Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update on Pink Chairs, and a New Chandelier

It's a little hard to photograph my dining room because my house is small and there are windows and doors every where you point the camera... you can find this chandelier without shades for $99.00 on ebay, it is actually crystal,... I'd really like a gorgeous french lead crystal chandy with rusted chains, but they cost $8,000.00 dollars, or you have to wait until you find one for a steal, and I was tired of waiting... and I LOVE this one, I never had a chandelier before, and i'd never not have one again!

I was experimenting with wrapping some tattered ribbon around the shades... I really like tattered ribbon, ....actually the "ribbon" is that silky part I ripped from an old wool blanket...

is it just me, or is it hard to photograph a chandelier?

my friend says the each little square on these cane backed chairs is hand tied, i thought that was interesting...

I painted this table a creamy white with left over paint...
I always have leftover paint

As you scroll down, you'll see the original wall color when we moved here. This was the next phase with the walls painted "canvas natural" by Ralph Lauren, The black dining table is from Target, I'm sure it's probably particle board, so I have no problem painting that!

This is the color of the dining room and kitchen when we moved in... I did kind of like the color, it was very warm, but no other color really worked with it, and Jennifer from http://theoldpaintedcottage.com/ suggested I paint the living room and dining room and kitchen all the same color so it would flow... she was right of course!

I took the mantel down, because it was off center, ( see the electric panel box there on the side?) and the chandy was off center and the table was off center... etc... I removed the meadow painting which I love... but it works fine in my bedroom.. then I stole a mirror from my bedroom and hung it in here to reflect the chandelier... I think i might have too many mirrors!, I have all the paintings i could ever want for walls, and I hang mirrors.... !

Here is the dining room with the new pink chairs. They are beautiful frenchy chairs and I really like them alot although I was looking for something a little bigger. I actually wanted some cane backed chairs I could paint white like the chairs in Ms. Mustard Seed's dining room which are amazing. You should go look at her blog, she's cool. I don't think I dare paint these white... dare I? hmmmmm... it's possible I need a daintier table to go with the chairs... GAAAAHHH! it's the ripple effect again! the whole process is never ending isn't it? ! Anyway, I included some photos of where I started, where I went with it, and where I ended up for now.....

uh oh, i just previewed this post, and it is loooooooooooong, I'm pretty sure i must be horribly boring, and my decorating skills aren't even in the same league as most of you guys...
oh well, ...


  1. Your dinning room looks real pretty , I like the table and the chairs are beautiful,I don't know why you couldn't paint the cane backs, it would be pretty, but they look fine the way they are. I know what you mean about left over paint , I always have some too .

  2. I loved reading your post and no, it's not boring and your decorating skills are awesome!

    I love the dining room chairs upholstered pink seats and your chandelier is 2die4!


  3. Hi Cindy, I think your dining room is looking gorgeous. I love your mirror and your chairs. I can't see why you couldn't paint the cane if you wanted to. I just bought a little sidetable/mag rack which has cane in it and am going to paint the whole lot! I love how the seats are pink! Your post wasn't boring, I love seeing transformations, you did a wonderful job and the chandy is the icing on the cake.. you must be very proud! take care, Maryann

  4. Cindy....I loved reading this post.....and your home is quite lovely....with you talent and creativity I'm sure anything you do will be just perfect.



  5. Hi Cindy,
    I just found your blog tonight WOW! you are so talented and have a wonderful sense of humor! I just read your entire blog and I love everything about it. Keep up the good work, everything looks beautiful! Ps I love the name of your blog.

    The Gilded Cherub

  6. You have amazing decorating skills...this room is so dreamy!! Love the chandy, table painted white and I love the pink chairs!!!
    Pamela xo

    You are so funny!!!

  7. Hi Cindy! Yes!! Paint the cane white!! It will look incredible. There are no rules about painting anything in my opinion, unless it is over the Mona Lisa. Anyway, your chairs and chandy look incredible and so frenchy and so perfect! What a transformation. So happy to see this post! I love using mirrors, and in my living room I have 4 hanging on the wall and no artwork, so I totally understand. I love the light and sparkle a mirror gives and you never get tired of the subject.

  8. Your chairs are fab and not too big. Chandy is Spectacular. Your post is not long. Not boring! Love your wall color. Too many mirrors?is it possible? Darling, darling room! You must be so happy!

  9. I just discovered your blog & I am in love with your house !! That pink door is the cutest thing I've ever seen, I love the way you painted your kitchen cabinets ( I have the same brown cabinets & I want to get the nerve up to paint them too !!), I love your slipcover on your sofa, may I ask where you got it?? , and I just love the cozy little cottage that you have turned your home into !!! Can't wait to see more pics !!

  10. Love the crystal chandelier....it is very pretty and looks like it cost $8000.00! AND...I love the punk fabric on the chairs. Not sure if I would paint them or not...they look kind of pretty the way they are.

  11. Oh Cindy! This is absolutely gorgeous! Love the pink chairs and the chandy. Where did you get your chairs? I personally love the contrast of the color. Either way is pretty.

  12. Hi Cindy! I love all the changes you've made in your dining room. I think the chairs are lovely, although you can easily paint the cane. And I agree with you 100% on the ripple effect. You are NEVER done decorating!


  13. Hi Cindy....I think your blog is great and you look to have a lot of talent in that department let alone your beautiful paintings! I just became a follower!~Hugs, Patti

  14. Hi Cindy, I just love what you did with the table and chairs, their gorgeous... you did a great job!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  15. Don't ever say your boring, you have become one of my favorite blogs to read you are so filled with spirit and humor my sister joined you too! I love this new look Cindy the colors are perfect and your chandelier actually looks quite expensive, you've pulled the room together beautifully and with style.
    Happy March 1st,

  16. What a cute room!!

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