Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ideas for New Painting, and a New Mirror...

Ok, here i go with a random mix of stuff again... I'm eying these lilies for a new painting. What do you think? the white with the dark background is always fun, really makes the white pop. Plus, i want my potential artist friends out there to get some ideas from these photos!

Here you can see the corner of one of my paintings with the intense dark light contrast

below one of my paintings of some lilies, (sold)

Ok, changing the subject...

check out this precious little platter i found at a little antiquey/thrift shop... oh how i love pink! I think it was about $6.00

I don't know where i stole this photo of this teeny weeny pink house , if i did i would give you credit, sorry... sorry.... but, if it's a pretty pink i'll grab it! I can't help myself... isn't this just darling.
very simple structure actually...

I really really want an old car or truck, painted this exact color, with cream leather interior... wouldn't that just be the best,
and then i could wear a big wide brimmed hat with flowers on it, and be that crazy old lady with the pink car...
now i'm just that crazy old lady, but no pink car...

And Finally check out this gorgeous mirror find. It was pretty in it's original form, but now painted and glazed, it's wonderful! I love it...she looks like a fairy tale mirror. I have another mirror find that i'm painting now, it came from a shop called "Everything But Grannies Panties" , i'm not kidding, that is the name.. and it totally lives up to that title! anyway, i will show you a before and after soon!




  1. Hi Cindy,
    I love visiting and looking at all your lovely things. The painting is wonderful.


  2. Did you paint the chair a metallic color? I love the fairytale mirror. I would kill for a mirror like that! I want a big giant one. Pretty pretty stuff, the platter is gorgeous.

  3. OK , I really like the second picture with the pink in it , I saved it , I hope you don't mind . I'm still draging my feet , but the mood will hit me one of these days and I will try your technique . I love that little pink platter or tray, I too am fascinated with pink latley. And your mirror turned out lovely , don't you think the details show up better in white ? That little pink house is the bomb !

  4. Oh I agree. The white flower against the dark background is stunning. The little pink cottage is the cutest!

  5. Good morning Cindy!
    I am so happy that you came to BCH for a visit.
    I also signed up as your newest follower.
    Let me say, that not only are you a very talented artist, but I love your interior design style.
    Your home is lovely.

  6. Hi Cindy, You are soooo talented.I just love your style!!The mirror is beautiful. I have to put your blog on my sidebar so i don't miss any of your lovely posts.


  7. I love it all!
    Your painting is gorgeous you are so talented!!
    I love that pink plate and I can't believe you only pd six bucks?! I saw one like it for $90!!!
    Love the mirror too.
    Your home is sooo pretty and yeah I love the idea of a pink truck . Actually there is a pink pickup here in town!!

  8. I always love stopping in here to see all "Your Pretties."



  9. The peak at that painting is just GORGEOUS!! Oh, how I wish I had that talent!

    Love the little tray too!

    Lou Cinda :)

  10. Hi Cindy,
    Wow look at that mirror it is so pretty and I just love the little tray and the chair is beautiful... you are so talented, I love your paintings.Oh yes and I want to live in that little pink house and drive your pink truck once you get it...LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  11. That tiny pink house is Amazing!!!


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