Friday, August 23, 2013

I Promise I'll Never Ever...

Talk that much in a blog post again, like i did in the last one...

Who wants to read all that stuff!!  What was i thinking !

So just a few pics this time, and as little words as possible!

So i bought this cowhide rug at World Market,  for a pretty darn good price with a coupon.  A lot better than the prices i see online - and i LOVE it!  

My sofa is all messy in this photo... but whatever... i'm sooo totally completely not a photo stager...

I'm pretty sure i have switched pillows on this sofa a thousand times... that round pink one is already gone...
anyway avert your eyes from the messy coffee table and cords in the corner, and just check out the rug

I think i paid about $160.00 with the coupon, soooo... if you want one, you might want to check them out...

 This limelights hydrangea is blooming in it's full glory - 
So amazing, i want to kiss it...
It dries and fades to a soft blush
what could be better than that...

did any of you see this photo on Pinterest?
There is something about this photo that is like therapy to me... whenever i want to feel good i look at it
What is it about this combination that is so completely irresistible!?

I think it's the coral that makes it so perfect

I went to the beach since the last time i talked to you! 

For the first time in 6 years!  

and i love love love the beach... 
but due to money issues, and anxiety issues, and planning and sequencing issues... and basically every mental health issue you can come up with... it took me 6 years to get back to the beach which is only 3 hours away from my house... 
that shows you a little how crazy i am...

it was a duplex, and it smelled like old tennis shoes, and the decor was AWFUL, and it rained almost the whole 3 days we were there.... 
but we did have one almost sunny day where we had beach time
....and it was wonderful
And since it was rainy one of the days, We took a trip just up the road to the cutest little town called Southport, and there were a million thrift and antique shops, and old homes right on the water, where boats come in
so i was in heaven with that!

Why don't i live there? near the water? it seems so wrong not to be near the ocean!
I'm pretty sure i would be healthier and less neurotic if i did!


 I haven't told you, but i am working on a new cow painting for Miss Mustard Seed...
and oh how it is giving me trouble
it's kinda hard to beat "Eulalie"

sooo... major performance anxiety here

anyway, i've reached the maximum amount of words i will allow myself in this post after the last one

talk to you sweetie pies later!

...the end...


  1. Cindy- I am like you. I am renewed and refreshed and calmed by the ocean. I don't live there because I have children and grandchildren here in the Midwest that have woven themselves into the fabric of my life...and I can't bear to pull the threads apart.
    Your sofa and your room is just gorgeous AND I can't wait to see your next cow painting. xo Diana

  2. Cindy, i rather like the mess of your sofa tossed in its so called mess, infact it looks perfectly staged. I wish I could stage like this and less of perfect lol!

    As for your last posting rant it was a rant that said what so many of us feel but, are not brave enough to spark it.
    I also feel your visiting relatives and friends feel the same way when the shoe is on the other foot, it's just so offending when we have to spark this way about our visitors yet, when those same visitors have visits they feel in most cases exactly like you.

    Love your new cowhide andi am seizing them all over, in fact Laura at verbena nested treasures down on my side bar has had one for years andi believe Fifi got one from or because of her for her home.
    I need to Putin stone or wood floors before I made a move like this, and may never but, it is a look I do love.

    Your home is taking on a look that you are soulfully connected to and it's apparent in what we see you creating here.

    I am looking forward to your buildup where you decide to rant about something else. You just do not know how funny you really are, those who can't laugh with you.... well then, their loss !

    See you soon my funny creative stager.

  3. Omg! Cindy,
    I was visiting you at about the same Time you were visiting me!
    I returned to my site after leaving you this long comment to then see you had left one for me....geeze this is tooooo! funny!!

    Thank you sweet ranting friend for all the beauty you bring to blogging. Thank you for comments that joy the reason I ses what I see in a piece.


  4. I am with you on the ocean thing--and we only live an hour away! I try to go once a year...but really I don't understand why we don't go once a month! The dogs love it there too. How is your doggie doing? I haven't seen her in your posts lately.

    Your house looks great--I love that you don't fix the pillows for pictures. That is part of your charm. :)

    I can't wait to see what you paint for Miss Mustard Seed--nothing like that to add a little extra stress to your life :) I am sure she will love it. You are so talented!

  5. You never talk too much! I missed your last post...I am so behind in reading.Your home NEVER looks messy.I always enjoy your photos.Lucky Marian....I am going to get one of your prints!!! You are an amazing artist!
    Cannot wait to see it..have a wonderful weekend :-)...Oh forgot I have those hydrangeas too they are so pretty <3

  6. Hi Cindy,
    I love your rug and it looks great in your home. I love the town of Southport. I was in a shop there called the Shops at 424 N Howe, but ended up leaving because it was just too far of a drive from Calabash.
    I hate to admit it but I live 6 miles from the beach and hardly ever get there!
    We finally closed on our new home and our movers moved us in yesterday so it's crazy around here. Hope to show some pics soon.


  7. Cindy - Don't edit yourself to fewer words! I love everything you write, because you are a real person. Love your home and your art, too. Good luck with your current cow! Barbara in Mn

  8. Beautiful photo of the ocean.
    I wonder the same thing about myself...except it's not the ocean, it's the mountains. I live in East Texas...and there are no mountains. But I have sat on a deck looking out over a pasture with a mountain range in the distance...and often thought "why don't I live here?"
    Love your living looks lived in, comfortable and cozy.
    wish you success on your commissioned piece for MMS!

  9. i'd be so much better off living near the sea. i don't even swim in it, but i need it to feel like myself. someday. so glad you got to get away. always helps to shake things up in the brain and soul. i love the colors of the hide and will check out world market. it isn't close by, but i do love that place. my black and white one just isn't me, and i wish i had held out for a white one.

    you are never too wordy for me, girl. let yourself off the hook. it's that rambling rolling stream of words that i like because i'm with you every step.

    the cow painting: before you go to sleep, command yourself to summon the creativity to make it a masterpiece when you awaken.

    i believe in you, cindy!


  10. I love your post and your decor. I have one of your beautiful paintings and you will do just fine with this one you are working on.

  11. Cindy, GREAT deal on the rug. I think I saw this a while back and thought about getting it. The coupons help:);) The dish display is gorgeous.. love all the white pottery. I have a small collection of white vases and I'm always changing my display up. Water.. the ocean.. it's all good and so therapeutic. Missed stopping by! I've been SO busy this summer.. lots always going on;)


  12. I live right smack in the middle of the U.S. not anywhere near the ocean , but when I see a picture of the ocean , or the very few times I have been to one of them I have felt like I belong there . I dream of a small beach cottage with a beautiful view . I just want to sit with my feet in the sand . Is that to much to ask for ?
    Love the rug !

  13. Oh by the way , Every time I see a picture of a cow I save it . I keep thinking I am going to paint one , one of these days .

  14. I have to have water by me. And trees. Without them, I'm nervous and cranky. I'm good with my little river in my little village but the new neighbour is starting to crowd me some. She's plunked a big park trailer down beside my house that blocks all my west views. I know it's only there while she has it up for sale but I'm using every ounce of zen I can muster to stay calm. Love your rug and wish I was Miss Mustard Seed waiting for my painting to be done!

  15. You are just so great Cindy. Love everything you write about. Anxiety and nerves and booze and messy houses and all that stuff! I was surprised to see the factory cart for your coffee table cuz i don't recall seeing it before. but i might have forgotten about...which is happening all the time now. we have a couple in the store. well i know you will do a great job on the painting and it will just be its own special number, not having to live in Eulalies shadow, xo

  16. You're posts are delightful! You should make them as long as you want. I enjoy every word!


  17. Hi Sweetpea....I'm glad to hear you had some time to spend at the beach. Sorry your cottage smelled like a dirty sock.
    I like your rug! The sofa looks fine to all looks nice and cozy.
    Hope things are less stressful for you right now. I think about you lots, girlie.

  18. Cindy you are doing better than you think. as an artist as well, I get stuck too. Take a walk, some deep breaths and take your time. It will be spontaneous when you are ready!

    I hope you know that your friends are all here for you!

    2013 Authors Series
    "Love Where You Live"

  19. Your sofa.............. Marvelous!!! And I love the air of true life we breath in your home =)

  20. OMG! Cindy I LOVE your new rug. How awesome is this???!!! It looks beautiful in your livingroom. I love your home so much.
    I am so glad you made it back to the beach. Sometimes it's nice to stretch ourselves a little and get out of our comfort zones.
    many hugs from me...

  21. I Love your sense of Humor about the various Issues you battle and about not being a Photo Stager. I can only Stage very small Close-Ups... because your 'mess' looks absolutely Pristine compared to mine... I would have a major anxiety attack if anyone came to try to Photograph my Home with even the slightest Panoramic intentions! *LOL* That's why you see mostly Close-Ups of Bohemian Valhalla, tiny slices of it can be made to look almost presentable. *Winks* Glad you made it back to the Beach... I Adore the Beach... I'd live in a shack if it had Beachfront Property... because I probably would never be inside much anyway. I'd be constantly Beachcombing for Found Treasures washed ashore!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... where we have plenty of 'Beach', just no Ocean... Dawn... The Bohemian

  22. I can relate! Beach is about a 25min walk from me!

  23. Love your hutch! Love your hydrangeas! Love your couch! Love your rants! :0)

  24. First of all steal on the hide!!! I don't believe I have seen them that cheap! Second of all the beach is awesome no matter rain or not! So glad you threw caution to the wind and went:) cause there is nothing better for the soul.


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