Monday, April 21, 2014

By Golly, You CAN Paint Fabric With Annie Sloan Paint!

Check it out, it works!

I bought this chair this weekend for a really great price... 
I thought it had potential, i liked the shape of it, and it was good and sturdy

but I wasn't thrilled with the dark wood, and fake looking frenchy fabric

this is the before...

I was in such a rush to mess with it, that i started painting and almost forgot to take a "Before" picture!

I had to force myself to stop what i was doing to take the photos

Instant gratification always gets in the way of my 'before' photos!

Anyway, i painted the frame with some Annie Sloan "Old White" thinking maybe i could get the chair recovered,  all the while mulling if i was going to attempt recovering it myself

I was also thinking ... himmmmm,  Amy at Maison Decor says you can paint fabric with Annie Sloan chalk paint.

In fact, she just recently did a facebook post about some chairs she painted over a year ago!

I was hesitant to try it, but by the time the frame had it's second coat, I said 'the hell with it' what do i have to lose !

I added a little water to some Annie Sloan and just started painting it on!

and it works!

It took about 3 coats to get to this point, and shape of the pattern does still show through the paint a little

I probably could've added another coat or two

but instead i decided to paint a stripe on it to detract the eye

I just taped it off with that blue painters tape and painted some Anne Sloan "Cocoa" on it

you can kind of see the pattern showing through in this closeup

 After it dried, i sat on it, and i poked and proded it with my finger.
I mean the paint totally stays on and doesn't get on your clothes or crack or anything!  

It's cool!  It feels a little like stiff chalky vinyl.  

I need to wax it to give it a softer texture per Amy. 
 I just don't have any Annie Sloan wax yet, so it will have to wait...


Aren't ya'll glad it's finally Springlike outside! 

We've had the worst, cold, rainy, looooong winter!!!

I was so totally over it, and completely getting seasonal affective disorder to the max

but finally the sun is coming out!

and things are starting to burst into bloom here at Rosebud cottage!

 It was my daughter Ellie's 24th birthday, so i made the yearly lemon pansy cake!  

Always easy and so pretty with the fresh edible pansies

and i planted something new in the garden

 I found a bouquet with this 'cafe au lait' in it last year at a garden center, and knew i had to try them out...

Just look at this dahlia!

I've seen this flower in person, and it is really that pretty! 
Best shade of pink ever!

This is the color i want my car to be...

Anyway... sorry to blather on

I always think i have nothing interesting to blog about, 
and then when i finally do a blogpost, i have like 10 different things to talk about!

Ok, one more photo of 'Cafe Au Lait' and I'll leave ya'll alone and go catch up on some of you while it's quiet here at work...

beautiful flowers and photos!

oh yeah, and if you want to read all about growing dahlias and other flowers, you should go check out this ladies website 
She is so totally charming and gracious. They grow all their flowers without chemicals, it's a small but growing family business, there are gorgeous photos of flowers, and she tells you all about her tried and true remedies for growing flowers of all kinds!
(was that the longest sentence with the most adjectives ever?)

...the end...


  1. Hey you!! So glad to see you tried it! And I would just suggest running a high grit sandpaper across it and it will feel like smooth suede. I use a 500 grit paper. Then you can leave it like that. So easy to do touch ups if someone spills spaghetti sauce on it. You can wax it too...if you do mix some mineral spirits 50/50 with the clear wax and rub it onto the fabric and it will feel like a leather chair. Nice work. also you are right that any pattern woven into the fabric will still be visible, and thats sometimes a very good plus, other times not so much. I think it came out amazing!

  2. Your chair looks great! I have been dying to try that technique on an ugly chair I have and you have inspired me. Hope your spring weather continues for you because it really can affect ones mood! I have so much more energy when I can get out and soak up some sunshine.

  3. I love how your chair turned out! I love my chair I painted with chalk paint too. Amy inspires us all--she painted fabric before Annie herself did! I just planted some Dahilas. I hope they bloom!

  4. Love the make over you gave your pretty chair...
    It turned out great...


  5. Hi Cindy!
    I love your chair and I've painted a few myself. They always sell. I've even used regular acrylic paint. Love the soft color of the flower pans I can just see a pretty bouquet in your lovely home.
    Pretty cake too!


  6. Your chair looks so pretty Cindy! I didn't know you could use the Annie Sloan paint on fabric (apparently missed the memo;) Happy Birthday to your daughter! Mine turned 23 last week:) They grow up too fast! Such a gorgeous cake .. looks delicious! xxleslie

  7. I love the cocoa stripe on the chair...I have been wanting to try that color on something. The dahlia is a beautiful color (at one time I had the sweetest goat named Dahlia), and the cake looks delicious. Anyway you could post the recipe?

  8. Wow Cindy! You never cease to amaze me, you have done a wonderful job, the stripe makes it look like authentic ticking. I haven't used the paint yet to paint on fabric, however, I have just bought a little lamp for my desk and plan to do a fleur de lis on it when my stencil arrives..I will use the chalk paint in graphite and see how it comes out. I LOVE the paint, it is now in Auckland, in fact I am doing a launch later this week on the blog. We have had it in Nz for a while but only down the line so to speak which meant paying expensive shipping costs and having to it is in Auckland I can just go and pick some up. I have heaps of things lined up to paint.

    I also love the cake you made your daughter, I love pansies, I painted a large watercolour of pansies once.

    I hope you had a nice Easter.

    Lee :)

  9. I always chicken out when it comes to painting fabric but that chair is inspiring me to take the plunge! It's a little early for any but the earliest blooms here but the sun is shining and I can be outside without a coat. Absolute heaven!

  10. I really love what you did with your chair, and I love the cocoa stripe. I have been wanting to paint something with that color. The dahlia's color is amazing (I used to have a sweet goat named Dahlia....hey, you should paint a goat sometime!) and will look perfect in your garden. The cake looks delicious, too......anyway you could post the recipe for it?

  11. looks great Cindy! I am going to try and paint some camp chairs using the ASCP on the wood and fabric soon. I hope you had a lovely Easter. xxo

  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter Cindy, can I stop over for a piece of your lemon bunt, it just so happens to be a favorite...anything lemon with my daughter and I next to coconut anything :)

    Your chair is amazing taking it from Queen Anne to oh so French brocante making its value multiply in abundance. Thank you sweet friend for taking the time to comment on all my whites, in fact it never seemed that white until the floors. NOW !! Let me tell you what I have been up to as an artist designer on, and watching my budget :(
    Yet, a budget is a good thing makes you more creative and using your resourcefulness. Here is what I've done. All 3 bedrooms and a small short hallway useless to anything but entering into guest bath and 2 of the 3 bedrooms as all now planked with the allure planking in the limed oak. It would make sense to have finished off with the very small quaint sitting room front room of not much use to finish the floors with the allure plank, but to save money and give it thought I wanted a little more interest with all the entry and kitchen tile, ceramic tile to blend with all and find a creative way to perhaps brick veneer the front room with soft pale creams grey's browns washed in aged whites so it would blend with all the mix of interest I have added to tis small investment cottage.
    The used looking tile bricks would pickup the other tones used in the home and I would then have no carpets at all to contend with with a puppy and small wear of stress a small home can take on.
    Or maybe some stone shape that would be forgiving in a room that butts up to a large amount of my entry tile. Yikes! Would have rather tore it all out and do it right but I would need to have a big lottery win! Lol won't happen lol !!

    So this empty living room cement floor was a temp fix to having the house look somewhat finished until??
    I painted the cement bonding base, then a gallon of cement paint in cloud white, not white but a aged white. Hard on the eyes but a large faded Persian fade area rug will help soften the blow!
    I like it, but was not my permanent plan for the room, yet may end up this way for some time.
    I am going to email you, Lol ! I just noticed I have way more to tell you lol!


  13. Awesome, Cindy! Just awesome!!! You rock, girlie! Now I want to find a chair to paint..... lol

    xoxo laurie

  14. Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! Your dahlia's are wonderful! So nice to see your cottage in spring. Great shot! Great job on your new chair! We are so glad to have spring!!!

  15. look mom, i'm only 2 weeks late to the post about the painted chair. it has been nutty. what with trying to sell phenomenal french skincare and such. btw, i would never say 'and such' in a live conversation. i am not sure what this signifies, but it can't be good.

    the chair looks soooooo nice painted. may you never put down the paintbrush, cindy. canvases and chairs need your love. bundt cakes too. you know i have never met a bundt i didn't like. that is all true.

    love from the heartland.


  16. Hi Cindy,
    I haven't gotten a chance to get my hands on any Annie Sloan paint yet...I've seen so many wonderful projects painted with chalk paint and just love the results and know I see one can paint fabric with it too...Awesome! Your chair turned out great.


  17. That chair turned out amazing! I've always wanted to try doing that with AS Chalk paint but haven't had a chance yet. Your cake is beautiful and the flowers too!


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