Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Le Toilette - Fluff, Lace and Sparkles...

Here are some photos of fluff, and lace and pretty things from the master bathroom... This is how i visually trick everyone into thinking that my house is filled with only beautiful little vignettes... what you don't see is the messy place at the sink where i put on my makeup with my 8 X mirror, (yikes! only use one of those if you're very very brave) blush stains on the carpet, the wobbly cockeyed towel holder, and the very very full closet Mr. FracturedFairyTale and I both share...

See the precious little rosette pin in the silver tray... I ordered that from Stephanie at DinkyBird Boutique, on Etsy . She makes the most amazing flowers ever, and she was kind enough to rush mine to me just in time for my brother's wedding.

My fat midsection reflected in the mirror, terrific...

Can you believe i found this little peachy lacy blousy thing at the thrift shop, it's a little gauzy jacket with one pearl button... who would give that away!?

the end....


  1. Wow you have some real pretty stuff in there. I love that chandy or sconce...what is that??? And all the pretty soft creams and peach colors. FYI you do not have a fat midsection!!lol

  2. I agree with do not have a fat midsection!! I love all your lacy girly stuff. Thanks for the chuckle too:o)

  3. Pretty, pretty. I love it all and I agree who would giveaway that gorgeous blouse.


  4. Dreamy photos Cindy and your posts always make me laugh! You are so funny!!
    Love the colours!!

  5. awww, you're the sweetest!

    I love looking at your blog - it brings out the romantic side of me I sometimes forget.

  6. Beautiful! Love your vignettes and lacy and romantic photos!~Hugs, Patti

  7. Well, I must say you have beautiful vingettes! Really creatively displayed, I love, love that blouse what a terrific find. I agree with the other comments all I saw was romance...
    Happy week,

  8. Happy New Follwr Cindy.. Love the pinks-lacy frilly. Very Girly..
    Thank YOu for stopping by my blog..

  9. Beautiful, Cindy! Love the super soft shade of pink you have sprinkled here and there. :)
    ~ Jo

  10. Ha, Cindy! You are too funny! I don't think most of us are willing to show our messy areas. My vanity is a sad case.
    Your room has just the right amount of romance. Love the pink cowboy hat on the chandi and the blouse.
    Have a great night! :)


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