Monday, May 23, 2011

Come On In And Snoop Around One of My Upstairs Bedrooms... it's another cool wall color i would never have picked...

A Very blue bedroom!

Here are a bunch of photos of a little bedroom i have upstairs. The headboard i pulled out of the dump. The little hutch thingy was a gift from a friend. The blankets are thrift store finds.
This is a great example of a wall color i would never have chosen. It was here when we moved in. But everyone loves this color, it's like therapy going into this room, it's so calming...

I had a bunch of silk flowers, and i just set them on top of this little cabinet when i was purging or cleaning up or something, and they looked pretty, so i just left them there... sometimes that's just how it happens...

The little cushion on the bench has fabric just tucked around it, probably would have been good to smooth out the wrinkles before i took a photo... i never see details like this until later, what is that?

on the chair is a random roll of burlap ... i probably had an ADD attack and just left it there and wandered off...

The bedside tables are old wicker planters i pulled out of my favorite dump, and yes... i am an admitted dump diver, what can i say....
anyway, i went to Ace Hardware and they cut some plastic acrylic stuff they had for the tops... it was very inexpensive... just a few bucks... and, voila! bedside tables.

Here are some photos from one of my very favorite shops in Mebane, NC. "The Elegant Relic". Lacy has everything wonderful there. Robin's egg soaps, crazy cool vintage furniture she has redone, and AMAZING clothes...

Guess who painted the sheep propped up over the hutch???

I think she's pretty cute, if i do say so myself... or is it a he???

hmmm, i haven't decided, what do you think? girl or boy? I don't know why it matters, but it does, i like my animals to have a gender.., there's probably something wrong with that...


  1. Hi Cindy,
    I love your sweet little bedroom. It's so inviting and dreamy.
    Love the shop photos too.


  2. Wow, what a pretty bedroom. I can't believe you found the headboard at the dump!! I have to agree the wall colour is very calming and I just love the cabinet with the glass front! take care, Maryann

  3. Good afternoon....Love, Love, Love the blue in that bedroom.....and thanks for giving us the link to your sweet little shop. I'm going to try to hop over there now and see what she is all about.



  4. what a charming guest room. loved seeing that today! pretty wall color, looks great with white. cute shop too, love the lamb.

  5. Vry Pretty !! Love the color on the walls! Have a great night

  6. That is a very pretty room , I like that color , probably because my bedroom is blue . And I love that store, I think it is a "grass is greener" thing. But I always wish there were great stores like that near me .

  7. Loving the bedroom! I had walls like that in my bedroom growing up!

    The shop you are sharing looks like a great place to shop!!

  8. I love bedrooms with kneewalls--they're so cozy and that color really suits the space. And yay for mentioned Lacy's shop! I splurged and bought an amazing top from Hen Feathers a few weeks ago for a concert (that ended up getting canceled...grrr) I don't know if she has any more, but it's a sleeveless cream tunic with a ruffled edge on the bottom. The print is a brown floral that reminds of me of brown transferware. It's just too lovely for words! She has a ton of beautiful summery tops right now that are way too tempting...


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