Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Messing With My Mantel, Pretty Silks Again, and Some Ruffles...

I love this pillow i found with the big ruffle... I'm a ho for ruffles...

There is this well known designer, Pamela Pierce, and she uses big, fluffy, long ruffles on everything... see the photos... it's wonderful

mantel switched around ... again...

if you look closely behind the candlesticks, you see that there are big piles of random things on the stairs i need to carry up... i hate stairs so bad...

Note my attention to detail... the placement of the pink candle on the candlestick....

Why do i know I'm not the only one who switches out her mantel every other day, and two to four times a day during PMS... I pulled an old painting from somewhere else and plopped it on my mantel, added a couple of cool candlesticks i found, and voila something different... I updated my silks with some pretty faux cherry blossoms,... they came from target... and i do like them a lot... they cost around $9.00, pricey for me for silks, but i've looked for good looking faux cherry blossoms for a while, and most are this fakey AWFUL bright pink... so i sucked it up and bought them...

There were two things this house didn't have when we moved in that are requirements for me... a fireplace, and hardwood floors. Our budget only allowed for this little gas fireplace, it comes all in one piece and you just push it up against the wall, and hook it up, not my dream fireplace, but we had to compromise...
next , hardwood floors? we'll see,.... my car is getting pretty old and doing some weird things, so, you know how it is....

If you want to see an adorable house, that will make you want to copy everything she does, go to The Old Painted Cottage
look in the upper left hand corner, and go to Cottage of the Month... you will die and go to heaven at this house... in fact if you want to look at so many cool cottages you forget to blink, you should look through the cottage of the month archives!
It's awesome fun... Thanks Jennifer!


  1. oh how i know the PMS...switch a roo.....gettn ready to switch the living room..HA HA HA!

  2. Thats fun to look at..I should be working on a job, but instead I am checking on you and your rearranging. I bet your pink chairs would look pretty next to the fireplace too...you have some pretty chairs! I love the white one shown here. The painting is dreamy and looks so good here. I also have a staircase in my livingroom and it is not the best thing to have in the room! I totally understand piles needing a lift upstairs, especially when I take blogging pics.

  3. Hi Cindy!!

    I love love these photos!!! Those large ruffles are dreamy!!
    Your home is pretty darn cute!!! You have quite a way of decorating. Can't wait to see more!!
    Yes I was at cottage of the month this morning! Every month it is the first blog i check out. I love house tours!! This is a great blog!

  4. Your mantel is adorable, and that picture is beautiful! I too understand about stairs and piles.Lol.

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! I would love to think i live in a fairy tale..lol
    I Love that pillow very Beautiful !!

  6. Cindy....Love your ruffley pillow and your mantle looks great! I need to check out this month's Old Painted Cottage!~Hugs, Patti

  7. Love the pillow, love the flower arrangement, love the mantel arrangement.

  8. Haha - I am with you on changing things out all of the time. Your new pillow is gorgeous and thanks for mentioning the Old Painted Cottage feature!

  9. Cindy,
    Your cottage is darling and I just love reading your blogs. You ARE SO CUTE and I have laughed at so many of your comments...........sounds like me.


  10. The pillow is darling! I love what you did with your mantle. I guess I'm more in the ignore mood. I just walk past my mantle and try not to look at it. sigh..
    Love all your photos!


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