Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Silks and Lilies, Rumpled Sofa and A Luscious Blanket

The lighting is awful here because it is nighttime, but i wanted to share this luscious blankie... It's Rachel Ashwell at Target, and all sizes are $49.99. The color is yummy... I saw it on an antique bed in a very expensive Shabby Chic/Vintage/Antique store, and it looked too expensive to buy... if you like soft aqua blue you should check it out !

This is the way my sofa looks 90 percent of the time, all rumpled and fluffeled and messy...

Remember my silk flowers (a few posts back)... well here they are with a big batch of fragrant white lilies mixed in, you can take a big whiff from this bouquet and never know that it has silks in it... i think i am so brilliant and no one has ever thought of this idea but me... (oh brother...)


  1. These are beautiful. My first visit to your site.

  2. Good Morning Cindy~
    Not only do I love the name of your blog. This post is beautiful, I so adore that blanket, your sofa looks so pretty oops there's that word I'm using again,:) I'm really inspired by this look...
    I'm wanting to add some soft touches to my home these days.
    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Hi there Cindy~ First- you crack me up!! LOL! I love your profile and love your sense of humor and writing! You sound like so much fun! 2nd~ love that Rachel Ashwell blanket- I have seen them at Target and they are so soft and pretty!! I went to follow you along, but found that I already do follow you! :) Thanks for your sweet words on my bathroom and chocolate pot today- stop by again sometime soon!

  4. ..sofà, tableand the pot of flowers are gorgeus!!!.
    I love this mix of romantics things and soft colours !.

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