Wednesday, October 8, 2014

and the Award for the Worst Blogger in the World goes to ...


I am definitely the worst blogger ever!  

It's just that I feel like my house is a mess, and I have too many unfinished ideas and projects and paintings, and i want to rip the living room carpet up and it just seems too hard to even start, and everything in my brain feels like chaos...  

You know how it is when you feel like you have to clean up the kitchen before you can cook anything.  
I think i feel like i have to get my house and my mind in order before I can talk about anything.  But it just keeps not happening.  It's one extended period of overload that is not giving way to calm and order... 

So just to let you know I'm still here, and reading you guys whenever i can sneak a peak at while I'm at work, and that basically  I'm doing this blog post without anything whatsoever substantial to say other than "hey"! 

...but I will show you a pretty sheepskin I found at an unlikely shop the other day, 
that and this perfect shade of pink tablecloth all tossed together on the sofa...

I think just looking at pretty pink stuff makes everything better....


So Mr. Fractured and I decided we wanted our own child together... 
and after some discussion -  we decided to adopt a kitten.

I know there are so many adult cats that need homes, but we really wanted to raise a baby together.  
I guess that seems a little stupid, but at our age and after all we been through raising our kid's cats and dogs after the kids went on their merry ways
we wanted a baby just for us...

We went to the Durham pound and after massive paperwork and promises to go to the vet and a deposit and a waiting period we were allow to adopt our new kitten  

She looks so calm and sweet there doesn't she...

Well... about 80% of the time she is purring and affectionate and playful and funny
but between around 5pm and 8pm
she is a sociopath - 
she's like the tasmanian devil - crazy cat 
all claws and somersaults sideways bouncing attack kitty... 

my dogs are like what the hell, what were you guys thinking???!

But oh boy how we love her...
Mr. Fractured is such a good and doting daddy
it is totally sweet and makes me fall in love with him all over again

Oh yeah, 
dried hydrangeas and kittens...
need i say more other than i hope you don't really love your dried hydrangeas if you get a kitten

So there's that...


I still have these Cafe au Lait dahlias blooming and I LOVE them
the thing is they bloom very late summer and now they are covered in the promise of so many blooms to come and it's about 3 weeks till the first frost and they cannot tolerate any frost
So i'm telling the little flower buds to hurry up and open !!!


I found this sweet little Madonna bust at a yard sale for $3.00 and 
she just really spoke to me

but she was kind of washed out 
so i painted her base pink and gave her a little flush on her cheeks...

I really hope i haven't defiled a priceless religious object by painting it with annie sloan and oil paint...



My friend had this adorable little white table at her shop and tried it out beside my sofa, and it totally brightens that whole little space up - i have two dark wood Target tables beside the sofa now... so that was fun ...

 I painted this feather painting to sell at my friend's shop

but then i liked it and hung it in my house...

I'll probably sell it soon

Oh yeah, and i saw this little nest painting I did for Marian 
( Miss Mustard Seed) a couple of years ago on her blog recently.

It made me so proud to see how pretty it looks in her gorgeous house... 
But she knows how to make everything look good...

Gosh... there really is so much in the world to look at and talk about...

but I guess that's enough random subjects to throw at you guys for now...

...much love...

...the end...


  1. Wow Cindy! It's all fabulous! Even the overwhelming part of having unfinished projects in the way... I feel the same! I'm hoping your Dahlias will bloom soon, the Madonna looks great painted in pink. I have actually paint a saint statue before so hopefully as you have said, we didn't defiled them. Oh! Your paintings.... are absolutely beautiful! I'd love to learn how to paint pretty canvas... Have a great day! ~ Vanessa

  2. Cindy,
    I've been a follower of yours but this is my first comment, OK, OK I am a poop head!!! But I sure enjoy your posts and your personality. Being in the same age group, sure wish I could check off the one below ours ... Ha Ha I relate. This morning I decided to Fall clean my kitchen, 3 hours later - totally exhausted I was done, spent for the day... So what do I do I log in and check out new posts!!!
    Little Willow is precious and exactually what John and I did last cat adoption with Simon. Enjoy your mama kitten days and please continue posting in your real loveable style.

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I just love it when you put up a new blog post. I think that I am in the running as a Bad Blogger too. I've only been posting about once a month, if that and just can't seem to get myself back in order. I know what you mean about planning to get things done and then not getting them done....puts me in utter disarray mentally!
    Your little baby kitten is so precious and I'm sure will give you and Mr. FFT many years of cuddles and love. Love all your pretty pinks and that feather painting.
    Don't worry about being a bad blogger, just keep doing what you're doing....keep being you and we will always be back for more.



  4. A post well worth the wait, Cindy! I love all that pink, especially the dahlia - and Willow is gorgeous - what a lovely name! Chris x

  5. Oh Cindy.....I was just saying today to someone close to me the same thing you just said about cleaning this first or fixing that first before I can move on to the other thing. And you know what? I just doesn't happen. I think I need to accept that the "To Do List" is eternal....and it can wait :)
    I also had a kitten/cat named Willow a few years ago and miss her so much. I swear to this day she was an angel.

  6. Cindy-- How WONDERFUL to see a post from you!!! I wondered where you had been...but then I was gone all summer, too.
    What a sweet little baby you have adopted. She is just darling..and devilish-the perfect combination if you ask me! lol
    Your Madonna is beautiful and I like the touch of blush on her.
    Hope you have a great week and a wonderful Fall season.
    Oh- those dahlias are GORGEOUS!!! I have never grown them myself. xo Diana

  7. Your kitten is so sweet! My parents felt the same way when they got their puppy--they wanted to raise something from a baby. Do post more pictures of that cutie. I love the Madonna! I like you painted her. I recently painted a cross and it looks so pretty. I think God is glad I used my God given talents to make it better. :) I always enjoy your posts!

  8. Hey Cindy! I think your blog is great and I have to say that your decorating style really speaks to the "pink little girl" inside me (if that makes any sense) I would never have the courage to decorate in pink the way you do but I really have to say that you do a great job and I love your's so romantic! Your new baby is adorable...congratulations to you and Mr. Fractured for adopting a fur baby <3 Keep posting!!! Emilia

  9. Congratulations. Kitty's make the best kids. She looks so sweet. What are they thinking when they go crazy like that??! My kitty does this too. Although she is the sweetest kitty I have ever had and she is so smart I believe she understands every word I say. Oh I could just go on and on about her charms.

  10. I do hope your new baby is better behaved than my deranged cats. Maybe they would settle down if they had a daddy in the house. They probably think they are at an extended slumber party with me. Love the statue in it's new colours and, as always, I love your artwork. I really envy Miss Mustard Seed with her collection or originals. You can't consider yourself a bad blogger when you see how much we enjoy seeing a new post from you!

  11. They are so sweet when they are calm....but they are really crazy when they are not! I had a kitten once...that was it LOL! We have a 5 year old cat we adopted her when she was a year old so still sort of a kitten! Love your paintings as always <3. I hope you paint a white cow with some pink roses :-)

  12. you're the opposite of the worst, beautiful catmom. i love reading you, and it truly does not matter the topic. your toenail polish? what the rude lady at the grocery store said? we're all tuning in and smiling east to friggin west. i love your sheepskin. dreamy. i have none. this will not stand. highly approve of upgrading the bust with your pink. yer an artist with THE EYE. who better to makeover the madonna? and your new baby sounds nuttyfabulous. i bet inspiration of all sorts will follow. and the nest painting! good gracious i had no idea. it's beautiful. love to you.

  13. beautiful images beautiful painting! love reading your posts Cindy. I am GOING TO FRANCE in about ten minutes but wanted to say hi and bye before i go!!! xoxo

  14. Oh how I love seeing a new blog post from you, girlie! lol Always so much going on over there. Never a dull moment. :) And oh my gosh...I ADORE Willow! She's so pretty! And I know what you mean about the "nutso" time during the evenings. Our cats used to do that to.....but at least they knew when it was bedtime. lol Enjoy your new-found mommyhood!

    xoxo laurie

  15. Hey you darling girl!!! I was so happy to see you had posted, because I always love reading your brain! I know exactly how you feel and I can't seem to justify time on the computer when I have all this chaos around me either, so I try to ignore my blog as long as I can :)))))))
    I love your new baby Willow!!! She's a little sweetie.
    I loved-loved-loved seeing all the pics of your gorgeous home!!!!
    sending hugs...

  16. I just found your amazing blog! I have been missing out! I love it. Stop on over and see mine. XX Jo

  17. I can relate to the Mental, Emotional and Physical Chaos right now and the Overload that is NOT giving way to Calm and Order! And your description of Adorable Willow could have been an identical descritption of either of the G-Kid Force's behavior and 'Challenges' around the keeping of a Home! *winks* So I'm in your Cheerleading Section with my Pom-Poms right now, and I'm so Happy you got the Post out even tho' it's so easy to feel like the worst Blogger ever when we go MIA due to the Issues of Life... Your Creativity and Transformations are Awesome, I too keep busy doing SOMETHING when Life gets in the way of Art... maybe it's not what I NEED to be doing, but it does preserve one's Sanity somewhat! *winks* A Big Hug and Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  18. Cindy,
    I just found your blog and I love it.I know exactly what you mean talking about the mess in your house and in your mind.I´m having the same husband had a severe car accident in 2010 and we still work on his health issues till today.This took so much power out of me,I have the feeling that I´m running on low batteries every day.I wanna get so many things done and often the day goes by and I haven´t achieved anything.
    Willow is so sweet....and I so love your paintings <3.

  19. I sweetie! I loved getting your comment and wanted to come by and say hi! I hope you know how much I adore you girl! You always have a way of making us all important to you and I love that about you!!!!!!! and I got to see this awesome post again!
    much love...

  20. happy new year, beautiful. see? i don't even need you to update your blog to jump back over and stalk/send love. hope 2015 is the kindest, gentlest, sweetest year yet. and if it isn't, i hope i can be a friend and help. peace!


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