Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pink Pom Pom Perfection...

I have finally found the perfect pink accessory ever in the whole wide world

And TADA ... here it is!

it's this wonderful, adorable, soft, yummy throw from 

ok, so i'm gushing a little... well actually alot

I had seen this throw about a year ago online, in a random photo from some really cute little shop... and searched everywhere for it, because it looked like a rare find

the perfect pink

which can be quite elusive actually

the perfect pink is like the soft blush of the inside of a conch shell, or of a fading rose petal. 
it has a hair of brown in it, a molecule of yellow, and the perfect shade of red mixed with white

it can't be too blue, it can't be too bright, and it can't be too coral

now you see how crazy i am about my pinks being just right!

anyway Jacqueline from Cabin and Cottage did one of her cool posts where she goes to the BEST shops and shows us peeks of the goodies inside, and she's an amazing photographer so the images are to die for,  and you feel like you just went shopping with her
was that like the longest most rambling sentence ever or what...

anyway... lo and behold
in one of the photos
there was the throw i had searched for!!!
my throw mate...

just look at those cute fat pink balls on charming
did i just say cute fat pink balls?

the color's a little off in this photo

the package was so pretty too, i'm keeping it
(hoarder personality)
Pom Pom Interiors does it right!

They actually don't even know i'm blogging about them,
so, i definitely wasn't paid to say anything about this cute blanket...
i'm totally not interesting enough for anyone to pay me for my opinion

this is my own deranged overreaction to the perfect pink!

So Thanks Jacqueline! 

you brought me and my perfect pink pom pom perfection together

 ...the end...


  1. I love it! It's so cute and looks so comfy! You're right; the exact perfect shade of pink can be elusive, but they nailed it with this gorgeous throw! It's like the color of the center of the rose if your painting further up the page! Perfection!! I may have to go look for one too! I love pink and softness together! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  2. I do believe you have found the perfect pom pom throw! I am loving the pink too--they call it cream pink--I think it would be beautiful in white too. Enjoy it--it is cuddle up time of year! Your photos are so pretty--I love that "dream" above your bed--you painted that, right?

  3. Oh wow Cindy!!!!
    That is the most beautiful perfect shade of pink fluffy throw i have ever seen!! oh it is so you and just so beautiful,it is so great when you finally find something you have been dreaming over.
    Enjoy snuggling up! xxx

  4. Oh for heaven's sake! I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE THAT!!! duh-- But I'm so glad! It looks like it was MADE for you. Was your name on the package? :0)

  5. cottoncandyscrumptious, oui?

    looks fabulous everywhere you drape it, cindy.

    i call that shade cindy pink.

    smiles to you. 5 days to france, mama.


  6. Love it! Perfect to snuggle with a the softess color pink :)

  7. Oh what a soft color of pink!!! The picture of your bedroom is gorgeous Cindy. I think I'm due for a change in mine.
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  8. Hi Cindy,
    Who knew pink balls could look so pink, pretty and puffy!! I love it and yes it's the perfect shade of pink. We pink lovers can be very specific about our pinks.
    I love how it looks draped over the bottom of your bed. It is definitely you.


  9. lolol! You crack me up, Cindy! I know exactly what you mean about wanting the perfect pink. So many are too "cotton candy" pink which is just to juvenile and girlie for me. However...I do think that in your obsessive disorder to find the perfect pink, you did just that! lol! The cute little pink balls (and DID say that and so did I) are just adorable, too! Adore you, girlie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  10. Looks so snuggly! Don't you just love it when you are searching for a particular item, and finally find it?

  11. Oh my gosh Cindy that throw is adorable and I agree entirely about it being the perfect petal pink.

    Lee :)

  12. I think I lost my comment but wanted to say how I love the throw and that I agree entirely it is the perfect " faded petal" pink. I will have to go and check out your friends blog.

    Lee :)

  13. purdy purdy purdy! :) I love the perfect color of pink...and the pom poms are so sweet!

  14. It is just perfect! I can see why you are tickled pink over it!

  15. Love your new throw! The color is so soft that! Pom Poms is right up there with Bella Notte on my list of favorites ❧❧❧

  16. Oh, it's just beautiful! No wonder you're wild about it. It looks gorgeous in your shabby chic home. Love your bedroom, btw! It also looks super soft. I'm sure my dog would LOVE to lie on that! Ha! I'm familiar with Pom Pom Interiors. They have some beautiful things!

  17. So perfectly pink~its adorable and irresistible!


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