Monday, February 7, 2011

New Painting... Right off the Easel

I literally almost threw this painting in the trash last weekend. I had spent several hours on it, and it wasn't at all what i wanted, and i was concerned that it was turning into an "energy vampire" painting, which is one you work on and work on, and it's never right. I work full time, so my weekends are "it" for painting. Anyway, i stuck with it, ... barely... and I think it turned out kinda pretty!


  1. Kinda of pretty??? I'll take it!!! :) Cindy I didn't realize you painted until now duh! You are an amazing painter. As all artists are temperamental just ask my husband who sometimes wants to throw me out!!!! :)))))

  2. That is a lovely painting. I love hydrangeas! I like the word energy vampire...that is so perfect to describe projects that suck the life out of you. My new word!

  3. girlfriend, I wish I could paint that picture..or any picture for that matter! :) It's beautiful!
    I'm glad you liked my valentines decor....I too LOVE that wreath! You're right, the roses look SO real...that's the reason I fell in love with it in the store. ;0)
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Hi Cindy...glad you stuck with is beautiful!!

  5. Kinda pretty? It is beautiful!!!
    You are very talented. I wish I could paint!!
    Flowers are my favourite kind of paintings!
    Anything with roses or hydrangeas I love.
    Pamela :)

  6. Hi Cindy,
    I've had a few of those vampire projects myself and they do suck the life out of you! LOL.

    Anyway, I love your hydrangea painting. It's very pretty.


  7. Cindy, you are so talented. I love hydrangeas... just beautiful! I bet your house has amazing artwork. My walls are a tad shy. Glad you kept going on this. It's a keeper!

    I'm putting you on my sidebar. It seems I keep missing your posts ;( xoxo

  8. Hi Cindy, I think your doing fabulous!! You have so much talent with your paintings!!I'm still trying to figure out things with my blog.Now i have to catch up on all your posts.


  9. Your art is beyond gorgeous! You are just down the road from me in Greensboro.


  10. Hi Again,
    I have been poking around your blog... Wow on your paintings! Beautiful!! So talented!!

  11. Fine job. That's a difficult subject, "whites" are grand when you get them right. I'm a painter so I sympathize with your struggle to give interest to the seemingly simple. You inspire, glad to have run by your work!

  12. Your paintings are beautiful. I just love the Moonalisa and the cream colored cow. My father is a water color artist when he is not being a farmer. Funny he would always put his latest unfinished paintings on the living room mantel for us to tell him what we liked or didn't like about it and to get a fresh perspective on the painting. You have amazing talent.


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