Monday, October 15, 2012

Ok, I'm Tired of Messing With It...

Yep, i've spend 3 weekends messing with this painting, and basically i'm tired of it and ready to move on... I'm calling it done!  
A painting can always be toyed with endlessly, but sometimes you just have to know when to stop...

here is how the painting started....

brushed in, then wiped out color...

here is where i went in the next weekend after it had dried, and darkened the dark areas, just adding contrast

you can see that just darkening around the rose really makes it pop...  
contrast is cool!

and now with some color added....

this is a big ole painting, 30 x 40, so it has alot of impact..

now wanna hear a story...?

years ago when i first started painting
i didn't know alot about supplies 
i didn't know much about archival stuff
and when to use quality, and where you could skimp and save money

i didn't have alot of money, and canvases were expensive
so i painted on plywood alot

linseed oil is also pretty darn expensive!

 so one day i found some boiled linseed oil at Home Depot
it was like $8.00 for a gallon

i was in hog heaven, i thought i was so clever to buy it and use it on paintings, and was just so sure that art supply stores were ripping me off with their  pricey little 
containers of linseed oil!

I painted this painting using boiled linseed oil

It was so pretty and airy when it was done, i really liked it

but it turns out that painting with boiled linseed oil, is like the worst thing one could possibly use for an oil painting, 

it is not really boiled, but does have solvents added to it and could even eventually eat through the canvas, or something horrible like that
Opposite of Archival !
which basically means something that will retain it's quality for a really long time! 

 Sure enough over the ears, this painting has yellowed to the point that the color is so poor
it's kind of an awful yellowed apricot
  So the moral of the story, 
when you do buy art supplies for painting

consider that you might end up painting something more beautiful than you thought you could!

and get the best quality supplies you can afford!

I always liked the composition of the painting though, 

so finally

15 years later

i repainted it

and this time 
no boiled linseed oil!

...the end...  



  1. It just amazes me that you have this talent. I'd even take the peachy coloured one! ~ Maureen

  2. I enjoyed your narrative and love your romantic roses. Do some more, Aloha Ral

  3. Cindy, Cindy, Cindy!

    Amazing Grace is all I can say, leaving me breathless, and soon a lung transplant!!

    How your hands, and mind work poetically not one better than the other is just so soulful.
    If to only paint like you, I would lock myself up in my world and lose myself to the beauty I would paint.

    Cherish those hands and care for that brain, God has blessed you.

    Thank you for visiting me and my little works of art, for my hands are the hands that work well with paint to wood, and the building of what I see.

    That little stool I plan to create for my etsy, its very heavy, sturdy, well built to last and is so sweet to look at tucked away or pulled out in the open.

    lots of inspiration to you sweet friend.

  4. Beautiful painting.Yes I agree never skimp.I am tempted to do that too but in the end is costs more.You should teach painting classes via the internet and of course charge! Many people would love to learn your techniques but we don't live close enough.

  5. I love your paintings.....even the apricot, washed out, old's still beautiful, but the new replica is just breath-taking. :) Love you lady!
    Missy ;-)

  6. So beautiful Cindy and I love the story of how this came about. You are truly gifted. It's amazing to listen to an artists perspective on how something should evolve.

    Happy new week!


  7. I think the painting is beautiful! Roses are my favorite flower and you did it justice.

    Thank you so much for bringing a little joy and light to my day!!

  8. Hi Cindy,
    I love the redo of your beautiful painting! I'm glad that you were able to salvage it and who would ever know that it faded. It's truly a masterpiece and I know it looks lovely in your cottage.


  9. That is beautiful beyond words! I can't draw or paint a straight line using a ruler, so I don't know squat about artist's supplies. But I do agree that in whatever you do, you should use the best that you can, for things that are important to you. I work a lot with discarded pallet wood, but I want very good tools to work with. I love to cook, and baking is a passion, and I use only the best ingredients I can buy. No margarine, generic this or that, but real butter, heavy cream, the freshest eggs, etc. Nothing low-fat, low-calorie, low anything, in my creations, but oohhh, how good!! When one puts the time, effort and love into something, wheather a painting or a birthday cake, it makes sense to use the highest quality components. I just love your painting, and I am glad you used materials to make it last forever.

  10. Oh wow--that painting is just gorgeous! Good advice on using quality products. You are so talented!

  11. Perfectly Lovely in Every Sense of the Word - Evokes a Feeling of Utter Serenity and Silent Joy!

  12. Gorgeous painting, Cindy! I feel like I could just reach out and touch those soft petals. :) You are such an amazing artist....and a learned one....via trials and errors! :) Hugs!

    xoxo laurie

  13. It's gorgeous Cindy!!!! I almost think I can smell these roses! I love seeing your work my talented friend.
    When I used to paint (yes, used to) I remember dreading having to buy more supplies because it was when our family was small and we had very little money (hmmm...sound like now) but you are right, if you are going to paint you have to use the right stuff, especially because I was selling my art. I remember one time I had just finished a painting and had it drying. My tiny daughter had found it and climbed up and decided the painting needed a few touch ups : ) Actually that happened more than once before I smartened up and started putting them up higher to dry.
    I haven't picked up a brush in years and sometimes wonder if I could even do it still. Too many other things took over my life like gardening and collage. My sister, who is also a painter said she knows I will know when the time is right to take it up again. I wonder?
    sending hugs...

  14. What a gorgeous painting! You have such talent...

  15. your painting is so pretty cindy!! and so "you" in all of its pinky soft goodness! i know what you mean about overworking a piece...i tend to do it a lot....sometimes it is hard to stop!
    happy autumn weekend to you, sweets!

  16. I love how your painting has taken on a mystical look. Really stunning work.
    We've all tried to cut corners with one thing or another. Live and learn, then produce a masterpiece like you just did.
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  17. It's beautiful. What a sad lesson learned. But it is a true masterpiece. xo

  18. That is the most beautiful painting. I wonder sometimes about how talent is passed out and realise that I was definitely not there on the day so unfortunately I missed out You were certainly there and keep me looking on in wonderment. Thank you for sharing.


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