Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Painted My Lampshades Pink!

I have been on the watch for some fun funky pink chandelier shades for a loooong time.  I have seen some for sale online, but they are usually very expensive sooooo....

I had some plain white shades ...

  and i decided to try a trick Amy of "Maison Decor" showed on her blog !

 She is a master of Annie Sloan paint styles and techniques...
 she even used the paint to dye some fabric!.

I grabbed my  little thrift shop white shades - mixed a blob of Annie Sloan Scandinavian Pink with some water, grabbed a paint brush, and just brushed it on the shades!

i wasn't even one bit careful about it at all !

 Scandinavian pink is this wonderful deep almost terra cotta pink color, but when you add white to it it comes up to these gorgeous colors,... deep peachy pinks, then soft lighter peachy pinks...then more blush pink colors depending on how much white you add...
I didn't add any white here... just water... 

I played around and added some faux flower petals...

and even tried some dried hydrangeas

( i was a little worried that they are so paper thin and dry that they might spontaneously combust - (kind of like i have almost done in several situations with my kids over the years- spontaneously combust that is) -
- so i removed them just to be safe)

it was a fun little project - and the paint worked great !
more like a dye than a paint...

there are some spots where the paint soaked through to the underlining and it's not perfectly flawless

but "not perfectly flawless" should be my middle name, because they're just fine for me

and a lot less expensive than some that i have seen online!
 so, if i get tired of them
it's no big deal to change them out for something else

because you know how we all never change things around the house... smile

(just ask the husband's or wives, or signifigant others... they know...)

of course i only had 4 of this shape and size shade and i needed five - so i added this one random pink lampshade i had, in with the mix, and i don't really even think anyone will notice so much... 

can you see it hiding in the back?
it has little fuzzy things on it, and i love it 

maybe you can see it better here....

that's partly why this blog is 'Cindy's Fractured Fairytale' - because nothing..... not one single thing is perfect here...

...the end...


  1. Cindy- Those turned out just darling! I love them..a perfect pink color if you ask me. I really love the bits of flowers added to them, too. xo Diana

  2. I love it, Cindy! And I love the extra shade being different!

  3. Okay, so that beautiful little odd shade jut MAKES this for me! Just darling! ANd the rest is just brilliant! So love your style!

  4. I would have never thought of this Cindy! They turned out so awesome!
    In my life nothing is 'perfectly flawless' either and I love that!
    hugs from me...

  5. I love your lampshades. Amy is so inspiring with the chalk paint. The pink turned out a beautiful color. I love the mismatched shade..it is so you! Those shades look exactly like some I just got at Walmart. Enjoyed your post..as always :)

  6. Good idea! I have heard that you could use chalk paint on fabric and you just proved it!!

  7. such a pretty soft color, they turned out beautiful. I love that one random little shade...perfect!!

  8. Warning: Off subject question ahead.
    How do you dry your hydrangeas? I'm new to growing them and have no idea what to do to make pretty, dried stuff, I can bring indoors and use to decorate.

  9. That is such a pretty color! I have thought of painted some lampshades with chalk paint for a while now. I'm glad to know it works!

  10. No way! Brilliant and I'm pinning this one.

  11. You sooooo rock, girl! What a fabulous idea! I love the color you chose and I adore the fact that there is one mismatched one! So shabby chic!!! Isn't' it just so much fun to try something new and have it turn out so beautifully?? I just dyed a linen pillow slip and am overjoyed with the smokey plum shade I got when I mixed the colors! :)

    xoxo laurie

  12. Hi Cindy, gréât savings!
    I have done this before on a large shade and then painted rose art on top of the painted shade, back in the 90's the Victorian/ English cottage look. You my girl could paint a shade creamy tone with heavy coverage and then paint some of your art on top of to painted shade, I bet it would look fabulous. Do your art work on some of those barrel shades lots of room to create :)

    See you and your beauty soon.


  13. Very Pretty...the lamps turned out great!

  14. Cindy your shades turned out beautiful! Hmmm I know what my next Annie Sloan chalk paint color will be!

  15. You are a fairy princess and belong in a beautiful castle that you would decorate just like this!! I love the one being different cuz its soooo perfect and why wouldn't i think of that??! Cuz its so you! and its completely perfect and adorable. And thank you for being inspired by me and trying Annies paint on your project cuz it is the most amazing stuff...and she would love this too. She just wants us all to let it fly and do our thing, whatever that may be.

  16. Gorgeous...Gorgeous....GORGEOUS!!!!!! Miss. Amy is an inspiration, isn't she!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  17. genius! i love this idea and have been painting fabric around here as well. wonder how the technique would work on silk shades? hmmmmmm. you are delightful (as always) and the imperfection looks soooooo good on artful you and your place.



  18. Hi Cindy,

    It looks absolutely amazing and far nicer than anything I have seen in the shops. I am going to be using Annie Sloan's paint, it has just come to NZ. I had no idea you could use it on lampshades, what a fantastic idea. You must be so proud of your results.

    Lee :)

  19. That chalk paint is miracle paint. I really have to get some one day. I love your pink shades Cindy. Pink is my favorite color but I never use it in my decor. I'm gonna have to change that. Who needs perfection? it's boring anyway

  20. I like imperfection.....it adds character! :-) I thought maybe you just put the fuzzy trim on that shade since they all kinda had different flowers etc....so you had me fooled. :)
    Hope your tomato soup turned out okay if you got to make it! Mine was yummy !!!
    Love ya sweetness! By the way, I still smile every single time I look at my painting.....you are such a wonderful blessing to call friend. :-)

  21. What a wonderful way to change the look of your shades! As since 'PAINT' is your middle name, this is right up your alley! They turned out gorgeous, I'm doing this!

  22. Holy moly...this is so beeeautiful!!! It looks like something right out of a magazine! I LOVE it, Cindy!! Love, love, love it!!!!!!

  23. Great Transformation and Tutorial... I think I now want to start painting random Shades around my House! *LOL* So... seriously... I Hope Annie Sloan has Black Chalk Paint, 'cause I'm going Dark with it being close enough to Halloween already to be Morbidly Fascinating in the direction I want to go. And when I need a Romantic Style Break I'll just come over and bask in your Home's Transformation okay?

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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