Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thrift Store 75 cents...

This was half off at the Thrift store. It's actually a very well made heavy little basket. Won't it be pretty filled up with goodies from the Easter Bunny! You can still see the price tag sticker on the handle, $1.50.

I love the thrift store, I can't walk by one without walking in and doing the quick scan!
I bet alot of you know what i mean when i say "the quick scan"! Our eyes are finely tuned instruments. We can walk in the door, stop dead in our tracks, give it all the quick once over, ( this all takes about 5 seconds) ..hone in on an item, and with the stealth of 007, grab it and head to the register before anyone else figures out that there was an amazing treasure right under their noses!


  1. This was a great find Cindy!
    My MIL goes all the time and finds the best
    things. I might have to visit more often!

  2. I know all about the trained eye , I can go through a flea market in record time , if I need to , other times I want to stop and look at everything .Just depends on how much time I have . Sweet basket !

  3. That is the quintessential easter basket my dear! I love it, and I know you will make it look fabulous when you are done with it. When I was little I remember easter grass being very fine paper in green...and now it is mostly shiny plastic green stuff! You will have to make some painterly eggs to go in this basket. Can't wait!

  4. Hi Cindy,
    I love to act nonchalant when I spy a great find. My heart starts racing, but on the outside I look cool as a cumcumber! LOL!

    Great find girl. I love it.


  5. Love the basket Cindy, Gotta' love thoes thrift shop finds:)

    I am sure it will be filled with goodies soon.
    Thank you for visiting the shepherds huts!! I hear you girl what a great cottage to tuck anyone away in :) I have a friend who has a box car from a train and they converted it into a guest cottage running water bathroom and small kitchen area, it is fabulous !!!

    Have a creative week!!

  6. PS.....

    Girl you don't look old enough for a 23 year old!!! you barely look much older then your son :)

    See you soon :)


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