Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just an Old Door.....

I love this old door... I just tucked it in the corner in my living room... It weighs 80 gabillion tons, i don't know why, it just does... It's like it has the mass of a black hole, it is so heavy. A couple of my blogger buddies have asked me about it, so i thought i'd try to show you some better pictures, which i can't really seem to get, because it's pretty much impossible to photograph anything in my house without a weird glare, or everything turning pond scum green or putrid yellow....

anyway... here are a couple more photos of miss "Eden", she is such a show off!!!


  1. Yeah i wanted to see that door you turned into a mirror. It looks like a creamy ivory color all shabbied up in the right spots. Lucky you to have that. have you ever hung a wreath on it like it is a door?

  2. Yes I have!, I've hung big bows on it and a wreath on it, and strung lights around the mirror, I do have fun with this old shabby door...

  3. I think it looks really neat ! I have an old door somthing like that , that I am in the process of decopodgeing with old book pages. Not real sure what I'm going to do with it when I'm done , but I thought maybe a headboard. Anyway I love stuff like that , adds a little surprise to the room .

  4. I love old doors! That really looks great.


  5. Oh i love old doors like this in a living room! My husband just wouldn't understand the decor concept of it though i know he would give me a hard time if i tried it! Maybe i should then!

    I love your Eden rose!!! So lucky to have roses already!!!
    Pamela xo

  6. I love your door! I think it looks great where it is too. Your home looks so lovely! I have to say I like your thought of the day.. my kids have often told me "I'm not normal!" glad to see it's not just me.... take care, Maryann

  7. The old door looks perfectly shabby and happy in your lovely home.


  8. love it! The flowers are gorgeous - I have some new ones in the shop that look similar!

    hope all's good in your world - thanks for sharing your pictures!

  9. Oh that is so much more than an old door...


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