Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Leggings, Pink House, Faux Fur, and Fantasizing...

Hi Everyone...

Can you even believe how fast time is going and that it is almost Thanksgiving!  Christmas trees are out in the stores, and as much financial stress as the Holdays have brought me in the past,  I swear i still get excited about decorating with all the little white twinkle lights and glittery shiny baubles and fluff...
Whenever i see Christmas decor in stores i get this combination sick sinking feeling, nostalgia, and desire to decorate.  
It's a weird combination...

and tell me this.... there are so many faux trees out there... Michaels, Home Depot, Lowes...EVERYWHERE... but not one white flocked tree to be found!
  I mean they are literally the prettiest trees ever made, and no one sells them.  Well, except places online where they cost about $400.00 to $800.00 !  So that's not happening...

I bought a flocking kit once, and tried to flock my own tree .  I think I remember that you had to hook it somehow to your vacuum cleaner blowing the air out or something like that -  and when i did the flocking powder blew out the back of the bag thing and covered my driveway and every part of me in this crazy white f#!*&!?  flocking stuff, it was the worst purchase ever.  Don't buy one...

Ok, so i'm just gonna ramble on like i usually do when i've haven't talked to ya'll in a while

forgive me in advance...

So check out the cool surprise that arrived for me in the mail the other day!  It is a pink faux fur jacket from my sister!  How great is this!!!

so fun...

Ok, next subject - 

A builder is building this darling house near where I live, and i want to sell my house right now and move into it.  It is the complete perfectest shade of pink ever - and check out those vintage looking windows they used... I could sooo rock this house...

subject number 10,333
it's not easy being like this

Ok so you HAVE to listen to this... A blogger I follow - Cara of    
Maskara  .....

... blogged about these leggings she found at Nordstrom's.  She had just had a baby and was talking about great post baby outfits and had on these leggings.  I went to Nordstroms and found a pair, and i dearly love them in every way.  Especially since my stomach has ALWAYS looked like a post baby stomach. 
They're cute, and they're cotton, so they're not itchy and don't feel like you have rubber bands on your legs... plus they have a wide soft waist band so they don't show your lumps.  And none of that crotch drop thing that is torture... They're comfortable enough to wear to bed, get up the next morning, put on a top and go... and believe me, i have... is that too gross?'

I love them - and not too bad a price at $38.00 a pair
Do yourself a favor and check them out...

this is a photo with me looking down at my boot... 

Anyway, even if you 're not interested in the leggings, you should check out Cara's blog, she is adorable and down to earth, and her blog is fun as anything... Plus she has great makeup tips...

last subject, i promise...

So I was at a cute little shop in town 
and the lady there asked me if i sold Milk Paint... and i was like uhhhhhhh no, why do you think i sell Milk Paint?  and she told me she thought since i knew Miss Mustard Seed, and had painted her cow "Eulalie" and stuff that maybe i did because she had clients who came to her shop looking for milk paint and she didn't sell it.

and she said, why don't' you do what i did, and get a storage shed kinda like this

or this... and adapt it a little to make it more cute, and open a little studio and sell your paintings and sell Milk Paint?

and I was immediately like, no that's crazy, i have to work full time to help pay our bills etc...
absolutely not, impossible... no way...

but it put an idea in my head... like hmmmm is something like that even remotely possible?

because i could paint more and maybe sell more prints and paintings if i had time to actually paint other than on the weekends - and then have time to market myself more with all the crazy social media that's out there... which is overwhelming even if one is not working...

and then I started thinking how fun it would be to dress up a little  shed with white paint, and chandeliers and well you know, i ended up with this in my brain

Sandra Fosters victorian cottage

which i think all of us have died for since we first saw it online...

but the fact is, if i'm lucky we'd probably end up with something more like this...
maybe even not this good...

but painted pink or white, with window boxes and a crystal chandelier .. even a plain box would be cute 

...and it would use all of our teeny little savings to set something like that up...

But...in the fantasy, i would have tea parties, 
(even though i don't even drink tea, hmmmm...maybe wine parties instead...) 

and little gatherings to sell my art 
(even though i've never given a party ever not ever, and i'm a total introvert)

and i would have time to paint and sell paintings and prints, 
and do yoga, and get rested and mentally stable again, maybe (ha!)
and so on....

In reality, I know i'm lucky to have a job, and health insurance, and what if i spent our meager savings on a little shed/cottage,
and then no one would buy anything from me ever again, and i'd end up penniless and wont even be able to buy my prescriptions, or even have enough money to shop at the thrift store etc... and more of the worst thing ever etc etc.... 

But then this little thing inside keeps whispering in my ear to take a chance, do something different, be brave, have faith in the bounty and magic in the universe
you know, like Marian, Miss Mustard Seed did, when she took leaps of faith... and look at where she is now or the Nester, how great is she!?

I mean I'm scared to be stuck at work until I die dealing with BS insurance companies until my butt fuses to my office desk chair, 
 but i'm also scared to take the risk to do something different and it not work out... and if it doesn't  who is going to hire a crazy neurotic freaky 60 year old lady !!? 

and then and then I'd end up stuck at home alone all day, (at least until our home got forclosed on)  - with our cat, who by the way is insane, and become a crazy wrinkled, divorced, broke old alcoholic cat lady... who dies on her sofa and no one finds her body for 3 days

I don't know guys, what do you think about the whole idea of working less, like a lot less, maybe not at all, and painting more, and risking complete financial ruin?

  ...uhhhhh ... the end...?


  1. Cindy, you need to see a shrink!!!! LOL! Seriously, it takes a lot of guts to give up your job to pursue your dream but many have and succeeded. I think your paintings are the best ever and I could just see you in that perfect little artist shop. If you are unsure as to what to do then I say don't do anything until you are 100% ready. Probably makes no sense but believe me I've been there. I've lost tons of money on businesses that I thought would be a real success, and they were for awhile, but when the economy did a downward spiral, so did my business. So, there are many factors to consider. And, I doubt very seriously that you end up as a crazy cat lady!!! LOL.

    It's good to follow your heart but it's also good to look at the financial responsibilities and the down to earth facts. Guess, I just ain't no help at all. But, I still think you're great!


  2. Oh, Cindy. I so enjoyed this post. I hear you- I have gone round and round over the years with things like this myself. Do we? Do we dare? Should we? It is just scary to step out there and give it a go, isn't it?

    You will ultimately do what is right for you. I know that you KNOW what you should do-it's just accepting it-no matter which way it goes.

    Hope you have a great week. I loved reading this post- xo Diana

  3. Gosh you had me giggling with this post, it jumped from pillar to post in all directions, your mind was going 1000 miles an hour :). It is so great to hear you posting again and catching up on all the things you have done. Cindy, I believe you could make a living out of your paintings and selling milk paint too might be a good idea. I love the little shed and thinking of having one for a studio in my back garden. However, my back garden is miniscule but I think I could fit a shed in there. We are seriously looking at the prospect of it as painting in oils inside the house is not that healthy, especially when they are drying.

    Love the pink jacket...it is so you!, love the leggings and I can see why you fell in love with the pink house. My latest post over at my blog is a modern twist on eclectic vintage and is a pink project you might enjoy.

    Good to hear all your news :)


  4. I remember buying your first painting - the pansies in the window box. I also remember when you unveiled Moonalisa and it brought tears to my eyes. You are a an amazing artist and a strong woman. If you want to try something new and different and scary - just remember that you have a lot of support around you - alot of people will be rooting for you. You are already a successful artist - what more do you want Santa ?? (borrowed from PeeWee's Playhouse Christmas Extravaganza).

  5. Well girl, I'm pretty sure if anyone could pull it off---you would be the one!!!!!!!!! I know why you would be scared to do it though, because that's how I roll too. It sure would be fun though.

    I would SO move into that darling little pink house too Cindy. I think I'm in love! It looks like a perfect little doll house!

    I wish you luck on finding your tree sweetie. I sure hope you do because I know how pretty it would be in your house.
    Boy, am I ever glad I stopped by tonight to see you. I always love reading your brain.
    sending hugs...

  6. How about part time for a while, if you can still get the bennies? Your paintings are a delight and who knows where your lovely ideas will lead you. Anyway pray about it and the answer might just jump right out to you!! Good luck!

  7. O my gosh...you just cracked me up and made me laugh out loud, because you just verbalized ALL the fears that we creative people constantly have buzzing in our heads about the "what if". There are always those darn bills to pay, AND that stupid insurance we HAVE to have. BUT...I LOVE your paintings, so DON'T give that up! They're amazing. You'll find your way!

  8. That pink fluff jacket is so you...and the pink cottage too...and the shabby art studio shop too. You could build the studio and begin selling your art and miss mustard seed paint from it on the side until it gets going. Then if it seems possible to retire from your day job, do it. I keep hearing in my head "it's the dream of a dream" from You've Got Mail. I have wondered for a long time why you do not pursue your art full time. I hope your dream comes true...xxo

  9. I love your posts! A bit of this and that you always keep us entertained! I so wish you could open a little shop and sell paintings and milk paint. Being a grown up gets in the way of dreams sometimes. I have to tell you--I used milk paint for the first time...I got Eulalie's sky--my new very favorite color. I may paint everything in my house that color now. My newest love! I love that pink house too--but I love your house more. It is cuter. Keep your dreams alive and have a wonderful day :)

  10. Love the pink faux fur... Love the pink new build, love your leggings ... Love your post! Sparkle on tiny White holiday lights!

  11. Love looking at your brain twirling away...its very fun to be inside of your head, as that is exactly what happens when you write...you invite us all in. I will be getting those leggings for sure. Now as far as selling MMS paint, let me just slap you right now. Don't even think about it. Your calling is your artwork and one day you will be living in a castle on the beach somewhere, and its going to be because of your artistic talent. xo

  12. Oh Cindy,
    I hope this comment reaches you the last one came back into my mail as post master could not send. Yikes! Blogger?
    Love that pink house for you, it's so you! How big is it? It looks to be about 1,300 sq feet perfect cute cottage size.
    As for the holidays they have snuck up on me without a warning. The leggings are super cool looking and also so you. I hope you get your cute studio shed to work from, I think it would be a great investment for you. As for that sweet stream side cottage owned by Sandy aka Zuzu I love that cottage and would play in it everyday if it were in our yard here. You could get a cute over sized shed and doll it up with salvage, I bet you could make it just as cute as the stream side cottage.

    Well I am off to get things done here, loved seeing your beautiful face and comment over at my place.

    See you soon crazy fun friend.

  13. Oh my gosh, girl....good thing I had a potty break before I read this post of yours. LOL! You are so geniune. So honest. So "out there"....and I love your crazy, creative mind! lol I would dare believe, with your incredible, unique talent....that you could sell your paintings to make a living. It would just be a matter of selling yourself and getting yourself "out there" more. And if you sold MMS paint on the side from your charming little pink shed....well, that would just be icing on the cake. Dip your toes in and try it on a part-time basis at first. See how it goes! I'll bet that you'll be pleasantly surprised!! And....don't worry. If your neighbors never checked on you and your gazillion cats....your blog friends would. lolol!

    xoxo laurie

  14. OMG you're hilarious... but a part of me {a big part of me in fact} has those exact same thoughts racing thru my own quirky neurotic brain. I'm not a huge Risk Taker for that very reason... but I am rather spontaneous... and so I start with Small Risks... and when Success ensues I get Braver and move onwards to slightly Dreamier Risks. To give up my Career, dump 60% of my Pension to become a full time unpaid Caregiver of three Fam members seemed Insane, but necessary... and to suppliment that Zero Income I was now NOT earning {winks} I decided to set up a tiny Booth at an Antique Mall... and fix up an Art Studio on my property in an Old Carriage House... all of it seemed Insane and very, very Scary to me... I had all those Neurosis about it all... but I took the leap of Faith and did it... and so far, I'm not dead on the sofa yet with my Cats now Orphaned Fur Babies... and some days I don't doubt myself quite so much as I used to becoz I'm 'Making It Work' as Tim Gunn Challenges us to do... may you have a Peace about whatever you decide... I just know with your Amazing Talents and Imagination and sense of Humor you will have your Gifts make room for you and your Desire will get you there... it ALWAYS does when your Passion overrides all Reason and Fear! Hugs from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. these are important thoughts, cindy! first things first. i found a 4 foot white tree on clearance at Target last year. there is this taller one on sale: http://www.target.com/p/6-x-19-white-slim-line-unlit-christmas-tree/-/A-15367056#prodSlot=large_1_2. i can totally see you decking it. the storage shed shop idea...if you build it, they will come...i will come! i love the idea of having a shop and have been too shy about taking the leap. i wish your work was more meaningful/easier for you so you didn't have to agonize about it. i like working from home but it is difficult to be without structure, and it's too easy to just eat and procrastinate. THOSE LEGGINGS are cute, and i'm gonna check em out cuz the jeans are tight, mama. love to you and peace to you right where you are.

  16. Hi Cindy, I love how you jump from one subject to another, it keeps me guessing and makes your posts fun to read. Now as to the getting a shop and selling your pics and milk paint I say go for it!!! Easy for me to say when I'm not risking anything, but how will you ever know if you don't try? You have such amazing talent that you should be a billionaire, seriously. I also think you need someone in marketing to help you out, maybe Miss Mustard Seed knows someone at a reasonable rate, if Thomas Kinkade did it you sure can. Some one with some money needs to invest in you so you can promote your paintings. What ever you decide I'm praying for you to be sucessful at it!

  17. Whew....so many things to think about, huh? I guess first of all would be to find out if it's even feasible to open a business in a residential area. Doing artwork out of a shed is one thing....selling paint is another. With your talent, there's no question about your paintings selling...you've already proven that. Selling merchandise on the side....that's a huge investment. Go with what you know. That's all the advice I have for you.
    LOVE the new coat from your sister! Love the pink house, but your present home is sooo cute! Especially with all of your roses, and arbors.
    Those leggings are awesome! No wonder you got yourself a pair.
    I really doubt you will be a "cat" lady, Cindy. Who's going to clean all those litter boxes? eeuwww.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Cindy, love the multi subject posts, you always keep me guessing! Love the pink coat, the leggings and the fact that you should open your OWN store and sell your fantabulous paintings and throw in some milk paint for good measure!

  19. This sounds like a dream come true and I do believe it can be accomplished, with baby steps. You could get the shed and then set it up as finances permit, while working on your paintings to have a good stock and figuring out your business plan and how you'll use marketing. Then, when ready, you can open only on weekends, maybe even just Saturday at first. Think about mail order too - is that something that you would consider? This will give you a chance to get your feet wet, try and test, learn from any mistakes and see if your little shop will have good traffic (which I'm sure it would) without giving up your job and financial stability. Anything can be done if we just figure out an approach that works for us and keep the dream alive! I do hope you will be able to accomplish this! Hugs, Leena


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