Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ok, Remind Me to Never Ever... 4 chairs that might look great in my house if i painted them, 
 and drag them home, 
and then only kind of like them, 
and have to paint 2 coats of paint on all 4, 
and then have to figure out what to do with them, 
because i like the chairs i have better.... 

So, i have 2 days off of work every week, and a thousand million gajillion things i want to do OTHER than painting chairs that i'm not going to use!  
I'm mad at ME!

They are kinda cute though...

I painted Paris on them... just for fun

I liked their curvy backs, reminded me of a heart shape....

the fabric is just tucked in in this photo, not stapled yet

soooo, they are now at my friends shop for sale! 

uh oh, now that they're in the shop i think i like them again...

this linen fabric is really nice, love the colors....

they actually look pretty darn cute at this wonderful farm table she has
wish i'd taken a photo of that

and so it goes....

it's like donating something to the thrift shop,
and then finding it later and wanting to buy it back !
I still like my cane backed chairs the best, but what i really want to find is some chairs like Miss Mustard Seed's old chairs...
I LOVED these!

or these $50,000.00 dollar a piece Rachel Ashwell chairs, i love these too!

 ok, so they're not really $50,000.00, but they're pretty darn expensive for my budget...
 so for now
 mine will have to do

another thing i took to my friends incredible shop 
this weekend, 
 was my most recent rose painting...

 The very same day one of her partners brought in the coolest chairs with blush colored silk fabric, 
and oh man, they look so pretty together with the rose...

here is a photo with the painting just propped up near the chair...
there are two of these in the shop, isn't it heavenly!

so... changing the subject...
I was washing dishes the other night, and had this great sink full of good hot fresh sudsy water ... just happily going along, i put a nice clean pot on the rack to dry, and  i turned around and all the water had drained out of the sink... 
don't you just HATE it when that happens, a fork or something pulls out the drain and you lose your good sink water!!! 
i know it's so so small a thing, but it's soooo irritating!

it made me think of you guys and how i wanted to blog about the little things that happen that just really get on our nerves
 i mean we all know there are a million awful things that can happen, and we're all really blessed, blah blah blah...

but lets talk about the little things that are so annoying anyway
just for fun...

Ok, I've got another one

dogs slurping water...

it drives me completely out of my mind! 

now.., i love dogs, i have dogs, i sleep with my dog, i've rescued dogs, i've bottle feed dogs, i've had emotional breakdowns watching that Sarah McLaughlin commercial about dogs 
haven't we all!

but when my dog slurps water, it makes me insane
the first few seconds of slurping are fine, sort of... 

ladeda... just tune it out... she'll stop soon

But NOOOOO she keeps slurping and slurping and slurping and still slurping .... and then of course more slurping
until finally i'm pretty sure 
i am going to have to kill her

i don't kill her 
no dogs were injured during the making of this blog post
i mean, is it me, or is dog slurping really really really annoying??? 

Ok, now, how about you guys, own up ... don't leave me out here in the cold talking  about stupid stuff
what makes your head spin around???

cute pumpkin

...the end...  



  1. Wish I lived closer to you! I have cane back french provincial style chairs I want to find a new home for and I LOVE the ones you just brought home!

  2. I find dogs licking their private parts just as annoying as you find them slurping water. I just want to hand them toliet paper, which I guess won't work, but somehow should.

    1. Yeah, and isn't it great when they do that when you have people over, and there they go, just licking away... and of course everyone is trying not to notice... funny

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I love it when I come here. You always make me laugh and this time you did not dissappoint! I love those chairs and if I were you I'd be gettin them back, but then again I love your kitchen chairs too, so maybe you should just get the money. Oh and that pretty little chair against your rose painting is so lovely.

    Yes, dogs slurping water can be very irritating. One thing that really makes me crazy is when Mr. Sissie eats ceral and bangs the spoon against the bowl making the most irritating clanging noise over and over again and the he slurps the last of the milk! Yuck, I wanna kill him. Of course there are more things than that that drives me crazy but that's enough useless info for now.

    hugs and always, always keep us laughing.


    1. Sissie, this is just too too funny... i think we can all relate! thanks for rescuing me here with a story of your own!


  4. It's way more annoying to have the cat prop itself up against you, just as you're going to sleep, and start to take a bath. Lick, bump, lick, bump, scratch ear, bump, bump, bump. "Why is the cat scratching? Does it have fleas? Is that a flea I feel on me?" ~ Maureen

  5. oh, that made me laugh... thanks for not leaving me hanging with your "annoying stuff" contribution...

    i hate it when cats do that kneading thing and drool... GAAAAHHHH!

  6. i live on a golf course and on the other side of the course behind my house lives a family who own two outside dogs, that YAP and yap and yap!!! it echoes across to my house and drives me dan and i can not figure out why the owners let this go on and on?? they must hear is constant and loud....totally annoying.
    love those chairs and your sense of humour!

  7. oh man... that's pretty bad... it must totally grate on your nerves! one of my dogs, the slurper... also has the most annoying screaming bark and whine( we inherited her from the kids of course) and i can't leave her outside for long, because i'm sure the neighbors would hate us so bad... she literally screams when i get home from work, i'm surprised animal cruelty officers haven't visited our house for dog abuse!

  8. that chair looks really nice for me

  9. Hi Cindy first time visiting (thru Dear Lillie) firstly so in love with your chairs if i lived in america i would be tracking those down!! i thought i was the only one who "rescued" chairs with no way of housing them ;) i am currently repainting 8 dining room chairs... i hate them so much now (i hated them after i finished 2 and realised i still had six to go :( , secondly the sink draining is a pet hate of mine!! thirdly i get so annoyed when in the afternoon i make a sweeping announcement to the household that "i am making a coffee and sitting down for 20 mins with no requests for me to do anything???" everyone looks at me like what are you talking about just go have your coffee (imagine looks of bewilderment as they wonder why i have to say this) no sooner do i sit down.... the words all mums cringe at...."muuuuummmmm can you???? maybe i should of just made a vodka instead! Your paintings are gorgeous, so talented. Yes i am a rambler lol.
    Clarissa xo

  10. Your new chairs remind me of Sissies chairs. I love them! You'll probably go back and get them--LOL Not having room for the has never stopped you before, has it? :)

    Love your dog slurping story--I never notice our little dogs slurping at all. You we used to have a Shar pei you would have hated. She had a "meat mouth" and would store food in her cheeks for later. When she drank she would slurp loudly and then shake her head and slobber and everything would go everywhere. I miss her.

    Just started my reading list and I have read about cat throw up, dog slobber, and chairs. Funny. I love blogging:)

  11. Oh, forgot to say love the cane back chairs you are using now. I also want those $50,000 chairs!

  12. I want to run screeching after cars that drive fast down the road.

    but the real reason I wanted to comment is that EVERY time I read your blog, I think (out loud) that I just flat love it.

    Karen in N.J.
    P.S. I have to publish as anonymous cause I am none of the other things offered.

  13. I think you did a wonderful job on those chairs Cindy and I like the added touch of "Paris". I admire so much the way you organize your life and get everything done. I still have the little nest of tables sitting in my spare room that were mums that I plan to do a makeover on. I still have the painting unfinished on my easel and I still have mums house to finish painting and making over to sell and I don't have a 9-5 job except the blog! How do you do it!

    Those Rachel chairs are fabulous, are they truly that expensive? Your such a talented lady and inspire me each time I visit, I just have to get my "A into G" as they say in NZ...meaning get more organised.

    Lee ☺

  14. those chairs you painted were really really great i have a shop and woulda bought them to resale in a quick pull my checkbook out moment aaaaaaaaagain your talent amazes me!!!susan

  15. Those chairs are gorgeous, Cindy, you did an amazing job with the paint and reupholstery! The RA chairs are gorgeous, too, but yeah, her prices are insane. I'm super close to her Santa Monica store, and went in there to take a peek around not that long ago, and she had a set of three Florentine nesting tables (you know, the ivory and gold colored ones from Italy), and also a milk glass urn-shaped vase. She wanted $300 for the tables (I got mine for $125) and something like $60 for the vase (which I got for $2.00 at a thrift store!). She actually used to (probably still does) shop at antique malls, flea markets, and antique swap meets, so she just buys the same stuff we all do and marks it up outrageously. Sad, because who can afford that stuff? Oh yeah, the rich!

    Your rose painting is gorgeous, and looks simply stunning with that chair. Some smart gal will probably whip them both up as a set!

    My pet pet peeve (LOL!) is my cat (I have 3) who also slurps her water. She's not as loud as a dog, but I swear she can slurp for 5 minutes or longer. I don't know how she hasn't passed out from lack of air while slurping. It's annoying to hear, as is the middle of the night grooming thing, as someone up thread said, when they lean against you and start washing their butts. Gross!

  16. Ok, first of all - those chairs are totally regal and very chic, Cindy! I know that they'll sell quickly (if not to YOU). lol!

    Second - love your painting next to that sweet pink chair! Sooo pretty!

    Third - seriously coveting those RA chairs.

    Fourth - husbands who snore on their SIDES. Yeah. Usually that happens when their on their backs, right??? Wrong. Not with MY husband. I swear he could snore upside down.....just sayin'....

    xoxo laurie

  17. Cindy I hate to say this but I LOVE those chairs you just donated! I have done that very same thing! I donate and then see it again only to want it back!
    Yes lots of things annoy me. I am staring to go through menopause.... I am using that excuse anyway! Okay you know when you have that plastic wrap and you want to throw it in the garbage and it keeps sticking to you even though you are trying to throw it out.Because of static electricity it won't come off your freakin hand!? That drives me insane! Also I hate when anyone touches my windows or walls! I am the one who paints and cleans the windows around here so hands off! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest :-)

  18. Oh Cindy...You and I are truly kindred spirits! I guess I should mention that at one time I had 18 chairs in my garage at once! :) (doesn't that make you feel better?!) We bought new dining room chairs, (so there was the 8 old ones out there). Remember the Target kitchen chairs I re-did for my round kitchen table? (well the 4 old oak ones were out there) Then there was a wing chair, a barrel chair, a rocking chair, two little kid rocking chairs and couple of other nondescript chairs. (not counting my folding chairs we use for camping trips etc!) lol I guess I kinda have a chair fetish. :) I did just sell the 8 old dining chairs, so it's a little better out there!
    OK...the little things that bugs me a lot is tv commercials where the music is louder than the words and I can't even here what the commercial is about. There seems to be a lot of those lately. (inbetween the political commercials which also drive me crazy!) Ha!
    Ok...I'm off my soap box now! :-D
    Love ya!
    PS....If I lived closer I'd add those chairs you just painted to my garage...I LOVED them!!! (I might even put them in the HOUSE and use them!!) lol So curvy and feminine!

  19. you guys are so awesome... these are great! ya'll have made me laugh out loud more than once with the things that annoy you!


  20. Laughing and laughing here! And hearing dog lapping too! You have a gift girl... If anything does bug me it could often be in the pet category.

    I love your chairs! All of the them. The new ones are fabulous! And your rose painting is otherworldly. Are your days off on the weekend? Hope it's good!

  21. your chairs are cute. sometimes we just have to live with them a while, right?

    those chairs of rachel's have been on my wish list for a lonnnnnng time. so timeless and perfect.

    do you know that when we brought her home, i trained bella to drink from a glass ferret bottle installed on the side of the island(to keep her beard from getting so wet) and then my kids got her started on drinking from the faucet (bathroom and kitchen) and she rejected that dang thing? yes. she is lifted to a faucet for every drink. it's not slurping but its insane.

    smiles to you, pinky.


  22. I love all your chairs especially the ones your selling very, very nice.
    Your comments are so funny. But true!!!
    Ah! Lets see, someone cracking their gum...:)
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  23. Hi Cindy,
    Oh you are toooo, to funny!
    I do the same thing last week bought a buffet top, yes just the china top...Why? because it was pretty and I did not want to miss out if someone else bought it. So got it home and truly could not do a thing with it and to big to marriage it with a piece I had, so now faced with trying to sell it in my shop :)

    I truly love your chairs the best, The chairs that have the heart shape backs are very pretty, but I stay away from things that remind me of hearts, the R/Ashwell chairs are so common and tired of seeing them everywhere. They are beautiful if you have them in your home, but to seek them out to swap yours for them I cannot see why you would want to do this. Yours have a unique shape legs and support bar so very French.
    I wish I had yours the one you have right now!

    This was such a cute post and all the pricey stuff so true, so hard for me to swallow those pricey prices, and I should be use to it. I spend a great deal of time in the show rooms for interior designers for all the estate homes I design yet cannot wait for that next great cheap shabby find for my home, of course I slip something great and shabby in each room of a model home giving it an anchor piece to love :)

    Thank you for gracing your beauty over at my place, you are a doll and a fine artist to love.


  24. Love your chair redo!

    What makes my head spin is listening to our cat, Zena, chomp away at plastic shopping bags.
    We usually try to keep them out of reach, but she usually manages to find one in the closet in the middle of the night and noisily feasts away, and then the next morning is the worst sound in the world...Zena throwing up the bag. Okay, really gross, but hey I'm just being real, here.



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