Monday, May 16, 2011

Mantel 5 Different Ways, Which Do You Prefer ?

One cool thing about being able to make paintings, is that you can have lots of choices of things to hang on walls around your house....... One not so cool thing about making paintings is that you can have lots of choices of things to hang on walls around your house!

These are orchids

i know the burlap is crooked... i think i don't care though...
of course this one i didn't paint...
I like the contrast and the size of this one... it's simple, but one of my favorites...

I have lots of paintings for sale if anyone is interested, just let me know, i have very good prices, because my grown son is back in the nest now, and people like me who are running out of money, who have grown sons moving back in, sell cheap! The hardest part would be shipping a large painting, but it could be worked out. My paintings usually sell from around $75.00 up to 900.00... You see the iris painting below, normally i'd sell it for around $400.00. But now... I'd take less. It is oil on canvas, and pretty big...
I'm in love with my blogger friends anyway, so i don't care if i sell to you guys for barely more than my cost...
the funnest paintings i ever did were the ones that were surprises and gifts ...

These photos are from my iphone, so they're not that good, my other camera is being weird. Amy at Maison Decor, the most awesomest blogger ever, says you should always take good shots of things in your home, in case someone from a magazine is looking... you should go read what she says about it. She made me think to look at my camera's settings, and realize i have no idea what i'm doing and and i definitely don't know what ISO is...
Did you know that when you see a painting in a gallery, the gallery usually charges the artist 30% - 50% of the cost of the painting! and sometimes a fee also just to be in the gallery... So a painting you'd normally sell for say $400.00, you would have to mark up to cover that cost... !

Anyway, which painting over the mantel do you prefer??? or is the burlapy thing the best?


  1. Hi Cindy!

    I like the single flower painting. It really stands out. All your paintings are beautiful. YOu have incredible talent.

    Don't you just love that new chandy Amy scored??? Only 100bucks too!

    Pamela xo

  2. I think your favorite is my favorite. It's a nice balance.
    Your work is stunning! The orchid painting is beautiful! I never realized how much art galleries charged. That's crazy! Good luck in your sales. Sounds like you'll need it with the kids moving back.
    Have a great week! :D

  3. You always make me laugh so hard, and you always surprise me too!! thanks for the shoutout! I like the orchids and the iris painting over the mantel the best. Not the burlap thing. Can't hold a candle to real artwork. One thing I would like to tell you is try taking away the candlestick on the right...see how that looks.

  4. i've fought with this mantel for 4 years, and Amy takes a 2 second look, and knows exactly what to do... move the candlestick on the right to achieve some balance... Amy is the bomb!

  5. I love the orchids or the iris too. You are very talented!~Hugs, Patti

  6. Hi Cindy....please forget the burlap work is everso lovely!!

    Any one of the paintings are great but I gotta tell you that I think the black one is too heavy. The orchids are so very perfect with everything else you have around the mantle. Just my own humble opinion.....that and a buck will get you a ride on the bus!! LOL LOL

    BTW.....your art is spectacular!!



  7. I like the colors in the Iris's , but the're all pretty !

  8. Cindy - I'd love to own one of your paintings. Is the one that looks like pink hydrangeas in the clear vase still available (I think it's on the far left side of your flower gallery page)? If so, how much?

    Thanks you dear!

  9. Hi Cindy ~ I like the orchids pics the best there is alot more balance there and the color just is alot better! The art galleries are terribly expensive...
    Hugs Rosemary...X

  10. Hey Cindy! Thanks for you comment on my laundry room...I can't wait to see it finished either! lol I'm having a blast doing it though!
    I love all your're so talented! I think I like the first and second ones best though..and I agree with Amy on moving the candlestick on the right. :) (she's such a smart gal!) :)
    Have a wonderful week sweet friend!

  11. Hi Cindy,
    You do beautiful work! I would do Iris for spring, and the single flower is gorgeous, I'd use it for fall :-)

  12. Love the mantel-they are great-so m any ways to decorate-or display-and showcase your treasures..
    Great Paintings too..

  13. Hi there. I just found your blog and wanted to say hello to you. Your paintings are lovely. I'd have to pick either the first one or the last one as my favorites for over your mantle. I look forward to catching up on your old posts. : )

    ~ Wendy

  14. Your paintings are wonderful! I think the last one looks best with the other things you have displayed on your mantel.:)

    ~ Jo

    p.s. thanks for your input on my new header. :)

  15. Hey Cindy! I bet you could do a project like my laundry room...the planning just takes some time, but it's not hard. :) I just sat down and figured out how I wanted the room to function and then made zones...a zone for the washer and dryer, a folding area, storage, hanging..then how did I want it to look...just pretty! (so the board and batten, cabinets, flooring etc came into the looking pretty zone too) I bet YOU could do it!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. I like the last one! The dark looks stunning on your mantel.


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