally laughing out loud, spitting water all over my desk and the people outside my office think I've gone insane because they know I'm in here all by myself! A: the sideboard thingy is way cool and I loved it blue and white but all white looks great too! B: Your home is gorgeous and I love Eden! My roses are being TOTAL showoffs for some reason this year and I LOVE that! C: I too had adult ADD which is the bane of my family because I'm constantly leaving things scattered all over the house! You are AWESOME! :)

  11. Can you hear me honking and snorting from Efland, Cindy?? You are hilarious...and I can *totally* relate on all counts.

    I need to meet you one of these days--Karan and my mom, Bobbie, talk about you all the time!



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